Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Chapter 23

“She really has the body of a noble young lady with the life of a servant. It’s impossible to find another person in the entire village who gets up this late! Does she really think she’s some precious child?!” Madam Li screeched in a sharp tone, covertly mocking her.

Xiaocao was somewhat familiar with that fat woman’s personality. The more attention she received, the more excited she became. Everyone in Dongshan Village knew that whoever spoke with Old Yu’s eldest daughter-in-law would have to endure her for at least half of the day. She was a talkative person who would pester anyone who interacted with her.

“Oh, my precious grandson! Come and give your grandmother a hug——be careful of the doorsill——my precious grandson is so amazing! You were able to cross over such a high doorsill!” Madam Zhang, who usually treated herself as the boss of the family, had actually spoke in such a gentle and soft voice. Moreover, there was even a slight sense of flattery within her voice.

Yu Xiaoxao looked towards the sound. She saw Madam Zhang bending down to help a chubby two year old infant walk over the doorsill, while a young couple walked behind her.

The man had a refined appearance with a fair complexion. He had inherited his good looks from the Yu Family. The woman had ordinary features, but she had pale and smooth skin. Her light complexion enhanced her features, so she wasn’t bad looking. There was a young girl, who looked around twelve or thirteen years old, following behind them with a big baggage in her hands.  

She was wondering why it was so quiet in the courtyard, so it turned out that they went to fetch Younger Uncle’s family. Yu Xiaocao smirked since she was already used to Madam Zhang’s differential treatment.

“Xiaocao, don’t stand there like a log. Hurry up and go tell your mother to come back to cook. How can she still be indolent at this time?!” Madam Zhang’s arrogant and bossy attitude emerged again when facing Xiaocao.

Yu Xiaolian came out of the kitchen expressionlessly and said, “My mother went to wash the laundry. She has to wash the whole family’s laundry, so how would she be able to finish it so quickly?”    

“Watch your mouth! You’re so capable now that you’re rudely rebutting your elders? Is that what your mother teaches you?” Madam Zhang swiftly swallowed the vulgar curses that she was about to spit out and peeped at her youngest daughter-in-law’s expression from the corner of her eyes.

Yu Bo’s wife, Zhao Meilan, didn’t say a single word ever since she entered the courtyard. She had a faint expression on her face, which looked neither happy nor angry.

Yu Xiaolian wasn’t a pushover and retorted, “Grandmother, I was only speaking the truth. How was I being rude to you? My mother had certainly gone out with a basin full of clothes!”

Yu Xiaocao went into the kitchen, then came out again, “Grandmother, Younger Uncle’s family just come back all the way from town, so they must be tired. You should take them to their room and let them rest for a bit. Xiaolian, quickly go get the fish. Weren’t we planning to add some dishes for Younger Uncle’s family?”

Her younger aunt, Madam Zhao, finally looked at Xiaocao after hearing her speak. She asked in a low voice, “Is this… Second Brother-in-law’s youngest daughter?”

Younger Uncle, Yu Bo, finally noticed the wan and thin young girl. He happily said, “That’s right! Xiaocao, you seem to be in good spirits today. Did you come out for some sun?”

Yu Xiaocao didn’t have any ill-feelings towards her younger uncle and aunt, so she replied with a smile, “Younger Uncle, my health is already better now! I haven’t been sick for over a week!”

“Sure enough, you do seem to have recovered from your illness. You have become livelier and more articulate! It’s great that you’re better now. It’s good to be healthy!” Younger Uncle cheerfully said as he walked forward and touched her head.

Yu Caidie came out of a room on the west side of the main room. She smiled at her third brother and sister-in-law, “Third Brother, Third Sister-in-law, your room is ready. Hurry and go take a rest. We soon be eating soon. Doudou, do you still recognize Youngest Aunt?”

“Our Doudou is back! Come and let Eldest Aunt give you a hug! Why is our family’s Doudou so cute?” Madam Li spoke in a tone that was filled with an obvious sense of flattery and fawning.

Yu Xian, whose nickname was Doudou, was pulled into her embrace and his face was buried within Madam Li’s fleshy body. Madam Li was a lazy person who hated bathing, so there was always a stench of sweat on her body. The young Yu Xian had never encountered such a situation before. He immediately began crying while desperately struggling to escape.   

Madam Zhao’s expression turned cold and ordered the young girl behind her, “Why aren’t you bringing your young master back?!”

The young girl gave the baggage in her hands to Xiaocao, who was enjoying the lively scene. She hastily ran to rescue her young master and shouted, “What are you doing?! Hurry up and let go of our young master! What’s wrong with you?”

Madam Li, who had been pushed, loosened her hold on the young Yu Xian with embarrassment. Darn it! She made a mistake while trying to flatter them!

“I don’t want you to hold me! I don’t want you!” The two year old Little Doudou cried until his eyes turned red. He pushed the young girl aside and also refused the embraces of both his parents. With his arms opened, he staggered a few steps as he ran and ended up hugging Yu Xiaocao’s legs.

Uh? What kind of situation is this? Yu Xiaocao was still holding the large bag that the young girl handed her, so her upper body was practically buried by the mountain-like baggage. Now, there was also a little infant holding onto her leg like a koala.  

The young maid tactfully retrieved the baggage from Xiaocao. She looked at Xiaocao and hinted by nudging her lips at her young master, who was hugging Xiaocao’s legs and seeking comfort.

Ay! It can’t be helped. She just had that protagonist aura. Even a young infant couldn’t escape from her charms as the protagonist! Yu Xiaocao was very pleased with herself as she thought about it. She bent down to lifted up the little fellow, who was crying pitifully.

Little Doudou looked small, but he actually quite heavy. She tried very hard before she finally lifted the little fellow up while wobbling. Yu Bo, who was beside them, was frightened by the sight and opened his arms to protect them.

It was often said that children had keen senses. Yu Xiaocao had been drinking mystic-stone water for several days and had also been wearing the multicolored stone every day. Thus, it was natural that she had a bit of spiritual energy on her body.

After Little Doudou was attacked by Madam Li’s stench, he followed his instinct and searched for the spiritual energy, which was his source of comfort——Yu Xiaocao.

Little Doudou stopped crying after Yu Xiaocao unstably lifted him up. He widened his dark eyes and looked at her curiously. He asked in a cute voice, “Who are you? I’ve never seen you before!”

His father interrupted him anxiously, “Doudou, this is your Second Sister——come down quickly. Your second sister can’t hold you. Be careful of falling!”

“No, I don’t want to get down! Doudou likes Second Sister. She smells really good.” Little Doudou’s plump arms were wrapped around Xiaocao’s neck as he sniffed her like a little puppy.

Madam Zhao finally had an expression on her face when interacting with her son. She said rather helplessly, “Doudou, your second sister’s health isn’t very good. If she’s too exhausted, then she can’t play with you anymore. So, come down and let mother carry you!”

Little Doudou looked at Xiaocao, and then looked at his mother. It was difficult for him to make a choice at the moment.

In her previous life, Yu Xiaocao had raised her younger siblings by herself, so she was very skilled in dealing with children, “Our Doudou is so cute, so Second Sister really likes you too! Is Doudou hungry? Do you want Second Sister to make some fish stew for you?”

“Yes! Doudou wants to drink it!” Children were all little gluttons. The little foodie Doudou swiftly came down from Yu Xiaocao and waited for the fish stew.

Madam Zhang had been constantly trying to attract her little grandson’s attention, but she never expected him to be deceived by that little wretch. After giving Yu Xiaocao a fierce glare, she smiled at her youngest son and daughter-in-law, “Go take a rest in your room! I’ll go cut some meat and make your favorite ‘stewed fatty meat and cabbage’ for lunch!”

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