Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Chapter 267

“Yu Xiaocao, help this prince change. I need to go out!”

“Why do I need to help you change your clothes? Don’t you have a lot of maidservants at your house?” Yu Xiaocao was irritated. She had to wash his face, comb his hair, and feed him. Sometimes, she also had to cook the dishes that he requested in the small kitchen. Now, she also had to help him change his clothes. Was he really taking her as a maidservant?

Zhu Junyang looked at the maidservants, who were assigned by his lady mother, with disdain. His gaze was as cold as snow as he said, “This prince hates being served by people with impure intentions. It makes me feel disgusted!”

When the maidservants heard this, their faces were ghastly pale and dripping with cold sweat as they kneeled on the ground, trembling. These maidservants were all carefully selected by the princess consort. Their figures and appearance were considered more outstanding within the estate. Seeing that her youngest son was already seventeen years old, Princess Consort Jing reckoned that it was time for him to understand certain things. Thus, she picked out several bed-servants for her son. Although this matter wasn’t explicitly stated, the maidservants all clearly knew within their hearts.

The young royal prince had a cold and indifferent temper, but he was handsome, had a high status, and was trusted by the emperor. Thus, he would surely have a bright future. To be able to the young master’s bed-servant, if they could give birth to one or two offsprings, the mother’s position would definitely rise due to the child. There was no hope of being his ranked concubine, but becoming the concubine of the royal prince would be the best outcome for the maidservants.

For this position of the bed-servant, not only did the maidservants fight openly and secretly in private, but from time to time, they also tried to get closer to Zhu Junyang. They wanted to show their faces more in order to gain a more favorable impression. Unbeknownst to them, with his special ability, Zhu Junyang could clearly detect their strong desires, which made him feel repulsed. He would rather do things himself, or have Head Steward Liu serve him, than let those maidservants with ulterior motives get close to him.

After hurting his arms, Zhu Junyang began ordering Yu Xiaocao around in a right and self-confident manner. Although he couldn’t detect Yu Xiaocao’s feelings, the scent from her body could give him a sense of peace and tranquility, which made him want to get closer to her.

Poor Yu Xiaocao was temporarily used as a worker, and was ordered until she was screaming and yelling. Her energetic appearance made small ripples in Zhu Junyang’s character, which was like a pool of dead water. After meeting Yu Xiaocao, the people around Zhu Junyang, especially Princess Consort Jing, could all clearly feel the change in her son. This was something that she was very happy to see.

At this time, Yu Xiaocao was still doing her best to get out of this situation, “You don’t like to be served by the maidservants, but don’t you still have Head Steward Liu?”

Head Steward Liu, who was standing on the side and watching the show, suddenly got dragged in. He naturally wouldn’t ruin his master’s ‘happy matters’, so he immediately put away the smile on his face and solemnly said, “Master, this servant will go accomplish the task that you assigned to me this morning!” After saying that, he hurriedly went out the door, as if someone behind him was trying to chase him out.

‘Completing a task that was assigned in the morning now? Who is he kidding!! So, you want to play with me?’

Yu Xiaocao refused to work, “I was invited to help you, the young royal prince, to cure your injury, so I should be considered half a doctor, right? Is this how you guys treat doctors who help treat patients, heal wounds, and rescue those who are dying? From now on, I won’t do anything other than my duties as a doctor!! Don’t even think of telling me to do things like help you change your clothes. I’m not your family’s servant!”

Seeing that the little kitten was angry, Zhu Junyang pretended to be pitiful, “Alright! This prince will change myself…”

As he said that, he straightened his arms, took a set of clothes from the wardrobe, and spread it out on the bed. He turned his body around and tried to poke his ramrod straight right arm into the sleeve of the garment on the bed. Once, twice… As if the clothes were deliberately against him, no matter what, his arms couldn’t go in.    

Yu Xiaocao looked at the young royal prince’s sweaty face. Feeling somewhat softhearted, she picked up the clothes on the bed and carelessly put it on for him. A complacent smile appeared within Zhu Junyang’s eyes, ‘This lass is the epitome of someone who has a sharp tongue but soft heart. I knew she would be willing to compromise.’

After helping the young prince put on his clothes, Yu Xiaocao pouted even more and sullenly said, “It’s done. Hurry up and leave!”

“This prince is bored from staying at home recently, so I want to walk around in Tanggu Town. However, I’m not very familiar with Tanggu Town. I need a guide…” Zhu Junyang glanced at her and slowly said. 

Yu Xiaocao had already resigned to her fate. This guy really knew how to make trouble for others. She could only anticipate that his arms would get better soon so that she could escape from this torture.

“Where do you want to go? Tell me!” Yu Xiaocao asked in low spirits.

Zhu Junyang couldn’t bear to see her being so lifeless, but he felt that Yu Xiaocao had been trapped in the compound for the past two days. She had never been indoors for so long like this. He was afraid that she would feel stuffy and bored, so he used different ways to give her things to do. But, it seemed like the other party didn’t understand his good intentions ah!

“Let’s just stroll on the street and relax!” Zhu Junyang turned around and headed out. Yu Xiaocao hastily followed him. When they were about to reach the main entrance, Head Steward Liu suddenly came out of nowhere and silently followed them.

As soon as they went out of the residence, there was a bustling street that was lined with various shops. Zhu Junyang walked leisurely on the street, and both of his arms were hanging to his sides without the slightest movement. It looked somewhat funny, but it didn’t affect the amount of attention he attracted at all. Who let him have such a devilishly attractive face? 

“Older Sister Zhuang, look at that person! He’s so good-looking!! I wonder whose son he is?” After Miss Wang saw Zhu Junyang, her eyes lit up and she whispered to Eldest Young Miss Zhuang. 

Eldest Young Miss Zhuang looked at her scornfully and thought that there was something wrong with the upbringing of the Wang Family. A young maiden actually commented on the appearance of a man on the streets. Good-looking? How good-looking could he be? Her second older brother was universally acknowledged as the most handsome man in Tanggu Town, and her eldest brother and third brother were also very good-looking. She was already tired of looking at good-looking men, okay?

Eldest Young Miss Zhuang casually glanced in the direction that Miss Wang pointed at, and as a result, she couldn’t pull her eyes away as if they were stuck.

Among all the people in the crowd, he was like a gem among the rubble. What a beautiful yet indifferent face. He had a handsome face with long eyelashes that left a deep shadow on his eyelids. A pair of dark eyes that seemed to be able to clear through everything, and emitted cold air like a deep pool of water. He had a straight nose bridge, crimson lips, and a profile that was as sharp as a knife. His black attire further enhanced his tall and upright figure. Compared with those physically weak scholars, Eldest Young Miss Zhuang preferred this type of lean and tall figure.

Miss Wang, who was next to her, interrupted her infatuated gaze, “Older Sister Zhuang, isn’t that Miss Yu, who sells watermelons, behind the handsome man? Did she stop selling watermelons and became a maidservant?” 

Eldest Young Miss Zhuang finally turned her attention to another person. With Yu Xiaocao’s inconspicuous appearance and Head Steward Liu’s humble and respectful manner, she classified them both as the dazzling man’s servants. 

Eldest Young Miss Zhuang boasted about having a good family background and an outstanding appearance. She was also familiar with poetry and books. Among those vulgar men in town, Third Young Master Zhou was the only one who was barely decent, but he was a little too young. With her age, it was about time she looked for a husband. Eldest Young Miss Zhuang’s parents were very worried about her pickiness.   

However, Eldest Young Miss Zhuang always wanted to find someone who was on par with her. Tanggu Town was only so big, and there were only so many families of equal social ranking who were suitable for marriage. After picking and choosing, there still wasn’t anyone who she was satisfied with.

Today, Miss Wang happened to come look for Eldest Young Miss Zhuang, who had been somewhat depressed from being rushed by her family, to go shopping, so she took this opportunity to come out and relax. They didn’t come out in vain this time. She had finally met a man who was good enough to match her!

Eldest Young Miss Zhuang blocked half of her face with the round fan in her hands, and with her pair of pretty eyes, she carefully observed him from behind the fan. Looking at the handsome youth’s low-key but luxurious clothing and the air that he exuded, he was definitely born in a wealthy and respectable family.

An unfamiliar face in town, who had a noble status and knew the little lass of the Yu Family from Dongshan Village. He should be Royal Prince Yang, who took the emperor’s order to come to Tanggu Town. Royal Prince Yang was the youngest son of Imperial Prince Jing, and thus he was a true member of the imperial family. If one could gain his interest… Eldest Young Miss Zhuang’s cheeks were flushed, and there was an amorous gaze in her eyes.

“Miss Yu! I was going to visit you at the Fang Estate, but I just happened to meet you here. It’s really fate ah!” Eldest Young Miss Zhuang stopped Yu Xiaocao, who was following behind Young Prince Yang dejectedly with her head lowered, and walked over leisurely. Her gesture was like a light wind blowing on a willow, very graceful.

Yu Xiaocao raised her eyes and looked strangely at Eldest Young Miss Zhuang. When did she ever become friends with Eldest Young Miss Zhuang, who was like a haughty peacock?

Seeing that her eyes kept wandering towards Royal Prince Yang, she suddenly understood in her heart. She inwardly scolded, ‘This young royal prince, why does he have to be born so good-looking and attracting all these admirers!’

“May I know why Eldest Young Miss Zhuang is looking for me?” Yu Xiaocao looked at Eldest Young Miss Zhuang with a smile and commented in her heart, ‘This girl looks pretty good and has a good figure. She was a like a ripe peach. It’s just that she has a big temper. I don’t know if the young prince can tolerate it!’

Eldest Young Miss Zhuang stealthily glanced at Royal Prince Yang. Seeing that he didn’t even look at her as if he didn’t see her at all, she felt angry inwardly but forced a smile on her face and said, “Recently, there will be a distinguished guest coming to my house, so I wanted to ask if your family have any more watermelons left?”

Watermelons had stopped being sold in town half a month ago. If people still had watermelons at home, who would keep them instead of selling them? Wasn’t that a really bad excuse? Yu Xiaocao inwardly twitched her mouth, and she said, “I’m really sorry, but our family’s watermelons had long been sold out. We have even uprooted the seedlings in the fields and planted sweet potatoes. There are many unique things in our Tanggu Town. You can reserve a banquet in advance at Zhenxiu Restaurant to entertain the esteemed guest…”

Eldest Young Miss Zhuang glared at her and thought, ‘Talking to you was just an excuse to get closer to Royal Prince Yang. You must really think you’re so special, chattering endlessly.’

Yu Xiaocao, who got glared at after reminding her out of kindness, touched her nose and thought, ‘A good heart is struck by thunder!’

“Let’s go! Why are you wasting time here?” Royal Prince Yang looked back at her with slight impatience, yet he wasn’t even willing to take one look at Eldest Young Miss Zhuang before walking away.  

Yu Xiaocao smiled apologetically at Eldest Young Miss Zhuang, and then jogged after him. Zhu Junyang said to her angrily, “Open your eyes. Don’t be someone who helps others count the money after being sold!”

Yu Xiaocao giggled and teased, “Young Royal Prince, you also noticed that Eldest Young Miss Zhuang have ulterior motives ah? Tsk tsk! I didn’t expect you to be popular even when you’re always pulling a long face. You can have a romantic encounter just by strolling on the street!”

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