Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Chapter 232

[Master, that person hasn’t died yet. The soul hasn’t left the body, my bathwater can save that person!] The little divine stone had sensed Xiaocao’s sadness, so it quickly transformed into a golden kitten, reminding her in a child-like tone.

When Yu Xiaocao heard that, she recalled that the little divine stone had once said that when it was at the peak of its power, it was able to bring a person back from the dead. The little divine stone recently recovered a lot of its spiritual power. Since he said that he can save her uncle, then there would be no problem!

Xiaocao wiped away the tears on her cheeks and stepped forward, pulling the three crying children aside. She said, “Please move aside! I’ve studied medicine before, let me take a look!”

After she said that, she put her finger on Liu Hu’s pulse, quietly feeling his pulse for a while. She realized that his pulse was indeed still beating weakly. Mhm! He could still be saved! Xiaocao quickly took out a small and delicate jade bottle from her embroidered pouch. She lightly pinched open Liu Hu’s mouth and carefully poured the mystic-stone liquid into his mouth.

“Father! Bring the water bag!” Liu Hu had lost the ability to swallow, she must use water for him to wash down the mystic-stone liquid.

At this time, Yu Caifeng slowly woke up from Yu Hai’s arms. As if she suddenly remembered something, she stood straight up and was about to rush toward her man. Yu Hai hurriedly pulled her back and comforted her, “Older Brother-in-law might still be saved. Cao’er is treating him right now.”

“Young lady, I beg you, you must save my husband! If he dies, I… then I won’t live either! I beg you, please save him!” A final ray of hope flashed in Yu Caifeng’s eyes. Could someone who stopped breathing come back to life? She didn’t dare to think about it and only hoped that God will bless them with a miracle again.

Yu Xiaocao asked her father to open Liu Hu’s mouth. Her heart finally felt relieved after feeding him two mouthfuls of water. She recalled the method to do CPR in her previous life.

About a third of the way below his sternum, she placed her left palm on his chest. Then she placed her right palm on top of her left palm, with her arms straight, she pressed down thirty times using her upper body strength. As she did that, she said to her father, “Father, follow my instructions: pinch uncle’s nose and blow into his mouth——blow…”

“Not like that! Your mouth must block uncle’s mouth while you blow forcefully into his mouth!” Xiaocao saw that his father was far from the patient’s mouth as he blew air into his mouth. Despite finding the scene to be quite funny, she quickly corrected him.

Yu Hai awkwardly raised his head and looked at his brother-in-law’s lips. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do it.

“I’ll do it!” Yu Caifeng had finally found a thread of hope from her desperation. She could throw away her reputation and her face as long as she could save her man’s life! Under the watchful eyes of other people, she blocked the man’s mouth with her mouth, giving him artificial respiration under Xiaocao’s guidance.

It wasn’t known whether it was Xiaocao’s CPR or the mystic-stone water that had worked, but Liu Hu was finally able to breathe on his own after two minutes. Seeing her husband’s chest moving up and down weakly, Yu Caifeng covered her face and wept noiselessly——these were tears of joy of regaining something again after losing it!

Liu Hu slowly opened his eyes and saw his tearful wife as well as his children crying in low voices. He lifted his withered hand and tightly pulled his wife’s hand. He had sensed just now that he was about to approach the last moment of his life. The instant he closed his eyes, his heart was filled with reluctance and nostalgia.

He didn’t know if his wife would still be able to live so willfully like before without his care. How would his children grow up and how would the family survive in the future without him? However, he had, fortunately, overcome this hurdle again. His body was like an arrow that was reaching the end of its flight until he felt a small life force flowing in his body. Each of his exhausted organs seemed to glow with vitality.

“Oldest Aunt, give Uncle some water! Patients need to replenish themselves with water!” Xiaocao secretly dropped two drops of mystic-stone liquid into the water. The patient’s body was still very weak, so drinking some mystic-stone water would be very helpful for future recovery.

Yu Caifeng took the water bag; her eyes were full of gratitude. Her husband had clearly stopped breathing just now. It was thanks to her young niece, who had given him some magical elixir and taught her how to give air to her man, that her husband was able to return from the gates of hell. She couldn’t imagine and didn’t want to imagine what would’ve happened if she didn’t meet her little niece, or if her brother and little niece had arrived a step too late! She only knew that it was her brother and her little niece who had saved her man and her family!

“Good… what a good child! Aunt doesn’t know how to thank you…” Yu Caifeng didn’t know what to say. Words couldn’t describe her gratitude towards her. In the future, even if she had to work like an ox or horse, she must repay her brother’s family.

Yu Hai felt very happy for his older sister, and he was extremely glad that his younger daughter had studied medicine under Doctor You. He sighed heavily and said, “Older Sister, we’re all family. There’s no need for you to express your gratitude. Give Older Brother-in-law some water, then let’s pack our stuff and go to town and have Doctor Sun take a look at Older Brother-in-law.”   

“Father! Do you not believe in my medical skills? Doctor Sun had praised me ceaselessly, saying I’m very talented when it comes to studying medicine!” Yu Xiaocao pouted with her small mouth and had an ‘I’m very angry’ appearance on.

Yu Hai stroked his daughter’s glossy black hair and said with a smile, “I believe you; I believe you! Our family’s Xiaocao is so capable, how can I not believe you? Your uncle is very sick, so we’re going to go to Tongren Medicine Hall to get some medicine to nourish his health. In passing, we can also have Doctor Sun feel his pulse!”

Yu Caifeng’s youngest son, Liu Fangping, had just turned six this year and he said in a childish voice, “Older sister, I believe you too! You cured my father; you are a godly doctor!”

Liu Fangping was one year younger than Little Shitou, and one could tell that he had suffered a lot. He was very skinny, similar to how Little Shitou looked when Xiaocao had just transmigrated. Xiaocao stroked his little head gently and said with a smile, “You have to call me Older Cousin, do you understand? Older Cousin isn’t a godly doctor, I just know how to perform some first aid. Your father still needs the experienced Doctor Sun to prescribe him some medicine and to nurse him back to health. Don’t worry, your father will be fine!”

From the beginning, Liu Fangping had snuggled up against Xiaocao’s side with an extremely adorable smile on his face. On the road, he had often relied on his pure and adorable smile to trigger married women and young women’s maternal love for kids, making them give him food. Xiaocao couldn’t help but pinched the little guy’s face gently.

When Liu Yaner, who was a year older than Xiaocao saw how her younger brother was selling his lovable appearance, she couldn’t help but roast him. “Older Brother, look at how our younger brother is pretending to be lovable again! When he’s outside, he acts like an obedient little boy, but when he’s at home, he’s extremely naughty!”

The oldest child, Liu Junping smiled maturely and brought his younger sister and brother to greet their uncle. When he was in the northeast, he had frequently heard his mother mention this capable uncle of his, who could catch fish and hunt. In their first meeting, his first impression of his uncle was that he was very tall and strong; his body was even sturdier than his father’s before he fell ill.

His mother had frequently talked about how his honest and considerate uncle would definitely be bullied relentlessly by their stepmother. However, based on the clothing his uncle and younger female cousin was dressed in, they appeared more well off than the lords in his village who owned over a hundred mu of fields. No matter how one looked at them, they didn’t appear to be treated harshly. Although Liu Junping had doubts in his heart, he never revealed his inner thoughts.

Liu Hu drank a few more mouthfuls of water and felt some of his strength returning to him. Yu Hai patted the oldest of the siblings, Liu Junping’s shoulder. He urged him to quickly pack up some necessities and move them to a nearby carriage.

On their way here, in order to treat Liu Hu’s illness, the Liu Family had pawned most of their valuable belongings, so they didn’t have much to pack. Yu Hai carried Liu Hu on his back as he walked toward the carriage. Yu Caifeng brought her children along as they silently followed behind him.

The surrounding refugees looked at the Liu Family enviously. When this family had just arrived at this camp, very few people interacted with them because they were suspected of being infected by a contagious disease. However, they were quite fortunate to have met their wealthy relatives and were able to escape from the abyss of suffering. Many people were secretly regretting that they didn’t help them out in their most difficult times. Even if they want to beg them now, they had no way of doing it!

“Wow! Older Cousin, your family’s horse carriage is so beautiful!” When Liu Fangping saw the strong, study, and beautifully decorated horse carriage, he couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

Yu Xiaocao propped the little guy up by his armpit and helped him onto the horse carriage. She smiled and explained, “This carriage was lent to us by my godfather! My family’s horse carriage isn’t this beautiful!”

In the carriage, Liu Fangping excitedly touched the items in the horse carriage, he was curious about everything. The little guy had only ever been in an ox cart since he was a child, so he never had the opportunity to come in contact with horse carriage that has a sedan chair.

The horse carriage was very spacious. Liu Hu was half-lying inside the horse carriage while Liu Caifeng sat next to him to take care of him. The children curiously and excitedly sat in the horse carriage. When the horse carriage set off, Liu Fangping clapped his hands and said, “It’s more comfortable to sit in a horse carriage, I can’t feel the jolting as the carriage is moving. Whenever I’m in an ox cart, it feels like my bottom is about to turn into three segments because of the jolting of the cart!”

Yu Xiaocao could deeply relate to Liu Fangping’s sentiment for ox and donkey carts. In the past, when the wheels of her donkey cart had yet been changed, the jolting of the cart as it rushed towards its destination would almost make her puke up her dinner. That was such an ‘amazing’ feeling ah!

The horse carriage was stopped at the city gates. With the increase of refugees outside of Tanggu Town, there had been more soldiers guarding the city gates. She heard that those soldiers were transferred here from Jinwei Prefectural City!

Liu Yaner, who had been looking outside the carriage window, hurriedly pulled down the curtain of the carriage window. She looked at Xiaocao timidly and asked, “Younger Cousin, will the soldiers not let us enter the city?”

When they had first arrived, several refugees were arrested for trying to enter the city without a permit and having a dispute with the soldiers. However, those weren’t the most serious cases. On their way here, many places, especially big cities, had been unwelcoming and unfriendly towards the refugees. This had created a shadow in Liu Yaner’s heart.

Yu Xiaocao comforted her, “It’s okay! For Tanggu Town, as long as there are relatives that are willing guarantee for you, you can freely enter and exit Tanggu Town.”

Sure enough, when the steward of the Fang Estate showed the soldiers his identity medal, the soldiers allowed them into the city cordially with a smile on their face.

As they passed through the city gates, Liu Fangping poked his little head out the window and was seen by the soldiers. However, none of them were detained like Liu Yaner had worried about.

Liu Junping, who had been sitting quietly in the horse carriage while observing all of this, faintly thought in his heart that the status of his younger cousin’s godfather must not be low. Otherwise, the soldiers with eyes growing on their forehead wouldn’t have allowed them into the city that easily. Those soldiers were so cordial and enthusiastic even to someone who looked like a subordinate. Could it be that his younger cousin’s godfather was an official?

His environment had encouraged his growth. The journey had allowed Liu Junping, who didn’t have a worry in the world before, to mature quickly…

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