Evil God Average / Evil God Average Jashin Average – 3

A suspicious girl clad from head to toe in pitch black walked wordlessly through the forest… It’s me though.

At any rate, what I really want right now is reach a human settlement.

In the skill explanation it said “the effect on humans is lower” so I have no choice but to bet on that.

Moreover, I was worried about the curse of the tantou and robe, but what they meant was “if you drop it, it’ll return to you after certain amount of time” and “even if you try to equip something else, it’ll fly off”.

But after thirty minutes it flew out on its own and settled itself into my right hand.

…Because it looked like it was jealous, I ended up finding it a little cute.
Also, it was fine if I picked up a small branch that wouldn’t become a weapon.

As you’d expect, even if nobody was around I didn’t feel like stripping, so I haven’t tested the robe yet but it’s probably the same.

I don’t have a habit of dressing up, but I’m against having only the one suit.
Let’s sincerely pray that there’s a way of dispelling the curse.

Because I didn’t have shoes, I had no choice but to walk barefoot.

It might be that the physical ability that the evil god spoke about isn’t just athletic ability, but includes toughness and stuff as well.
Once I considered that this unknown body of mine might not be human, the dread surged forth, but I’ve decided not to think about it for now.

But wow, my field of vision sure is terrible.

I don’t show it on my face, but inside I’m scared that an animal will suddenly jump out from the shade of a tree and attack me.

From the fantasy-ness of this world, it’s plenty possible that a monster or something will appear instead.

The aimlessly wandering girl is suddenly surrounded by a pack of orcs and goblins.

Despite myself, I accidentally thought up such an impossible delusion.

But I’ve never even gotten close to getting a boyfriend, and it was all underlings arbitrarily pledging their loyalty to me.

Even considering my skills, I can’t imagine anything except a scene of orcs and goblins waiting upon me.
I don’t want to experience such a shocking event either, so let’s hurry up and get out of the forest.

I was making good progress through the foliage when suddenly the trees around me disappeared.

Though it wasn’t paved, it was probably a road, and along the flattened dirt of this road that stretched to my left and right were a number of wheel, hoof and foot prints.

And on the right hand side was a carriage that had stopp-… stopped?

Wai-, could that carriage possibly be in the middle of being attacked by bandits?

Why do I have to encounter such a cliched development? It couldn’t be that this is some scheme of that evil god, could it?

There are still a lot of things I don’t understand, but for now I have to think about what I’m going to do.
For now, I have three choices────

(1) Anri-chan with her strong sense of justice, rushes to the aid of the carriage, driven by her sense of righteous indignation.

(3) Anri-chan who follows the creed of letting sleeping dogs lie, decides that she didn’t see a thing, and runs away.

Before I knew it I was using my revised name… Incidentally, I’m picking choice (3) of course.

Don’t joke around, I have absolutely no intention of fighting.

And moreover, nonchalantly strolling in front of that group of brutes would be like a sheep jumping into a pack of wolves.

Even (3) is inhumane, you say? No, no, telling a feeble level 1 girl to fight more than 10 bandits should be what’s inhumane.
To you inside the carriage────probably a princess, or a merchant or something────sorry, but please just accept this as your own bad luck, and don’t get me wrapped up in this.

I quietly began moving back into the forest so that the bandits and the person in the carriage wouldn’t notice.

Even while keeping my eyes in their direction, I’m paying attention to my feet… Geh-, our eyes met.


The bandit furthest back; in other words, the man closest to me, looked in my direction and let out a shriek.
Hey-, oi.

“W-, What is it?”

“A-, A woman? No…”

Like a chain effect, the other men who looked in my direction backed away.

“No…”, you say? You know, I am technically a woman you know? Biologically speaking.

At about 30 metres in between, the bandits and I wordlessly faced each other.
A strained silence filled the area.

Unable to bear the silence, I unconsciously thought ‘anything is fine, just say something‘ so I opened my mouth.
But that instant, the strained tension erupted.




At that moment, the bandits fled in all directions.

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