Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Chapter 487

Yu Xiaocao gave him a look that clearly said, ‘you’re missing the entire point here’, and then explained, “The so-called three injunctions and four virtuous
   things to do I’m talking about are the new standards that men are judged by. These are not the antiquated and old-fashioned three injunctions and four virtues
   that you’re thinking of!”

Zhu Junyang showed that he was willing to listen with all ears open. Yu Xiaocao held back a laugh and said, “Listen well. The so-called three injunctions are: One, you must follow your wife wherever she goes; Two, you must obey all of your wife’s commands; Three, you must obey your wife even if she’s wrong. The four virtuous things to do are: One, you must wait when your wife is getting ready; Two, you must remember your wife’s birthday; Three, you must endure your wife’s scoldings; Four, you must be okay with your wife spending money.”

Zhu Junyang pretended to be flabbergasted when he saw the little lass sniggering endlessly. He contemplated her words for a bit and then said, “This prince has thought over what you said and I believe I can adhere to this new version of the ‘three injunctions and four virtuous things to do’! Is there anything else you’re dissatisfied with?”

Yu Xiaocao revealed an astonished expression. Was Royal Prince Yang truly not a transmigrator ah? If any other man in this era heard such ‘disgraceful and rebellious speech’, she would have likely been scolded to death or be given an indignant and furious glower. Why did this fellow never react in the usual way?

Once again, she started to reflect on the relationship between the two of them. If the man in front of her had been switched out for any other man in this era, who firmly believed in the superiority of men over women, would she be able to endure it? Royal Prince Yang, on the other hand, was able to embrace every part of her. Even when she espoused extremely shocking views or did something completely out of the ordinary, he still supported her wholeheartedly. Such a man would be hard to find even in the modern era. What was she still hesitating for then? 

Zhu Junyang suddenly sensed from the relieved smile on her face that something had changed. The rock in his heart fell down. The little lass had finally decided to open her heart and accept him. It looked like she believed in his sincerity. Excitement surged within him and he abruptly stepped forward and swept Yu Xiaocao into her arms and lifted her high up. He exclaimed in elation, “I’m so happy! All of a sudden I feel like a hundred flowers are blooming and a hundred birds are singing in joy! This prince is too elated today!”  

Yu Xiaocao let out a scream out of shock when she was suddenly held and lifted up high. She cried out and forcefully hit Zhu Junyang’s arm as she sputtered in displeasure and amusement, “What is wrong with you? Quickly put me down! My head’s dizzy and I’m afraid of heights…”

Zhu Junyang revealed a grin that was somewhat childish and foolish as he said, “Xiaocao, today is a special day. This prince will never forget it! Don’t worry, this prince will be able to follow the ‘three injunctions and four virtuous things to do’ to a T. Even if my hair turns completely white and I’m covered with wrinkles, I will go out with you whenever you go out. Any money you spend, I will give to you and I won’t ever let you get bullied or pushed around!”

Head Steward Liu and Bodyguard Dong Dali ran over to see what was going on when they heard Yu Xiaocao cry out. Due to their hurry, they accidentally overheard their master’s sweet and corny confession. It was so corny that they almost didn’t know what to do with themselves. Dong Dali had an odd expression on his face as he thought, ‘Oh my goodness, apparently you were this kind of master!’

Head Steward Liu had long gotten used to his master’s weird antics and was afraid that this uncouth youngster might ruin his master’s good situation. He forcefully dragged Dong Dali away. ‘Master, this old servant can only help you this much!’

Yu Xiaocao, who had just been placed on the ground again, wasn’t even able to stand up straight before she was pulled into a warm and sweet-smelling chest. Her face turned bright red as she lightly sniffed. Everyone said that ancient men didn’t like to bathe, which caused them to have a weird and off-putting odor on their bodies. Her man, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have this problem! He didn’t have any body odor to speak of and his clothes even seemed to have a natural appealing scent coming off of them. This was the type of aroma she liked!  

Suddenly, her chin was grasped by a large, warm and gentle hand. Her face, which had been buried in her man’s chest, was softly turned up. She looked up and fell into those seductive phoenix eyes. His eyes seemed to be as deep as the vast ocean and as boundless as the night sky. Within them seemed to be stars flashing with brilliant light and it was enough to steal a person’s soul away from them.

That bewitchingly handsome face of his was getting closer and closer to her. Yu Xiaocao, who had never eaten pork before and only saw pigs running away, started to panic within her heart. Was her first kiss in her two lifetimes about to be taken away like that? So embarrassing, so nerve wracking, what should she do?

Wutong and Yingchun, who had followed over in the carriage, had originally been standing far away. When they heard their master cry out in alarm, they ran over. Unexpectedly, they came across the master being tightly hugged by a man. Heavens above! The young miss was being insulted! Yingchun pushed her sleeves up in preparation to run forward but was stopped by Wutong pulling on her sleeve, “That’s Royal Prince Yang. If we go over now, we’ll be killed instantly!”

“That still doesn’t mean we should just watch while the young miss is getting bullied ah! Young Miss hasn’t even turned thirteen. If Royal Prince Yang takes her innocence now, then even if she marries into Imperial Prince Jing’s family in the future, no one will respect her! Older Sister Wutong, you’re still too selfish, which is why the young miss has been ignoring you!” Yingchun spoke before she thought and couldn’t care less about Wutong’s feelings. She needed to throw off the other girl to ‘save’ her young miss!

Wutong’s expression changed but she still refused to let go of Yingchun’s sleeve. She explained her reasoning, “I’m not abandoning the young miss to save my own skin! Use your brain a little, okay? If we rush up like this, what if Royal Prince Yang blows up out of rage and does something out of the ordinary and ends up harming our young miss? Please, use that brain of yours! If you act impetuously without thinking, you won’t even be able to help the young miss and may actually end up harming her!!”

“Then what do you think we should do?” Yingchun felt like her head was about to explode and was so worried that tears almost streamed down her face. 

“I have an idea! Isn’t Xichun on the farmstead helping to manage the greenhouse pavilions? Go find her and have her claim that there’s something that she needs the young miss to look over!” In a moment of desperation, Wutong came up with a plan that wasn’t too shabby.

Yingchun nodded her head and gave Wutong an apologetic look. She didn’t have the time to properly apologize as she sped off to complete her mission. She was praying that she would be fast enough to bring Older Sister Xichun over to save the day before that Dengtu Zi
  , Royal Prince Yang, did something that was unthinkable.

The two maidservants thought that they were being quite discreet but they would have never thought that every word and action they said and did had already been heard by Zhu Junyang through his special ability. He glanced at the little lass’s bright red little face, bashful expression, and watery doe-like eyes…he felt a bit regretful. Why did those two meddlesome maidservants have to be so loyal? They ruined his opportunity! However, he also felt gratified and happy that Xiaocao had such loyal maidservants by her side.

The little red mouth in front of him seemed to be crying out ‘kiss me ah’ ‘kiss me ah’! He really wished he could go up and take a nibble but the sounds of hurried footsteps from the farmstead were getting closer and closer. He needed to think of his image in the little lass’s maids. For his future, he resisted the tempting urge and bypassed this chance.

If he had kissed her in front of the maids, then, in the future, it was likely it wouldn’t be easy for him to see Xiaocao! Right now, he was able to come and go as he pleased from the Fang and Yu Residences. One reason was because they were giving way for his royal prince title but the other reason was that he had never overstepped the bounds of propriety before. He couldn’t break the trust of other people and become the stumbling block in their relationship now!

Those beautiful looking lips were just about to meet her own when they stopped and then slowly backed away. This made Xiaocao simultaneously feel relieved and a bit at loss.

Zhu Junyang lightly chuckled and said, “You’re still too young. I have enough patience to wait for you to grow up. On the day that you become my fiancée, I will make sure to satisfy your desires——your loyal and anxious maidservants have come over. If I don’t let you go know, then I’m afraid they’ll view me as their enemy! The future is long, so no need to be in a rush!” 

‘Just who was in a rush?!’ Yu Xiaocao’s face turned an even brighter shade of red and she leveled a fierce glare at him before she forcefully pushed him away. What a loathsome fellow! Not only did he try to take advantage of her but he also had to say such provoking words! One couldn’t lose one’s guard against men. It was too easy to be taken advantage of by them! 

“Young Miss, you are okay, right?!” Yingchun dragged Xichun along as she pelted down the road. She huffed and puffed as she stood in front of her young miss. She first inspected her young miss from head to toe and then puffed up her cheeks to eye Zhu Junyang warily as she inquired after her mistress.

Wutong hurried forward to pull the other girl back as she smiled, “Young Miss, Xichun came across a bit of difficulty when going over the accounts, so she wanted you to help look at them!”

“There’s something off about the accounts?” Xiaocao had personally taught Xichun how to record and balance the account books. In fact, she had taught the maid how to use Arabic numerals and other accounting methods from the modern world, so most people in this era had no idea how to use it. Xiaocao swallowed the maids’ white lie easily and looked at Xichun, “Where are the account books ah? Didn’t you want me to take a look at them?”

“Uh…” Xichun was previously busy going over the account books at the year’s end and had been dragged over by Yingchun without even knowing what was going on. She currently had a stupefied look on her face, ‘Was someone going to tell her what was going on? What was she supposed to say now?’

Wutong hurriedly gave her a look and smiled to smooth things over, “Young Miss, it’s cold out and the ground is frozen. You’ve already spent so much time outside. How about you go into the building on the farmstead, warm up next to a brazier, and drink some piping hot tea to thaw yourself? It won’t be too late to look at the account books then.”

Earlier, she had been in Zhu Junyang’s arms and was against his nice, warm chest that felt like a furnace, so she didn’t feel cold at all. Now, after hearing Wutong mention it, she finally noticed the winter wind ‘whooshing’ around her. Although her outer cloak was thick, it wasn’t able to block all of the wind from her. Wutong’s proposal made perfect sense to her. She didn’t even look at Zhu Junyang as she headed towards the building on the farmstead.

Zhu Junyang followed closely behind. The paths between the fields were wide enough to allow two people to walk side by side without touching each other. Thus, the two of them had left the other three maidservants inadvertently behind them. He lowered his head to look at the little lass who still looked a bit sulky to quietly say, “Your three maidservants are all pretty good!”

“Hmph, hmph!” Yu Xiaocao wasn’t willing to pay any attention to him but she couldn’t help but proudly remark, “Of course, you need to see who their mistress is!”   “Yes, yes, yes! You have the best eye for people and you are the greatest. No one else can surpass you, is that right?” Zhu Junyang humored the little lass good naturedly.

Yu Xiaocao wasn’t the type of person to stay arrogant and ignore another person. Furthermore, despite his royal status, the prince never tried to make her feel below him. In fact, he always endured her little tantrums so the anger in her heart subsided considerably. She rolled her eyes at him and used an arrogant tone to say, “As long as you know! In the future, don’t provoke me so much, otherwise, hmph hmph…” 

The three maidservants behind them were currently quietly discussing the previous situation. After Xichun heard the other two maids’ explanations, she finally understood what was going on. Anyone who had eyes could see the regard and desire Royal Prince Yang had for their young miss. 

[1] Xiaocao is making a pun here with homonyms (substituting 得 for 德) but there’s no English equivalent for this.

[2] three injunctions and four virtues – moral injunctions and virtues for women (obedience and womanly arts)

[3] Dengtu Zi – well-known pervert in Chinese literature

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