Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Chapter 592

Yu Xiaocao turned around fiercely and glared at Zhu Junyang. He had misled her and caused her to be embarrassed in front of a stranger! She took the realistic-looking mask, which was as thin as a cicada’s wings, and carefully stroked the lines on the mask with her hands. It actually felt the same as the texture of one’s skin. Even the so-called goatee on the mask was flawless! 

“How many of these human skin masks do you have? Are there any suitable for a girl to wear? I want to buy it from you!!” Yu Xiaocao also wanted to buy a mask to wear. She could go out to play in disguise or scare her close friends. It seemed like a very cool idea! 

With a helpless expression on his face, Xu Ziyi sighed and said, “The more exquisite the mask is, the more difficult it is to make it. Not to mention the rare and fine materials used for the masks to ensure that others won’t be able to see the flaws, but it might also take over a year to make a mask based on the bone structure and expression of a person’s face. I was afraid that people would question my medical skills because of my young face, so I asked a master craftsman in the valley to make a mask for me. This one isn’t considered a superior quality, otherwise, this brother wouldn’t have seen through it with one glance!” 

“You’re wrong! The most top-quality human skin mask is one that can be worn by anyone and won’t be seen through!” Su Ran looked at the mask. Like the person in front of him said, it indeed could only be considered an ordinary mask that was capable of fooling ordinary people. But it would be very difficult to fool experienced people in the jianghu. 

Xu Ziyi was very surprised at this person’s familiarity with the affairs of the jianghu. He continued, “The mask that you mentioned can only be made by Heavenly Mechanic. It’s a pity that the old gentleman passed away a long time ago. All the masks he made were burned before he died, lest they fall into the hands of the bad guys and be used to do evil, and thus ruining the old gentleman’s reputation.” 

“All burned? Not necessarily!” Seeing that Xiaocao had lost interest in the mask, Su Ran decided to return it to the owner. After all, Medicine King Valley had a good reputation in the jianghu. There were many talented people in the sect, especially in terms of medical skills. It was possible that they might need their help in the future, so it was necessary to maintain a good relationship. 

Xu Ziyi took the mask and casually stuffed it into his chest pocket. Then he nodded his head and said, “I also think that the old gentleman’s manuscripts should still exist somewhere in the jianghu, but no one would easily show such a treasure.” 

Su Ran lifted his eyebrows but didn’t say anything more. He handed the ginseng wrapped in a handkerchief to Xiaocao. Since they came down the cliff, the little kitten had been eyeing him, as if it was guarding against him from taking the thousand year ginseng. He wasn’t so greedy as to ruin his own reputation for a mere thousand year ginseng. Over the years, his subordinates had offered him countless good items as a show of respect. Thus, even a rare old ginseng might not catch his eyes. 

Yu Xiaocao uncovered the handkerchief and casually glanced at the ginseng inside, revealing a money-grubber smile. She took out a wooden box from the medicine box and put the handkerchief-wrapped ginseng inside. Xu Ziyi, who had a nose that was comparable to a dog’s, gently sniffled his nose as he anxiously watched her put the ginseng that caused him to fall off the cliff into her medicine box. 

“You’re…using an ordinary wooden box to store the thousand year ginseng. Isn’t that too careless? Treasures like this must be stored in jade boxes, otherwise, they would lose their medicinal properties!” Although he knew that he wasn’t fated to obtain this ginseng, Xu Ziyi couldn’t help but remind her. 

Before Yu Xiaocao stored medicinal herbs, she would have the little divine stone use its magic on them in advance. The little divine stone would cover the medicinal herbs with a layer of spiritual energy. Not only did it prevent the medical properties from dispersing, but it could also enhance its effects. But this was a secret that couldn’t be known by others. 

Her eyes shifted around, and then she bent down and looked at Xu Ziyi with a smile, saying, “So you have a jade box ah! Let me borrow it?” 

“Why should I?” Xu Ziyi had originally planned on lending her a jade box, but when he saw her forceful and self-confident manner, he swallowed back the words that were on the tip of his tongue. 

“Because I’m your life savior ah!” Yu Xiaocao had a matter of course expression on her face, “Don’t you, noble and righteous sects, ‘repay a drop of water with a spring of water’? I won’t make you repay the favor of saving your life. Let’s consider you giving me a few jade boxes as a show of gratitude for my kindness. How about that?” 

It turned out that his status as the heir of Medicine King Valley was only worth a few jade boxes! Xu Ziyi didn’t know whether he should be happy or depressed! 

“There’s also the saying ‘bestow favors without expecting repayments’ for upright gentlemen in the jianghu. What do you think about that?” Xu Ziyi suddenly thought that it was quite interesting to argue with this little lass! 

“That’s something people in the jianghu says, and I’m not someone from the jianghu. Moreover, I don’t want to be an upright gentleman. I just want to be a quiet and cute young lady!” The smile on Yu Xiaocao’s face became even broader as she roasted in her heart, ‘Don’t people say that people of the jianghu are vigorous and unrestrained, and spend money recklessly? Why is this guy such a miser? He’s not even willing to give away a few jade boxes!’ 

Xu Xiyi was rendered speechless by her. He took in a deep breath and waved his hand as he said, “The jade boxes are in my medicine box. I don’t know if they have been broken from the fall. I’m injured, so please get it yourself!! Ay! I’m too unlucky today. I finally found a thousand year ginseng, but I got hurt because I didn’t take precautions against the beast that was guarding it. I fell off the cliff and almost died, yet the thousand year ginseng ended up in others’ hands!” 

“You fell down because you were trying to get this ginseng?” Yu Xiaocao searched through the medicine box that Zhu Junyang picked up for her, and as expected, found several jade boxes of different sizes. This medicine box must have hung on a branch when it fell. There wasn’t any damage to the things inside, and the jade boxes were perfectly fine. 

“That’s right!” Xu Ziyi lifelessly pointed at the poisonous snake not too far away that was thicker than Xiaocao’s arm. Although it was already dismembered, it looked quite frightening. At least Xiaocao felt the hairs on her body all rise up.    

Yu Xiaocao giggled and said, “It seems like we picked up a great benefit! Should we share half the ginseng with you?” 

A thousand year ginseng may be rare, but there was no shortage of stock in Medicine King Valley’s well-stocked storehouse. Xu Ziyi was more curious about what kind of internal injury medicine she gave him. It had such a miraculous effect. 

“No thanks, but if you feel bad about it, then you can give me another medicinal pill. I still feel some pain in my chest, which should be an indication that my internal injury isn’t completely healed.” A hint of craftiness flashed through Xu Ziyi’s eyes. 

Yu Xiaocao put the ginseng into the jade box and carefully placed it in her own medicine box. When she heard his words, she looked at him with a spurious smile and said, “I don’t feel sorry at all! Cherish precious herbs, and those who are destined will get it. Although you were the first to discover this ginseng, we were the ones who ended picking it. It can only be said that you’re not fated to obtain this ginseng!” 

Xu Ziyi nearly vomited blood. This lass was really good at irritating people. In comparison, his arrogant younger sister was much cuter. 

“Even if you disregard the fact that I helped you deal with the poisonous snake, can’t you help me to the end and give me another medicinal pill?” Xu Ziyi desperately wanted to get his hands on the holy medicine for injuries. With his keen eyes and familiarity with the properties of medicine, he should be able to figure out the ingredients and develop the prescription. 

Yu Xiaocao slanted her eyes at him and snorted, “Stop pretending! The dead can be brought back to life with just one pill of the holy medicine passed down by my ancestors! What’s more, sacred medicines like this will decrease with each usage! My ancestors had only passed down three pills!! My heart is already aching after wasting one on you, a complete stranger. Do you think that I will be so foolish as to let you trick me into giving you another one?” 

“Tsk! Why didn’t you say so earlier?! It turns out that this young master’s trick to appear pitiful just made myself look like a clown your eyes?” Xu Ziyi quietly told himself inwardly, ‘Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, don’t be angry…” 

Yu Xiaocao giggled and said, “Since you worked so hard in your performance, this maiden will reward you with a bottle of wound balm! Don’t underestimate this wound balm. It’s used by the imperial army and its effect is ten times better than normal wound medications!” 

The effects of the enhanced wound balm had been strengthened by spiritual energy, but its ingredients were not much different than ordinary wound medications. Therefore, she wasn’t afraid of others wanting to get their hands on it. 

Xu Ziyi had also heard of the wound balms provided by the imperial army. He had long wanted to bring a couple bottles back to study it. However, there was a gentlemen’s agreement between Medicine King Valley and the imperial court. Thus, it was difficult for him to make a rash action. This wasn’t bad either. Even if he couldn’t get the internal injury medication, it was also good to get a bottle of wound balm.   

“Thank you very much then!” After all, Xu Ziyi hadn’t completely recovered from his serious injury. After squabbling with Xiaocao for so long, he couldn’t support himself anymore and leaned weakly against a rock. His somewhat young-looking baby face was ghastly pale. 

“Master! We finally caught up with you guys!!” Hou Xiaoliang and the two maidservants, Chunhua and Qiushi, finally caught up to their masters. They sat down on a stone and gasped for their breath. 

Zhu Junyang had long been upset that his lass’s attention had been taken by another man. Without waiting for Hou Xiaoliang to catch his breath, he ordered, “This gentleman’s leg is injured. Go make a stretcher with Qiushi, and then carry him back to the village to recuperate.” 

‘Ah?! Weren’t they going to hunt for bears and tigers?’ Hou Xiaoliang cried in his heart, and then looked towards Xu Ziyi with a bit of resentment. 

“Don’t cry anymore! We’re going to return in two days. Remember that this gentleman’s ribs and leg are injured, so he shouldn’t be moved carelessly. Be careful when lifting him up!” In the spirit of humanitarianism, Yu Xiaocao casually advised. Just as she finished speaking, she was pulled away by the vinegar jar, Zhu Junyang. 

“In the past few days, you have gotten a good harvest of medicinal herbs! The winter arrives earlier at the northern borders, but you didn’t bring much thick clothing. This prince will hunt some furs for you to bring back to make clothes!” Zhu Junyang took her to the deep mountains. Su Ran followed them with a knowing expression, leaving behind Xu Ziyi, who had a sad expression on his face as if he had been abandoned by them. 

“You actually have a discontented look on your face! I’m the one who should be discontented!! I came out to have fun with my master, but now I have to do hard labor!!” Hou Xiaoliang pulled a long face and grumbled angrily.  

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