Evil God Average / Evil God Average Book of God – 06

I can’t think of a way to adapt this in this instance, but it’s a very common phrase in Japanese, so I may as well teach you guys:

A warm gaze, is the same as in English, but a lukewarm gaze means like, mildly disapproving.

Like, it’s not a warm gaze, but it isn’t a cold gaze either.
It’s sort of just like “Bro…” or “For real…?” or “Mate…”, you know?

(Although I suppose some people might give a terribly cold gaze for the last one.)

Chapter 6 – On That Day, a Quake Ran Through the World


I used my skill as an Administrator for the first time.
When I activated the skill, a menu-like window appeared before me.

Menu: Authority Activation

M*nu: Divine Enchantment
M*nu: Divine Revelation

It was pretty simple for a god’s power, but considering my talk the other day with the Light God and Dark God, the power of the Divine Race is probably concentrated in 『Authority Activation』.

『Divine Enchantment』 was the act of handing out the power of a god to other people in the form of divine protection… but apparently it was no different from the Divine Enchantment skill. If I really had to say it, then apparently it wouldn’t bestow divine protection against my will, but I had no use for it anyway. In fact, I would prefer a way to undo the divine protections already out there.

And so, this time the one that I would be using was 『Divine Revelation』──an ability for transmitting words to your followers.

No, I mean, if it’s the Light God or the Dark God then it might be an ability that transmits their words across the continent, but most of my believers are inside the temple, so there isn’t much point. I could use my powers as the dungeon master to transmit my will after all, and although I wouldn’t be too keen on it, it wasn’t as though I couldn’t tell them directly either. Actually, let me revise that; it isn’t “there isn’t much point” but “there’s absolutely no point”.

I picked the middle entry on the menu and muttered,

“Divine Revelation.”

“What do you mean by “dungeon”?”

“I don’t really get it, but you better not be talkin’ outta your ass.”

The two gods gave me extremely distrustful replies.

But now that I’d already said it, it didn’t feel like a situation where I could take it back. I’ll force my way forward.

“Before I joined the Divine Race, I created a 31-floor dungeon, that still hasn’t been conquered yet. If the humans conquer it, then Light God Sophia wins. If the demons conquer it, then the win goes to Dark God Anbaal. If it remains uncaptured within a certain amount of time, then it’s my win.”

It was just a random idea, but I think it sounds surprisingly good.

There’s also the huge benefit of not fighting the Light God and Dark God directly. Since I’m lacking in direct combat experience, I’ll be at a disadvantage no matter what, but if I use this method then my opponents will be the human and demon races, so my handicap mostly decreases.

“Ohh…? Ain’t that sound interesting.”

“You intend on involving the Human Race into our conflict?”

The Dark God seemed like he’d agree, but the Light God showed disapproval at my idea. Because the Human Race is something to be protected for her, so she probably wanted to avoid exposing them to danger due to her own circumstances. Well, the Dark God should be the same in that aspect, but I guess it’s just a difference in personality.

“It’s going to determine the management of the world, so it’s not somebody else’s business.”

“…I understand. Very well. I agree. Anbaal, how about you?”

“I’m fine.”

Alright, both of them are on board. What’s left is to figure out the rules in detail.

After that, we discussed things little by little, and worked out a set of rules. Unlike the discussion about the 『Authorities』 we had in the beginning, this conversation went much more smoothly.

The match is in regards to who can conquer the dungeon “Holy Ground of the Evil God”. If the humans conquer it, then Light God Sophia wins. If the demons conquer it, then the win goes to Dark God Anbaal. If it remains uncaptured within a certain amount of time, then the winner is Evil God Anri.
In addition, ‘conquering’ is defined as being the first to touch the 『Proof of Capture』 on the 31st floor.
The winning Administrator gains the right to allocate the 『Sub-Authorities』. However, they will do so with the balance of all three Administrators in mind.
The length of the match is 1 year.
The use of 『Authorities』 to directly aid or hinder the capture of the dungeon is prohibited.
During the duration of the match, Evil God Anri will not add additional floors.
During the duration of the match, Evil God anri will not summon additional monsters. However, a single dragon is permitted.
Evil God Anri will take all care possible that no fatalities will occur amongst the human and demon challengers.
Light God Sophia, as well as Dark God Anbaal will prohibit the Human Race and Demon Race respectively from committing acts of aggression or subversive activities against the Holy Anri Thearchy for the duration of the match.
Evil God Anri reserves the right to take an entrance fee from the challengers. However, the fee shall not exceed 1 silver coin per challenger, per challenge.

“Such worldiness…”

“You a miser? Oi!”

I hear nothing.

“By 『Proof of Capture』, you mean that? How do I say this… Your taste is pretty fucked, huh.”

“It isn’t like that by choice.”

I stationed the 『Proof of Capture』 on a pillar-shaped pedestal that was in the first room that you arrived at, coming down the stairs from the 30th floor. I’d hate it for them to come into the residential area and mess everything up, so I’m planning on having them teleport outside after taking the 『Proof of Capture』.

“You were awfully fixed on the dragon, but is there some kind of meaning to it?”

“Dragons are romance.”

Various things happened causing me to put it off, but since I had plenty of mana, I wanted to summon the dragon that I’d been dreaming of seeing. And also, it wouldn’t be good for the dungeon’s image if there was no boss for the 30th floor.

I’m kind of getting the feeling that their gazes are getting more and more lukewarm, but it’s probably my imagination.

Also, it’s set in the rules that nobody is allowed to attack or commit subterfuge against us in the confusion. It’d be troubling if they came and invaded after pretending to be here to challenge the dungeon, so it was also a necessary clause, but with this, I was able to postpone the establishment of the country as well. When it comes to creating a nation, I honestly don’t think a 1-year grace period is anywhere near enough, but we don’t have many people, so we should probably be able to get things together to an extent.
Also, the fact that the Light God and Dark God also acknowledged us as a country is probably going to be really meaningful in our international relationships from now on.

Through the revelation, I spoke to every believer in the country.

Also, I decided not to go out of my way to touch on the fact that our ‘power struggle’ was closer to pushing our workload onto each other. The other two were ordering their races to capture the dungeon with Divine Revelation, and I’m pretty sure they did the same.

It wasn’t in the rules that my citizens couldn’t harm the challengers so they technically could, but I can’t say I’d approve of that, so I decided to forbid it. I’d be troubled if their actions ended up as a dispute after all, and more important than anything was the fact that this was our chance as a nation.

Now that they had been directly instructed by their gods, the humans and demons were probably eager to challenge the dungeon. Since my dungeon fundamentally kicks out the fallen, it’s possible to challenge it again. In that case, it would be natural for challengers to live near the dungeon in order to challenge it. The nearest town is Riemel, but if there was an even closer place to stay, there wouldn’t be any reason not to use it. If we open up inns near the temple, I’m sure we’ll have customers.

It might also be good to sell maps of the dungeon floors, and periodically change things up. Adding floors was forbidden in the rules, but modifying existing floors shouldn’t be a problem. It depends on the pricing, but I should be able to expect a certain amount of income.

Indeed; this match is a chance to acquire foreign currency.

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