Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Chapter 412 – You Are My Angel

Seeing that Minister Liu wanted to say something, Zhu Junfan quickly said, “Chief Steward Su, pass on our order to summon the father and daughter of the Yu Family to the capital! Beloved Official Liu, we will assign the father and daughter to work under you, specializing in farming. Do you still be worried about not having high-yield seeds in the future? Perhaps, in the future, there will also be improved varieties of rice and millet…”

As soon as he heard that the father and daughter of the Yu Family, who were farming experts, were assigned to the Ministry of Revenue, Minister Liu was so happy that it seemed like he had picked up eight hundred taels. He no longer worried about the eight thousand catties of wheat kernels. As the emperor had said, with the two treasures, there would definitely be a lot of improved variety of wheat seeds in the future!

After the court session ended, Minister Liu stopped and asked all sorts of questions to Royal Prince Yang, who was the most familiar with the father and daughter of the Yu Family. Zhu Junyang was so annoyed with him that he almost exploded in anger. In the end, Minister Liu went back to official business, “Royal Prince Yang, did Miss Yu say whether these wheat kernels could continue to produce high yield?”

Zhu Junyang had asked the same thing to Xiaocao before, and Xiaocao’s reply was, “If it’s the first generation of seeds, then I can guarantee that an output of at least five to six hundred catties. However, I can’t guarantee the same for the second generation of seeds.”

She was also clueless. The spiritual energy of the mystic-stone water could help germination and heading of the seeds. Hence, the yield wouldn’t be too bad. But, if the kernels were used as seeds, she didn’t know whether they could continue to produce a high yield.

Zhu Junyang also answered Minister Liu in the same way. Minister Liu felt somewhat disappointed in the answer, but if the first generation could be high yielding, then the second generation shouldn’t be too bad either. It would at least be better than normal seeds. Besides, even if the kernels couldn’t be used as seeds again, they definitely didn’t have to worry about not being able to sell them. At least the grinded flour of the wheat could make delicious food!

The next day, Zhu Junyang used the excuse that he needed to supervise the corn cultivation at Tanggu Town’s plantation to leave the capital. At that time, Zhu Junfan had jokingly scolded, “A man’s heart leans towards outsiders. It’s hard to keep a grown son at home!”

This younger cousin of his always ran to the Tanggu area whenever he had time. Although he always successfully completed all his assigned tasks, he always finished them within the shortest amount of time possible. In addition, he would ask for a vacation right after he finished his tasks. He would run off to Tanggu Town, refusing to work. In the past, he had thought that this kid was very filial and freed up time to accompany his lady mother. However, it now seemed that the fellow began to understand how to please girls.

The stinky brat had quite keen eyes. His little transmigrator friend was still just a budding flower, but he had already started guarding her all the time, for fear that she would be taken away by someone with the same keen eyes!

Zhu Junfan thought of the five thousand taels that he had been cheated of and couldn’t help but feel angry. That stinky brat had actually let the little girl from the Yu Family manage the eight hundred mu of fields at Tanggu. It seemed that in order to please the young girl, his younger cousin had gone all in. He had given away the eight hundred mu of farmlands without hesitation and reluctance.

Ay! Now, he, the Emperor, should be the one whose heart ached. The brat didn’t lower the price even a bit for the nearly fifty thousand catties of wheat kernels and sold them to the imperial court at market price. Moreover, he even had an expression as if he got taken advantage of. It was wheat kernels produced by the Yu Family’s farmstead, but fifty copper coins per catty was expensive ah! It almost seemed like the brat was unwilling to sell them for just fifty copper coins per catty!

He was resigned to his fate and took out five thousand taels from the Imperial Treasury to give to the brat. No matter how difficult it was for his country, he couldn’t let his people suffer ah! Zhu Junfan strongly suspected that the brat had an ulterior motive. If the plantation at Tanggu belonged to him, would he really be that shameless to take his imperial older cousin’s money? That stinky brat was very cunning!

The five thousand taels of banknotes, which caused the emperor’s heart to ache for a few seconds, was currently in Yu Xiaocao’s hands. Her pair of big eyes were full of confusion as she looked at the young royal prince, ‘My lord, what do you mean?’

“What are you looking at? Are you trying to compete with this prince to see whose eyes are bigger?” Zhu Junyang poked her forehead with his index finger. He thought that her cute expression was very adorable, and he really wanted to pinch her tender cheeks.

“This money… You’re giving it to me?” Seeing Zhu Junyang nod, Xiaocao continued to ask, “Why?”

Those who liked money would have a proper way to get it! She didn’t want this money that came from an unknown source! It wasn’t like she lacked money!

“At such a young age, your memory is quite worrying ah!” Zhu Junyang teased her with a gorgeous smile on his face, and then he continued, “This prince has already given you the deed for the eight hundred mu of farmlands as a betrothal gift, did you forget?”

“Betrothal gift? When did you say you were giving me the farmlands? How come I didn’t know about this?” Yu Xiaocao still had a bewildered expression on her face and didn’t dare to withdraw her hands, which were holding the banknotes.

“If I’m not giving them to you, then why did I give you the title deed?” Zhu Junyang didn’t know what to do with this little muddlehead. Although he didn’t directly say it at that time, he felt that his intentions were very obvious. She agreed to his pursuit and he gave her the title deed. In the future, everything that belonged to him would be hers. Wasn’t that very clear?

The corner of Yu Xiaocao’s mouth twitched and she whispered, “I thought that you just wanted me to help you keep it for you! I thought you wanted me to help manage the fields more often…”

“Little muddlehead!” Zhu Junyang pinched her nose dotingly, and then said, “Do you understand now? Aren’t you going to quickly put away the money?”

“But…we agreed at that time that if you found another girl that you liked, then we would split up. If you give me all land and money, you will regret it in the future! I won’t give it back ah!” She didn’t know that, in Zhu Junyang’s eyes, she looked like a spoiled kitten when she threatened people. She was scratching people with her palm rather than her claws.

Zhu Junyang’s heart softened. He ruffled her hair and said with a smile, “Rest assured, this prince has a very small heart, which can only hold you. Don’t worry about me falling for someone else! This prince doesn’t even want to take another look at those pampered noble young ladies in the capital!”

“You’re wrong. In fact, all girls are angels who are lovely in their own ways. You can’t generalize everyone just because of one special case!” Yu Xiaocao felt that the young royal prince had the wrong mentality. There were so many noble young misses and girls from humble families in the capital, so there must be one that suited him. How would he know about their good sides if he didn’t even try to understand them?

“Angel? Messenger from the heavens?” Zhu Junyang was already used to the weird terms that came from her mouth from time to time. He shook his head and said, “Let’s leave those angels for others because this prince already has an angel sent from the heavens to save me.” As he said that, he looked at Xiaocao affectionately with his charming phoenix eyes.

‘Devilish! He’s too devilishly handsome!’ Yu Xiaocao got goosebumps from his staring. She quickly lowered her head, folded the banknotes, and carefully put them into her money pouch. Zhu Junyang felt very helpless, ‘When will my little lass understand ah?’

When corn and potatoes were planted in the plantation at Tanggu, several leaves of the leafy greens in the Yu Family’s farmstead’s twenty mu of vegetable fields had already grown out. In a few more days, they should be ready to be reaped and sold.

When Yu Xiaocao spread the news in Tanggu Town and the prefectural city that her family had planted vegetables, many people had been keeping an eye on them! There was no need to mention Zhenxiu Restaurant. There were also many famous restaurants and some old customers from Tanggu Town who expressed their desire to purchase the vegetables grown in the Yu Family’s farmstead.

Twenty mu of vegetable fields should be more than enough to supply the entire Tanggu Town and several restaurants in the prefectural city. Yu Hai had already signed a supply agreement with them, but they kept the practice of not providing delivery services. If they wanted to buy vegetables, then they needed to send a cart over. The Yu Family was only responsible for picking and loading the vegetables onto the carts, but not delivery!

Had it been another vegetable farmer, they would definitely send the vegetables all the way to their kitchens if they managed to get one of those families as their customers. They would be afraid that their services weren’t good enough and that the customers wouldn’t buy their vegetables. The Yu Family, on the other hand, were big shots. Well, who told them to have such delicious and high-quality vegetables?

In order to get a chance to purchase the Yu Family’s vegetables, those normally smug and respected stewards in Tanggu Town spoke in a soft, humble manner with a flattering smile. Not to mention that there was no delivery service, but they wouldn’t dare to refuse even if they were ordered to personally go gather the vegetables in the fields. What could they do when it was considered an honor in Tanggu Town to be able to eat the vegetables produced by the Yu Family? They were just that amazing!

Since the plantation and farmstead were both on track, the father and daughter pair went back to Dongshan Village to check on the progress of their house. As for the job of picking and selling vegetables after they were put on the market, Yu Xiaocao asked the steward of the plantation to help keep an eye on them. If they lacked manpower, he could hire some short-term or long-term workers, and he could also set the wage. Yu Xiaocao felt quite at ease with this steward.

He had come from the Prince Jing’s Estate. To be able to become a steward, he naturally had his own abilities. After Zhu Junyang gave away the eight hundred mu plantation, he also gave away the slave contracts of the steward and servants of the plantation. Now, this steward worked for the Yu Family.

Steward Wang was very clear about his own position. His royal prince cared deeply about Miss Yu, and he was very determined to have her be his wife. Although he was given away as a servant, he would be able to return to work under his master when Miss Yu married over. In order to help his master to please Miss Yu, he must work even harder. If he ruined the royal prince’s matter, he might sell him in a rage in the future. At that time, there was no use to even cry. His entire family worked in the Prince Jing’s Estate. Even the doorkeeper of the Prime Minister’s Estate was considered a seventh-rank official, so it was such a great honor to be able to work in the prince’s estate. He couldn’t ruin his entire family’s future.

Steward Wang did his best and worked wholeheartedly, and thus Yu Xiaocao trusted him even more. Not only was he responsible for the matters of the plantation, but he also helped keep an eye on the farmstead’s vegetable fields. In actuality, as a steward, he didn’t need to do everything himself and he just needed to have a good grasp of the situation. His assistants, who he had trained for a long time, weren’t just used as a piece of art. But, since Miss Yu attached great importance to the vegetable fields, he must visit more often and help his future mistress keep an eye on them!

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