Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Chapter 565

At this time, Zhu Junyang didn’t know that he was going to get kicked out by his father once he married his future wife who was too good at making money. He had taken advantage of the time when the guests were moving downstairs to secretly enter the east room.

His little lass was currently sitting next to the window. The light from the window illuminated that slightly smiling and pretty girl with a gentle veil of warmth. Her pair of lively and occasionally crafty or coquettish eyes were glowing with life. It was as if they could suck a person’s soul away from them and make them bewitched.

He didn’t know what Xiaolian had said but his little lass stopped looking out the window and turned around. Her pretty face had a hint of anger on it. In addition, the skin on her slight face seemed to glisten like the most precious jade and had the most perfect texture, glowing with health. It was as if she had been sculpted from a high-quality piece of jade.

Zhu Junyang suddenly had a saying that he didn’t know where he got from flash through his head, ‘A so-called beauty resembles a flower, has the demeanor of an immortal, the grace of the willow, bones like jade, cold snow-like skin, and the limpid autumn water-like eyes…’ Before he had known it, his little lass had already grown into a beautiful young lady!

Perhaps his staring was a bit too obvious or perhaps the two of them had their hearts linked together, but Xiaocao looked in the direction of where he was hiding and met his eyes directly. Zhu Junyang watched as the young maiden suddenly revealed a smile that seemed more gorgeous than spring flowers blooming. He immediately had a desire to go up and embrace his adorable little lass. Thus, Xiaolian and the two maidservants in the room seemed a lot more irksome now.

He frowned and thought for a bit before motioning at Xiaocao to ‘wait a bit’. He stealthily left the room. Before long, Princess Consort Jing’s most capable maidservant, Meixiang, entered the east room with a somewhat unnatural look on her face. She spoke to Xiaolian, “Miss Xiaolian, my mistress wants to see you to chat for a bit.”

“Me? Older Sister Meixiang, are you sure Her Highness wants me?” Xiaolian was extremely surprised. Although Princess Consort Jing spent around half a year every year recuperating on the villa on the West Mountain, she still had very little contact with her. In addition, she didn’t have the gift of gab like her younger sister. Why would the princess consort want to talk to her?

Meixiang secretly glanced at a particular corner in this room and nodded, “This servant is not mistaken. Her Highness truly wanted to see you.”

Xiaocao had a faint idea of what was going on and glared at that hidden person in the corner. She comforted the slightly nervous Xiaolian, “Don’t be nervous. Just treat Her Highness as a kind senior, alright?”

Xiaolian uneasily exited the east room and her maidservant naturally followed her. However, Wutong continued to stick to her own post. Meixiang thought for a bit and then smiled, “Miss Yu, this servant has something that I need Younger Sister Wutong to help with. Do you think…”

Xiaocao sighed within her heart and revealed a faint, knowing smile at Meixiang. She turned her head to address Wutong, “Since Older Sister Meixiang has asked, then I will have to agree to your request even though I care for my maid dearly. Wutong, go out with Older Sister Meixiang for a bit ah.”

Wutong bowed slightly and said, “Young Miss, please wait a moment. This servant will go down and call Yangliu up to have her keep you company.” In her thoughts, she believed that a good maidservant would never let her master be left without someone to take over her duties. If she went down, then the young miss wouldn’t even have someone to pour more tea if need be. This would not do.

Meixiang smiled, “I’m just taking you out for a little bit. It’s not as if your young miss will be kidnapped by a big bad wolf in that time!” As she spoke, she sent a glare at a particular corner in the room that harbored a big bad wolf and silently snickered in her heart.

With Zhu Junyang’s powers, he could naturally tell what his lady mother’s maidservant was thinking about. However, he didn’t have the time to fight with her. His entire heart was focused on that delicate and sweet young maiden in front of him.

“What did you want to tell me that made you take all of the people out of this room?” Yu Xiaocao strolled over to the corner he was hiding in and yanked at the front piece of his clothing. She casually pulled him out into the open.

Since the young maiden had gotten closer to him, Zhu Junyang naturally could smell the little lass’s unique and alluring scent coming off her body. His eyes darkened a few shades.

“It’s your birthday today, so why can’t this prince spend some quality time with you alone for a bit ah?” Zhu Junyang pulled at her wrist and gently embraced her against his chest. The little lass’s soft and silky hair was underneath his chin and that alluring scent intensified. Furthermore, he didn’t know when his lass had developed a more womanly body but they only had a few pieces of thin cloth between them. With her pressed against him, he could feel two soft little buns against his rock hard eight-pack abdomen. The softness made his mouth suddenly feel incredibly dry.

After having her hand being pulled and her face being rubbed, Yu Xiaocao felt her cheeks turn fiery hot. Everyone said that men were controlled by the bottom halves of their bodies. Although this fellow always claimed that he was waiting for her to turn eighteen before they married, she had just reached the age of majority and he couldn’t seem to suppress his hungry side and was hugging her tightly. This fellow’s chest was quite sturdy and felt as hard as steel. Her chin was starting to ache at this point. She started to curiously explore the muscles of his abdomen with her small hands…

“Are you satisfied with what you feel ah? Isn’t this prince’s body quite good ah?” Her cheek, which was pressed against his chest, vibrated a few times as she heard his somewhat hoarse voice speak. The voice held a hint of sexiness as it brushed past her ears.

“It’s…it’s not bad!” Yu Xiaocao buried her face, which was scalding hot at this point, deeper into his chest. A little snicker wound its way around her lips.

Zhu Junyang slightly lowered his head and he could see her slender and white neck, delicate and attractive collarbones, a bit of extra skin from where her collar had slipped a bit, and an alluring and bewitching dip. Zhu Junyang felt like his head was exploding at the moment and a wave of heat welled up and headed towards a particular part of his body.

Yu Xiaocao felt that the arms around her had suddenly tightened and her soft and delicate body had been pressed even harder against a particular fellow’s firm body. Her chest area, especially, started to ache from the prolonged contact and being squished. She lightly wiggled a bit but was soon stopped by a pair of large hands.

“Don’t move! Let this prince hold you…” Zhu Junyang was in the midst of being tortured with happiness. He started to feel that he wanted to enjoy the feeling of this soft body against his for as long as possible.

He looked down at his adorable little girl, who had her bright red lips slightly parted open and a somewhat silly expression on her face. That look completely stoked the fires within him. He held onto the young maiden’s shoulders and gently pushed her away before turning his body slightly to avoid a direct look from his lass’s alluring eyes.

Her delicate pink and soft lips seemed to have a faint and dangerous fragrance coming off of them. His usual iron self control was starting to loosen. His throat moved up and down and he could hear himself hoarsely say, “This prince has prepared a very special present to congratulate you on reaching your coming of age…”

“A present? Didn’t you already give me a diamond hairpin and helped me find the best jewelry maker to craft my pearl hairpin…” Yu Xiaocao looked a bit perplexed. The confused expression on her face, when seen in a certain person’s eyes, looked incredibly adorable and tempting.

“Those didn’t count. What I really wanted to give to you was——myself!” As he finished talking, he lowered his head to accurately peck at those beautiful petal-like lips. Originally, Zhu Junyang only planned on stealing a brief kiss from her but the lass’s warm lips were too tempting and fragrant, which made it impossible for him to stop there. 

Zhu Junyang acted as if he was bewitched as he gently bit down on the young maiden’s tender red lips. His tongue swiped quickly around the perimeter of her perfect mouth and softly teased her lips open to get a taste of the sweet inside. Xiaocao, who had suddenly been attacked, felt her head turn completely blank. 

Although she was already an old maid in her early thirties in her past life, she had been preoccupied with working and making money the entire time. Dating had become a luxury for her. On the few blind dates she went on, they had never even reached the stage of holding hands, let alone stealing kisses from each other.

In the past, she always thought that entwining her tongue with someone else’s and exchanging saliva was a very disgusting prospect. But why was her heart beating so fast now and she was starting to feel a strange form of…pleasure?

As her lips were being thoroughly plundered in a gentle and soft manner by the man in front of her, she could hear the ambiguous sounds of panting coming from the two of them. Her mind seemed to be completely blank and a feeling of helplessness rose within her. However, her body seemed to instinctively know what to do and reacted honestly. She felt like her soft and delicate body was starting to melt into a warm puddle from all of this. Her cherry red lips opened further in invitation, revealing a soft pink tongue within.

The young maiden’s body had a fragrant scent wafting off of it and it was extremely alluring and tempting. Furthermore, now that her delicate tongue was now inadvertently revealed, this only increased the temptation. Zhu Junyang felt like there was a violent wave of heat surging inside his chest as if a fierce tiger was trying to claw its way out. His large hands had begun to surreptitiously roam further down her body naughtily and were now around her willowy and soft waist.

Although he was self-taught, he was doing quite well in ravaging and conquering the girl’s lips. His disobedient tongue began to wind itself and play with her bright white teeth before it slipped further into her mouth. As it explored inquisitively, it continued to teasingly lick and sample within to get as much sweetness as it could.

As soon as it encountered the smaller tongue, which didn’t seem to know what to do, it became much more excited and rushed forward. Zhu Junyang caressed and began to gently nip at Xiaocao’s small tongue in a sensuous dance. When the smaller tongue tried to dodge and run away in embarrassment, his larger tongue vehemently chased it down and captured it again.

The feeling of having her tongue entwined with another’s provoked another new feeling that Xiaocao had never felt before. She felt incredibly woozy and there didn’t seem to be a bit of strength left in her body. She could only weakly lean against the tall and strong man and let him continue to do as pleased. Suddenly, a particular hard object seemed to jab against her body and jolted her out of this misty dreamscape. She pushed with her arms in an effort to get further away from this fellow who was enjoying the feast a bit too much.

She had read a few raunchy novels in her past life, so she naturally knew what that object was. When men became…aroused, they really didn’t have much logic left in their minds. Although she had already accepted this person in front of her after many years of testing, they were living in ancient times. In these times, having any sort of physical intimacy prior to marriage was a huge taboo and would bring shame upon her. She truly didn’t want such a giant scandal to come out on her own coming of age ceremony!

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