Evil God Average / Evil God Average Jashin Average – 8

Hello, it’s Anri.
This is a bit sudden but… I was driven out of the inn.

Strictly speaking, my five days at the inn were up, and when I asked to extend it I was refused.

And though I did think that this would happen before long, being driven out this early was beyond expectations.

Perhaps I should be looking for a replacement inn, but the shock was just so great that I can’t find the motivation for it.

Since I haven’t solved the problem of balancing my income and expenses, you could say that this is a good chance for me to think about really doing something about it.
It’s just that if I don’t think about it like that, I won’t be able to go on, though.

While taking a breather in the central plaza café that I ordered a black tea in last time, I thought about my plan for now.

The first is that I’ll guarantee some other income source, and the second is doing something about the “shelter” issue that takes up most of my expenses.

In both personality and skill abilities I’m devastatingly unsuited for the hospitalities industry, and it’s not as if I have the know how either so jobs in production are impossible.

Alchemy using my divine enchantment──buying cheap things and selling them after enchanting them with divine protection──is something I considered as well, but because there’s a high chance that the weapons and clothing I enchant turn into cursed items, to begin with I wouldn’t be able to sell it, and even if I could sell them, it’d be an extremely eyecatching thing to do and would probably bring me trouble.

As for the latter, finding a place to live is difficult too, and since I only have 5 gold with me I don’t have enough to buy a house, and because renting a house and staying at an inn both have the risk of being driven out, I wouldn’t be able to settle down.

Ideally it’d be “a place with nobody around”, “not rented, but owned by me” and also “has a fairly decent living environment”.
Since I’m stating my desires, it’d be best if it comes with “a way to make money” as well.

“As if such a convenient place…”

could exist, was what I wanted to say, but the truth is that if I don’t care about what methods I use, there actually is such a place, which is why I’m so troubled.

You can’t deal with an urgent problem without sacrificing something in return.

I’m not a samurai, so there’s no problem.

Gathering my thoughts, I headed to a store to stock up on food.

Three hours later, with a large amount of food stuffed into my item box, I came to the dungeon from the other day.
I’ve twisted my ideals and chosen the path of profits, in order to live in the dungeon.

“a place with nobody around” …From the town, it takes two hours to get here on foot, and there are no oddballs that have taken up residency here

“has a fairly decent living environment” …It’s not that great now, but I can expand it and remodel it as I please
comes with “a way to make money” as well …There’ll probably be plenty of easy targets with money from now on

The demerits are ‘obstructions to my peace’ and ‘the pain to my conscience’ but the former can be fixed by strengthening the dungeon, and as for the latter, even in the worst case scenario, I’m going to compromise and make it a rule in my heart not to let anybody die.
Having made up my mind like this, I entered the dungeon.

I could grasp this vague and delicate feeling of “it feels like I can do this for some reason” with my ability as the dungeon master.

I used teleportation to move to the room with the dungeon core.

In a small room of about 6 tatami, a blue crystal of about 50 centimetres was floating in the air.

I touched the dungeon core with my hand as I muttered.

“Dungeon Master.”

Name:           Holy Land of the Evil God

Floors:          3

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