Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Fields of Gold Chapter 335

Chapter 335 – Being Teased

Yu Xiaocao revealed a horrified expression on her face, ‘Could it be that all the noble ladies in the capital appear bright and neat on the surface, but are actually sloppy beneath that facade? Do they not bath or brush their teeth?’

Zhu Junyang leaned forward and knocked her head that was outside the window of the carriage. The pent-up frustrations in his heart dissipated a little as he unhappily said, “What are you thinking! When I said clean, I don’t mean on the outside. I meant their hearts; Their hearts have to be pure and they need to have a good temperament!”

“Oh… you also noticed that her intentions towards you aren’t pure? But it’s not surprising considering that you’re handsome and have a very promising future. So it’s very normal for you to attract the attention of young maidens, okay?” Yu Xiaocao explained to him.

Zhu Junyang frowned slightly and said, “But…everytime someone with ulterior motives approaches me, I feel irritable and I can’t control myself. I want to pinch her throat and throw her out. What should I do?”

Yu Xiaocao blinked her big eyes and suddenly appeared surprised. She hesitated for a long time before she whispered, “Young Royal Prince, are you only like this towards women? What about men? If a handsome looking teenager approaches you, will you also become irritable and want to kill him?”

“I do! As long as those guys with ulterior motive are within three steps of me, I can detect it. Since they’re also men, I don’t need to take too much into consideration and just throw them out!!” Zhu Junyang looked up with his chin pointing towards the sky with a proud expression on his face.

Yu Xiaocao let out a big sigh of relief, patted her chest, and whispered, “That’s good, that’s good…”

Zhu Junyang seemed to have smelled that she was hinting at something, so he looked at her and asked in confusion, “What do you mean? Why do I feel like there’s some other meaning behind your words?”

After giving him a lovable eye roll, Yu Xiaocao said, “We have such an iron clad relationship between the two of us, what kind of conspiracy would I plot against you? I’m just concerned about your sexual orientation. I was just afraid that you’ll mistakenly enter the chrysanthemum door and fall deep into the sea…”

“’Sexual orientation’? ‘Chrysanthemum door’? What kind of nonsense are you talking about?? I’ve realized that you often say words that others don’t understand. You and the emperor must share the same language!!” Zhu Junyang squinted at her and guessed at the possibility of that being true.

Yu Xiaocao shrank her neck and laughed dryly, “Young Royal Prince, you’re wrong about that! The emperor is high above everyone else. He has a lot of knowledge from reading extensively; his mind holds more knowledge than anyone else…I’m just a small peasant girl who never studied and is illiterate. How could I share the same language as the emperor?”

She reminded herself in her heart that she was now in the capital, so she had to be careful when she spoke or did something. This way the other transmigrated person wouldn’t be able to get a hold of her weakness. He was the supreme ruler of this era. Killing her would be like killing a little ant. Although she posed no threat to the emperor, she must still be careful. How could she know that the emperor had already long established and confirmed her identity? Like a cat playing with a mouse, he had been watching her movements secretly!

Just when Yu Xiaocao was staying silent because of her guilt, Head Steward Liu couldn’t hold back and coughed twice. He quietly told his master, “Some of the wealthy people in the capital have special hobbies. They like to ‘walk the back door’. They call a certain part in the behind the chrysanthemum. I assume the ‘chrysanthemum door’ that Miss Yu is talking about is related to this?”

Zhu Junyang was born and grew up in the capital, so he naturally heard of those dirty matters. He even had some experience himself. When he was a child, his appearance was beautiful and delicate and he liked to be alone. One day he left the house by himself and was taken away by an official who had such a special hobby. He had seen some unbearable sights. The filthy scene turned him violent on the spot and he killed the official that tried to do something to him. When his father brought him back, he was immersed in his own consciousness and almost couldn’t ever wake up again!

Recalling such an unfortunate event, Zhu Junyang became extremely agitated. He jumped off his horse and dragged the carriage from the back to halt it. Then he charged into the carriage and twisted Yu Xiaocao’s arm and asked, “Who told you these filthy things? If that person tells you such nonsense in the future, don’t listen to them, lest you dirty your ears!! Tell me, who told you these things? I will personally dismember his body!!”

In Zhu Junyang’s heart, Yu Xiaocao was a ray of light in the darkness; she was the warm sun in the severe winter. She was someone whom one could only meet by chance and not by force in this chaotic world. She was his only salvation. Whoever wished to pollute this simple and pure land will be his enemy forever.

When Head Steward Liu saw that his master had almost turned violent, he couldn’t help but slap his mouth. Why did he have to run his mouth!!

Yu Xiaocao felt very uncomfortable because her arm was grabbed by the young prince. She tried to shake him off, but she couldn’t. She was annoyed, “Let go! My arm is going to break, it’s almost broken…”

Although Zhu Junyang was very clear about his strength and was able to control it within the range of what the little girl could bear, he still loosened his grip subconsciously. Yu Xiaocao successfully escaped and reprimanded him, “Men and women shouldn’t touch once they’re over the age of seven. We’re not related to one another, so it’s best if you keep your distance, lest I depend on you!”

Yu Hai, who was sitting next to Yu Xiaocao, carefully separated the two, and said, “Royal Prince, sometimes my daughter doesn’t think before she talks. Please don’t lower yourself to her level.”

Zhu Junyang pushed him away, and looked up and down at Yu Xiaocao’s thin, weak, and small body. He revealed a disdainful expression, “Just based on you? I don’t have fetish for kids!! If you want to rely on me, then we’ll talk about it in three or five years. Also, you must grow nicely, don’t grow short on looks! When that time comes, I will have to reluctantly accept you…”

Yu Xiaocao was coldly glaring at him, her hair was standing on ends in anger. She was burning in anger as she raised her eyebrows and said, “Stop looking down on people, I will definitely grow into a beautiful lady in the future!!”

After she finished speaking, she touched her tall and straight nose, big bright eyes, and her small fan-like eyelashes… although her height was unremarkable, she was still a cute lolita. Her natural factors were pretty good, so when she grew up she can… that’s not right! What did the guy just say? Accept her? ‘You think I’m Hello Kitty because this old lady didn’t show you my powers yet!!’

“Let me tell you this clearly. This lady will not be a concubine!! Even if I can’t marry someone in my lifetime, I still won’t wrong myself!!” Yu Xiaocao pointed at Zhu Junyang’s perfect nose as she made her intentions clear in an imposing manner.

Zhu Junyang narrowed his long, narrow, and charming almond-shaped eyes slightly. He restrained the snickering in his heart and put on a deadly earnest face and said, “I didn’t expect you to be big-hearted even though you’re so short! If you don’t want to be a concubine, then I’ll let you be a ranked concubine. This is good enough?”

Yu Hai expressed that he was very dumbfounded. The atmosphere just a moment ago was full of anger that was about to explode. How did the topic turn into a discussion about concubines and ranked concubines? His daughter was still young, and he needed to protect her from being taken away by a big wolf. Even if it was the Royal Prince, he won’t… He was just about to express his opinion when he was pulled out of the carriage by Head Steward Liu. Yu Hai found that even though he was such a big man, he was unable to struggle at all in the hands of the old and weak eunuch. Could this be the martial arts that Older Brother Zhao talked about?

When he was pulled away, he could hear his foolish daughter screaming angrily, “Ranked concubine? Who would want to be your ranked concubine? Scram!!”

“You don’t want to be a ranked concubine either? Then what do you want? Do you want to be an equal wife?” Zhu Junyang was in a good mood and the way he was speaking made her really want to beat him. “Let me think about it for a second… Okay, equal wife then equal wife! You need to be good to me in the future…”

Yu Xiaocao was furious, she threw the cushion in the carriage at Zhu Junyang’s face. Stamping with fury, she shouted, “Keeping dreaming!! This old lady won’t marry and share a husband with other women!! This old lady wants to be a pair for a lifetime! If you can’t, then scram as far as possible!!”

The guards around that were in charge of protecting the carriage all had a constipated expression on their faces.

Just at that moment, a carriage passed by them. The curtains were lifted up, exposing a beautiful face. To be a pair for one lifetime, it was something every woman yearned for. What kind of woman would be able to express herself so bravely and clearly?

“Miss, it seems to be Royal Prince Yang’s carriage. The old man standing by the side is Royal Prince Yang’s head steward. People say he’s a martial arts master!!” The servant beside the woman saw Head Steward Liu and stated this after pondering for a moment.

Royal Prince Yang? Wasn’t it said that he was tyrannical and murdered people without blinking an eye? The woman frowned. It can’t be, right? How could a person like that allow a woman to climb on his nose and scream in front of him? After thinking about it, she remembered that Royal Prince Yang’s father and mother were an enviable pair in the capital. Maybe Prince Jing’s affection had been inherited by his young son.

The woman thought about her own situation and was envious. To be able to say those words in front of Royal Prince Yang, this murderous star, she must be someone reliable. For a woman to be able to do whatever she wanted in front of a man, it meant that she held a special place in his heart.

The two carriages passed by and gradually got further apart. The woman could faintly hear the man’s calm voice drifting in the wind, “So you want to monopolize my favor? Then from now on, you will have to be nice to me! My shoulders are sore, give me a massage…”

Listening to the man’s voice, she realized his voice was full of the desire to pamper. She didn’t know who the blessed woman was to be favored by Royal Prince Yang…

Yu Xiaocao, who was in the carriage, had just found out that she was being led by her nose. She calmed herself down and kicked Zhu Junyang out of the carriage and said coldly, “Dealing with you is beneath my dignity. In order to avoid arousing suspicions, please conduct yourself with dignity!!”

Zhu Junyang expressed his regret and clicked his tongue. No wonder those loose men liked to take liberties with a lady from a good family. The feeling he got from teasing people was so damn pleasurable!! Wait, that was wrong!! It was only enjoyable when he teased this little girl!! It was a pity that she snapped out of it so soon; he thought he would’ve been able to get her to make promises with him!!

“Okay! Don’t be angry!! I’m just teasing you!! You’re just a tiny bean sprout, how could I eat you?” Young Royal Prince, why do you sound so carefree and relaxed? “We’ve arrived at imperial farmsteads, get ready to get off the carriage!”

Yu Xiaocao was sulking in the corner with her arms folded. It was really like an eighty year old mother being taunted by her child. If she combined her two lifetimes, then she had lived for more than 30 years, yet she was just teased by a hateful guy who was just 16-17 years old!! Damn it!! Zhu Junyang, wait for this old lady to deal with you!!

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