Evil God Average / Evil God Average Chapter 11

『Candidate “Anri” has exceeded the required faith and fear levels.』

『Job has been changed from “Mage” to “Administrator”.』

『Gained title “Third Administrator”.』
『Gained skill “Administration”.』

“Ohh? Never thought that she’d bud this quickly.”

As he saw through the screen that the thing he sent just the other day had already become a member of the Divine Race, he laughed.

It was originally just a way to kill time. No, even now, it was still basically the case.
It had all started when he had noticed by chance some faith that was floating around in a low-ranked world based on stories. It was faith towards his type, so he had considered devouring it, but following an idea he came up with on a whim, he sent in a something that seemed suitable as a vessel, and decided to watch and see how things unfolded. If things went well, it would mean the birth of a new member of his kin, while if things failed, it wouldn’t be any real loss.

“It was pretty fun watching the process. Sending her in as a human was the right choice, huh.”

She might have gathered faith faster had she been sent in as an apostle, but he decided to just cram skills into her as a human and enjoy watching the show. Honestly speaking, he had crammed enough into her that it wouldn’t have been strange for her soul to collapse, but you could say it turned out well because she was good material.
When he had spotted that girl in a high ranking world, he had unconsciously sighed in wonder. It wasn’t often that you’d find a human with eyes close to his kind’s.

“Now that a new administrator has been born, the other divines probably won’t stay quiet. I’m really interested to see what happens next.”

There were originally two administrators in that world.

And because there were many cases where members of his type were hated by others, so to begin with there was definitely no way things would happen peacefully.

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