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A light novel, also called raito noberu, is a type of literary work of Japanese origin that targets middle and high school readers. Such a novel narrates various stories that are of interest and concern to young persons going through these life stages.

Light novels are highly similar to novels of Western authors. As a rule, their size is approximately 50,000 words, which is comparable to the average novel of American origin. For the convenience of the reader, light novels often feature a specific style and tight schedule of publishing.

A distinctive feature that makes light novel reading even more enjoyable is the presence of illustrations in the manga style. These art works become the basis for converting such novels into animes.

Among US readers, light novels are often called ranobe or LN.

Most of the time, light novels just radiate the Japanese vibe in both form and content.

Light novels are a literary phenomenon peculiar to Japan, just like manga. The vast majority of present-day anime titles are adaptations of Japanese light novels. Giving light novels a read is similar to catching up to a show. To the reader, light novels give the smallest details of the story. It's very common for light novels to be translated into other languages.

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Why are light novels worth reading?

The reasons to give light novels a try are many! First and foremost, these literary works and accompanying art works are the basis for many popular anime series, such as Re: Zero or Sword Art Online. If you're a fan of the big and well-known animes, you can read the corresponding light novels just to learn new details from your favorite narrative!

You'll enjoy the original literary work (or the well-written light novel translation) because they will reveal to you many exciting intricacies that are impossible to recreate in an anime. The duration of an anime episode is limited, which forces the director to abandon some details. But if you read the light novel at Novel-Sampai, you might uncover something new and unexpected. Pick the light novel, start reading, and find the missing puzzle piece for your favorite story!

Another note in favor of LN: they are peculiar and exclusive to the Land of the Rising Sun. Light novel translations are an amazing source of information for those interested in learning more about Japanese culture.

Which best light novels are particularly worth a read?

Ready to jump at the light novels available at Novel-Sampai? You're going to like our selection of three top-ranking titles! We know the diversity and abundance of light novels often overwhelms a newcomer. Specifically for beginners, we've composed this list of the excellently-written light novel translations with exceptional anime/manga art style illustrations.

A Certain Magical Index

Known under the title “Toaru Majutsu no Index”, A Certain Magical Index narrates a story that takes place in a world of advanced technology and magic. Protagonist Toma Kamijo lacks special abilities, but his Imagine Breaker can completely negate another's powers – at the expense of his luck. Things get complicated when the boy meets Index, a girl with perfect memory who's on the run and doesn't look back after having memorized thousands of forbidden books.

Death Note: Another Note

Are you a fan of the anime about the world's greatest detective L? Then you should look up Death Note: Another Note – it's a fine choice like no other to start your light novel-reading journey. As a prequel to the Death Note events, this story lets you observe L's work on one of the most mind-blowing criminal mysteries in LA. The protagonist jumps at every chance to track down an ill-famed serial killer and calls for the assistance of Naomi Misora. The duo puts everything on the line to solve the case.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

A global catastrophe has given many people superpowers, to master which they enlist at special high schools. Amagari Ayato intends to look into the vanishing of his sister Haruka who trained at a top-ranking academy to become a powerful warrior. To get the answers, the protagonist must win the academy's competition and take the top fighter place – and Haruka's powerful Runesword called “Ser-Veresta” will come in handy.

In conclusion

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