Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Chapter 572

With Zhu Junyang’s observation skills, it would be highly unlikely that he didn’t sense that there was a big secret that she was hiding, but he always respected her privacy. He never tried to ask her or chase her about this secret. Sometimes, he would even do something to help protect her and create a smokescreen. His actions truly touched her.

Perhaps this was the true reason why she had accepted him. Naturally, the fact that Zhu Junyang had fallen head over heels for her first and chased after her wholeheartedly also played a large role in decreasing the defenses around her heart.

“Lass, you couldn’t have forgotten right? Two years ago, you once told me that, once you turn sixteen, this prince could propose marriage to you! This prince has thought about it. We’ll first settle our engagement and once all of the ceremonies surrounding that are done, you should be around eighteen. At that time, we can get married…” As he got to this point, Zhu Junyang acted as if he was already in his red wedding clothes, escorting his bride, who was also clothed entirely in her wedding attire. His whole face lit up with exuberant happiness and it made his handsome face seem even more attractive and bewitching.

Yu Xiaocao felt her heart itch and thump at the sight of those phoenix eyes filled with pure joy. Her lips curved up into a mischievous smile as she deliberately pasted on a befuddled look on her face, “What? Did I ever say that before? That can’t be right, you must have come up with that yourself. You’re the big bad wolf trying to trick Little Red Riding Hood!”

Zhu Junyang narrowed his phoenix eyes and looked at her with a faint smile on his face as he went forward a couple steps. His voice deepened in a magnetizing manner as he said, “Oh? You don’t remember? How about this prince help you jog your memory, eh?”

“No…no need ah!” With such an attractive handsome face in front of her, Xiaocao unconsciously retreated a couple of steps. She felt like her mouth had suddenly turned dry and she couldn’t help but swallow some saliva involuntarily. Bewitching beauties caused the downfall of people; this fact was true!  

Zhu Junyang, on the other hand, had no desire to let go of such a rare opportunity to be with her alone. Thus, he naturally wouldn’t let this little lass, who was always provoking him, go that easily. His voice became a bit hoarse, which added an attractive quality to it, “But, this big bad wolf is hungry now and wants to eat Little Red Riding Hood. What should I do?”

“Little Red Riding Hood absolutely refuses!” Yu Xiaocao seemed to have thought of something as a blush crept up onto her face like the glow from a sunset. Her adorable little pink tongue involuntarily licked the edges of her bright red lips.

Zhu Junyang’s throat moved a bit and the tiny fire within him ignited with a raging roar. He groaned quietly, “You’re the one who’s tempting me…”

Yu Xiaocao suddenly felt her waist being embraced by a certain someone’s large hand and her body just followed that hand to be smooshed against a certain someone’s chest. Her eyes opened wide and she could only see a figure briefly flash before her small mouth had been captured by a warm and soft object. Hot, steamy breath hit her face and she felt her cheeks flush with heat. Her large, doe-like eyes glittered with a bashful light as she looked into Zhu Junyang’s phoenix eyes, which were half-closed in pleasure.

“Close your eyes…” The warmth on her lips disappeared for a second and the eyes of the man in front of her shined with good humor. She felt her heart tremble and she obediently closed her eyes. Because of that, she was much more aware of the sensations that followed.

The barrier of her red lips were easily bypassed by a lively tongue. Zhu Junyang’s tongue entered her mouth and began to oppressively ravage her tongue and conquer the territory inside. They entwined together into a tantalizing dance and Yu Xiaocao started to feel her head spinning from breathlessness. 

Zhu Junyang sucked, nibbled, licked, and devoured her lips…the two of them were linked passionately between their lips and Yu Xiaocao clearly felt her delicate small body being embraced strongly against Zhu Junyang’s tall and study figure. His large, warm hand gently stroked her back, causing involuntary shivers to cascade down her body. Her legs began to buckle and weaken under his ministrations.

Just as the two of them were growing drunk on their kisses and were heading towards a mindless state, suddenly, a horse’s head appeared between the two of them and interrupted their session. The horse’s hot and humid breath steamed over their faces and Zhu Junyang opened his eyes to see a pair of black curious eyes staring at him. He almost couldn’t resist the urge to smack that big red horse’s face far away!

Apparently, when Little Red saw that the master she had waited to see for so long being preoccupied by Fierce Wind’s master, she became quite upset and deliberately thrust her face between the two of them to fight for favor! Xiaocao, who finally regained her senses, felt her face flush red when she saw her horse looking at her inquisitively. She hurriedly retreated a few steps and hugged Little Red’s neck while she buried her face into the horse’s neck.

As for the little black colt, who had been ignored this entire time, he also squeezed forward and shoved his adorable little head into Xiaocao’s chest——’Mother’s master’s body smells so good. I really want to lick at her!’

All of the lingering affection between the two had been rudely interrupted by these two horses. Zhu Junyang inwardly let out a long sigh and then glared at his own steed——’What a useless fellow, you can’t even keep your own wife in check! She completely ruined this prince’s plans. In the future, it looks like I’ll have to change out your good fodder for the ordinary!’

Fierce Wind expressed his innocence. He was also very aggrieved, alright? Couldn’t the prince see that his entire head had been savaged by his wife and was now bloody? His beautiful ears had also been ravaged, but his master not only didn’t pity him but also glared at him. Wasn’t this just sentencing this horse to death?

Zhu Junyang gazed at his future little wife, who was gently stroking the young colt. Her small delicate body seemed to be glowing under the autumn sun, and she looked simultaneously indolent and delicate. Her large almond-shaped eyes were slightly closed in pleasure and her bright red lips, which had just been thoroughly kissed by him, were curved up into a sweet smile. Her entire body seemed to be lit up from within, making her seem like a delicately carved jade statue. Although his future little wife wasn’t the most stunning beauty he had ever seen, he felt like the more he looked at her, the more he liked her. He felt his heart begin to throb again.

“Commander Liu said that there is a herd of wild horses here and there should be some good quality horses that are usually hard to find within them. Do you want to go take a look?” Zhu Junyang deeply treasured this time alone with his little lass, and wanted to take her around so she could enjoy the scenery. Naturally, if the little lass would ride pillion with him as well, he would be even more happy.

A herd of wild horses? As expected, his proposal had stoked Xiaocao’s interest. As Xiaocao was about to mount her white horse, she discovered that her clothing was being pulled back by something. When she turned her head around, she saw Little Red looking pitifully at her as if she was trying to say, “Master, do you really not want Little Red anymore ah?” Then, the red horse revealed a fierce expression at the white horse, “The master is mine, go scram!”

“You just gave birth to the baby not long ago, are you sure you’re completely recovered?” Yu Xiaocao stroked Little Red’s head as she asked in concern.   

Little Red ran around a few times and then rushed back. Her actions were clear, “Master, Little Red is quite well, let’s run with the wind ah!”

Xiaocao took the tack off of the white horse and then put them all back onto Little Red. Suddenly, she saw the little black colt, staring foolishly at them. She couldn’t help but ask, “Little Red, your baby is still small, don’t you want to spend some time with him?”

Little Red snorted in disdain and glanced faintly at her son and then looked away, pretending as if she hadn’t seen anything. The little black colt wasn’t sad that his mother was leaving. In fact, he was sad because he didn’t want Xiaocao to go. Usually, Little Red didn’t do much else with her son besides trying to steal his special fodder. Thus, the little black colt had already gotten used to the cold treatment from his mother and didn’t care anymore. Although he was small, he was quite independent now!

Xiaocao turned and fed the little fellow another piece of candy. She stroked his neck and comforted him, “Go play by yourself for a bit. We will be back soon. When we come back, I’ll give you more delicious things to eat!”

In a moment of carelessness, she had taken out the thing that the little glutton liked the most. However, it was quite effective. When the little colt heard the words ‘delicious things to eat’, he no longer clung onto them and obediently watched as the two humans rode off in the distance. Only then did he start to stroll leisurely on the fields. From time to time, he would lower his head to nibble a bit on the grass. However, he would always spit the mouthful out in disdain——he needed to leave some space in his stomach for when his mother’s master came back with more delicious food!

The two of them galloped swiftly across the plains and enjoyed the feeling of flying through the air. Before long, they came out of the small ravine and arrived at the top of a small hill. Further down was a lush, green, deep valley. The climate inside this area was the same as that mountainous ravine near where Xiaocao lived. A clear, gurgling stream wound through it and there was an abundance of dark green grass that reached knee height. From time to time, they could hear the startled cries of marmots and wild hares as they fled away from the horses’ hooves.

“Did you say that the wild horse herd was in this valley? They chose a good place to live ah!” Yu Xiaocao sat on horseback and looked all around this area. With bright and lush greenery all around, she immediately felt her spirits rise.

“That’s why they say that animals are quite sensitive ah!” Zhu Junyang agreed with her and pointed in a direction, “It’s rumored that the herd of wild horses were first discovered over there. If we’re lucky today, we might be able to come across them!”

Yu Xiaocao suddenly started to grin mischievously and then spoke her outrageous thought, “The leader of the wild horses must be a stallion, right? Do you think if we use Little Red as a beauty trap that we’d be able to seduce that stallion over?”

“Ah…” Zhu Junyang really didn’t know what to say. However, this shameless fellow soon smiled brightly and seriously said, “If it were this prince and you came out, I would definitely obediently follow you after being seduced!”

Yu Xiaocao glared at him and growled, “Shameless, not even a little bit shy!”

“However, I heard from the horse tamers say that there truly was a time when a wild horse snuck into our herd here and mated with one of the mares. His offspring was quite a piece of horseflesh!”

Fierce Wind, who was being ridden by Zhu Junyang, unhappily whinnied, “You want this horse’s little wife to go seduce another stallion? Do you have any shame left? This horse vehemently objects to this plan, absolutely object!!”  Zhu Junyang placated his beloved steed and continued to head into the valley. Without Xiaocao prompting her, Little Red followed closely from behind.

Evidently, fortune was on their side today. Before long, a herd of wild horses appeared before their eyes. The horses all had their heads down as they leisurely ate grass. There had to be around thirty to forty horses in this herd, so this was considered to be quite a large group of wild horses.

“Wow! That white horse is so beautiful ah! It’s even better than my white horse, Treading Snow!” Yu Xiaocao’s eyesight was quite keen and she pointed out a wild horse who didn’t have a single hair out of place. Its fur was a gleaming, snow white, so she couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment and appreciation.

Although she didn’t know much about horses, she could tell that this white horse, that didn’t seem to have a single flaw apparent on its body, was a superior animal. Every line of its body could be seen and healthy muscle bunched out from underneath its fur.

“The horse that you’re talking about should be the head stallion of this wild herd! If you don’t believe me, just look!” Zhu Junyang suddenly whistled shrilly, which echoed loudly throughout the valley.

That white horse immediately raised its head and let out a loud, ear-piercing whinny which resounded throughout the valley. The other horses who heard this noise quickly stopped eating and all ran in one direction down the valley.

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