Evil God Average / Evil God Average Cthulhu Average – 21

Holding my hand to the dungeon core, for the first time in a while I added a floor.

The first time I needed to pay 30,000,000 extra, like some sort of harassment, but with that, I could build floors both below and above ground. …Aahh, even though I’d finally saved up that much. The dragon I wanted is moving away from my reach.

Leonora was standing next to me with a cramped expression, but I paid her no heed and finished processing the final floor.

There weren’t any changes to that room, but with this, I felt that I would be able to give a good performance, and so I turned to look at the scenery reflected on the mirror that I had left beside me.

The Kingdom’s soldiers who had completed their formation, the cultists who were ready to martyr themselves in opposition of the Kingdom; all of the people there were frozen in shock and awe, with their eyes fixed on that one spot.

That mostly black palace was designed with an exquisite balance of holiness and dreadfulness, and the building itself was like a work of art.
Everyone there had surely realised it instinctively; that this was the temple in which the Evil God lived.

That’s right. On the top of the 5th surface floor, I established a temple.

If they misunderstand this as a power I have because I’m the Evil God, then it’ll be even more effective.

For the cincher, I brought Leonora and Tena up to the top floor with a teleport.
From the balcony of the spire, I could see the dumbfounded and frozen figures of the Forteran Army and Evil God Cultists.

“Leonora, Tena, if you’d please.”

“Yeah, got it.”

“Understood, Anri-sama.”

Leonora and Tena began chanting magic together.
I’ve asked the two of them to help set the stage for my show.

What Leonora chanted was a spell that forcibly changed the battlefield to nighttime, in order to heighten the effectiveness of darkness magic.

An area of a few kilometres radius with the temple at the centre was engulfed in the shadow of night, and in the midst of it all with Leonora and Tena in tow, I walked off the balcony into the air.
Normally doing this would send me tumbling to the ground, but right now because there was a staircase of black smoke that Tena created, I slowly went down the stairs.

Because my foothold was fluffy and unreliable, even if I knew that I wasn’t going to fall, scary things were still scary.

If possible, Leonora, Tena, either was fine, so I’d have preferred to have held someone’s hand, but that wasn’t possible in this situation.

The stairs continued all the way to the ground, but I stopped at a landing situated halfway down, and once again overlooked the surface.

Now then, it’s time for the finishing touches.

I quietly closed my eyes, and began moulding my mana.

I’ll have them think that there’s a massive difference in power, and make sure they never dream of attacking me again.
My eyes flashed open, and my chant────

────Wha-, huh? The Forteran Army isn’t even here. Where’d they go?

With the stage missing the people I was supposed to perform to, unsure of what to do, I froze up.

“Um, Anri-sama? It seems that things have already ended.”

“If you’re looking for the Forterans, they ran away right after they saw you, you know?”

What did you say?

I ignored stuff like the maximum limit, so it’s about to explode, you know?

“Come now, how long are you going to stand there? Let’s return already.”

Whatever, gunna fire it.
It was supposed to be a harmless firework, but because I stopped the chant it’s turned turned into just your normal attack magic, but it should be fine as long as I fire it somewhere without towns and stuff.

“Wha-!? What do you intend to do!?”

Sorry, it can’t be stopped now.

“I-, Idiot! STOOOOOOOOOOP―――!!!”


(eyes closed, facing up to the sky)

『Candidate “Anri” has exceeded the required faith and fear levels.』

『Job has been changed from “Mage” to “Administrator”.』

『Gained title “Third Administrator”.』
『Gained skill “Administration”.』


Why did things turn out like this?

No, I mean, it’s my fault for acting without thinking so it’s nothing except reaping what I sow, but even so, who could have predicted that something like this would happen? It might be pointless to say anything after all this time, but the reflection that I’m doing is even deeper than the ocean.
I’m reflecting, so──

“Can’t you forgive me already?”

“No. Stay in seiza.”

──You’re heartless.

After I interrupted the showdown between the soldiers and cultists with my once in a lifetime farce, despite feeling shocked at the sudden 『voice』, I somehow managed to keep a hold of myself and returned to the dungeon, but what awaited me was punishment from the furious Leonora.

Incidentally, the reason that I was being punished like this by Leonora who shouldn’t have even known what seiza was, is because it was Tena’s suggestion. Tena… you definitely held a grudge over that. And that being the case, just imagining what awaits me after this is enough to send a cold sweat down my spine.

If I get poked in this state… -tremble tremble-

Also, regarding Leonora’s anger, becoming an Evil God was… not why she was mad, and it was instead because I fired the gathered mana in a random direction.

Since I couldn’t hold it back properly, I had no choice but to fire it, but there’d be damage if anything was hit by that no-longer-harmless mana, and so with at least that much reasoning left, I fired it into a direction with no towns.

And well, of course there were no towns. Because it was in the direction of the “Demon Race Territory”.

Having realised what I’d done, Leonora began using magic to check with the Demon Race Territory and how much damage was done, while beginning to lecture me at the same time. She really didn’t need to do such a good job of multitasking. I wish she would just focus on confirming the damage.

“Are you listening, Anri!?”

“I’m listening.”

I was thinking about something else, but at the very least, it did enter my ear.
While Leonora’s lecturing was entering my left ear, and exiting my right, I stealthily chanted “status” under my breath.

Name:  Anri

Sex:       Female

Job:       Administrator [New]

Title:       Evil God of Fearful Trembling [New], Dungeon Master, Third Administrator [New]


– Mystic Eyes of Wicked Authority (Lv.5)

– Abnormal Status Resistance (Lv.9)

– Item Box (Lv.9)

– Administrator (Lv.5) [New]

– Tantou of the Wicked Demon

– Babydoll of Depravity

– Pumps of Darkness

– Tena

Uwahh… Um~mm, uwahh…

Just why have things turned out like this?
I knew it when I heard the 『voice』, but seeing it again is rough in various ways.

The Evil God who governs the Fear authority.

The one who takes the third seat of the administrators of the world.

Manages the laws and environment of the world.

Lv.5 is the level where one’s jurisdiction encompasses everything except the World System and the authorities held by the other administrators.

If I’m the third seat, then that means there are another 2 people (2 gods?), so if the legends that Leonora told me were correct, then they should be the God of Light and God of Darkness.

Thinking about it, these statuses and titles, skills, and the abilities of the dungeon are probably part of this system.
Even after being turned into a god, I’m not exempt from its management after all, so I can’t think of what else this could be.

Name:  Tena

Sex:       Female

Job:       Miko [New]

Title:      Anri’s Miko


– Darkness Magic (Lv.6)

– Miko Outfit of the Evil God

I even smuggled Tena out of the realm of humans with me. Sorry.
As a bonus, she was released from slavery and became my miko.

『…And that ends my report.』

“I see. Got it. If anything happens, contact me.”


It seems that Leonora knows how the Demon Race Territory is now.
When I looked at her pleadingly, she averted her eyes whilst telling me what happened.

“Fortunately, nobody was harmed.”

Thank goodness. In my mind, I let out a sigh of relief.
I wasn’t seriously listening to her lecture, but that was because I couldn’t concentrate from the worry. I mean, even like this, I actually did worry. If somebody was hurt because of something stupid like that, I wouldn’t be able to apologise enough.

“However, apparently one mountain was half-destroyed.”

Are you serious? Certainly, by the time it was about to explode, there was a terrifying amount of mana packed in there, but to think that it was enough to smash a mountain.
But well, I guess that’s fine, as long as nobody was hurt. In the worst case, I could probably fix it with the skill I was granted after all.

While thinking about this, a shadow fell over me. Wondering what was up, I looked upwards and found that Leonora was standing in front of me with her head hanging. I couldn’t see her eyes because of her silver hair, but I could see that her mouth was clenched and twitching.
The atmosphere feels kinda dangerous.

“…It seems that you haven’t been listening to me, huh?”

“I was listening.”

“Then try repeating it back to me.”

…I’m sorry.

“Tena. It looks like Anri wants a foot massage.”

“Understood, Leonora-san! Help out too, Lili.”


I’m seriously sorry!?

Don’t wriggle your fingers as you sidle up to me!

Tena was laughing with a brighter expression than I’d ever seen.

Lili who was playing together with Tena, as well as Leonora who should have been angry, seemed to be having fun as well.

Even though I became something like an Evil God, they didn’t treat me any different.

It’s a scene where I have no dignity at all, but I think that this is really happiness.

Although I was supposed to be able to live an average lifestyle, I ended up as average with Evil Gods as my standard, and in the end I even became a real Evil God, but,

if I can be with these girls, then I’m sure things will be fun.

I’m just a novice Evil God, but in order to continue laughing with these girls, I’ll at least give it my all to become an average one.

“How does this spot feel, Anri-sama?”


“Alright, time for me to “help out” too, Anri.”

Really, just forgive me already…

Thank you very much for reading.

Also, after this I will be writing 【Book of Evil – Side Stories】 where the events up until now will be told from other points of views.

Where those guys went, what those guys were thinking at the time, things that weren’t clear in the main story will come to light, maybe.

And after that, we’ll be jumping into the second half, the 【Book of God】.

“entering my left ear, and exiting my right”

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