Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Chapter 600

Yu Xiaocao ‘dejectedly’ lowered her head and shoulders, and said in a sorrowful voice, “You must have disliked my embroidery and thought that I couldn’t embroider more complicated patterns, right?”

“Absolutely not! As long as it’s embroidered by you, I will like it!” With that, he untied the purse from his waist and showed it to the lass who was ‘depressed’ to show that he was serious. 

Yu Xiaocao snatched the purse that was worn to the point that its edges were frazzled. She really wanted to destroy it. It must’ve been difficult for him not to be afraid of being laughed at, carrying this ugly and deformed purse with him for two years.

“Then, if I embroidered Little White’s image onto this purse, would you wear it?” As soon as Yu Xiaocao looked up, her eyes, which looked like a clear sky that had been washed by rain, stared at him without blinking.

Zhu Junyang nodded his head without even thinking about it, “As long as it’s embroidered by you, I’ll always carry it on my person! I’m just afraid your eyes will become tired…” He had carried such an ugly purse for two years. Although the pattern didn’t match his temperament, it had to be better than the original one right? 

Yu Xiaocao also drew a little cute yellow duck. Holding back a smile, she asked, “What about an embroidered pattern like this? With sky blue brocade as the background and yellow embroidery thread as the outline…”

Zhu Junyang imagined himself dressed in black with such a bright purse hanging at his waist, and he couldn’t look directly at that image. However, what already came out his mouth had to be abided by. He nodded his head with great difficulty and said, “As long as you embroider it, I will wear it!” 

He was the grand and intimidating chief military instructor of the firearms camp, yet he was going to wear such a foolish and cute looking purse. He didn’t know how much the brats would laugh at him behind his back! Going with her idea, it would be better to not change it, at least the people he knew were already used to his ugly purse. 

“Pfffttt——” Xiaocao couldn’t hold it in any longer. She laughed and fell onto the kang bed as her hands kept pounding the mat. Out of breath, she said, “I was joking with you! These patterns are designed for pillows and satchels. How could I let you carry such a purse that contrasts with your heroic and dashing image so much?” 

“Naughty girl!” Zhu Junyang was completely relieved when he heard her words and let out a sigh of relief. His slender hands rubbed her black hair. He remembered what he had come for and said, “The fodder in the new stables was eaten up a lot. The guards patrolling nearby saw a white horse, in the distance, bringing some wild horses to eat. They only left early this morning.”

Yu Xiaocao wasn’t surprised at all. She nodded and said, “It’s possible that Snow Scar predicted the changes in the weather and brought the weaker horses to the horse farm to eat, hoping to enhance their resistance to the cold.” Snow Scar was the name for that leader white horse that she had come up with. Compared to Little White, Little Black, and Little Glutinous Dumpling, she had made great progress.

“If it is as you’ve said, then the horses will come again. After all, the winter in the north is very long. Low temperatures and snowstorms will bring a fatal blow to the old, weak, sick, and pregnant horses in the herd.” Zhu Junyang was curious about this horse’s high IQ. However, once he thought of his lass’s abilities and those evil pets at home, he felt that this matter should have something to do with her.

Zhu Junyang’s prediction was soon confirmed. When Xiaocao was almost finished embroidering the green bamboo patterned pouch, the horse farm ushered in the biggest snowstorm of the winter. Snowflakes the size of a baby’s fist were falling from the yellow sky. The visibility outside was only a few meters.

All the horses in the horse farm stayed in their stables. Even Black Whirlwind, who liked to wander and roam, returned to its warm single room. In every corner of the horse farm, fire pans were burning to keep warm. Every other day, Doctor Wang would take the veterinarian team at the horse farm and check the horses one by one to ensure that every horse could safely survive the long and cold winter season. 

Head Steward Yan braved the wind and snow to come to report new discoveries to the master. In the master’s room, he found that it was empty. He turned and went to Miss Yu’s courtyard. Sure enough, he found his master there. 

“Rest a bit. I’m not in a hurry to wear it, don’t strain your eyes!” Zhu Junyang enchanting phoenix eyes were looking at the knitting needle in the lass’s hands. The expression on his face was so soft that water could’ve dripped out. Unexpectedly, the lass had this ability. Her fingers flew as they plucked the knitting needle up and down. The thing that was said to be a sweater was slowly gaining length under her skillful knitting.  

The lass said that she wanted to knit him a close-fitting sweater, which was warm and light. In his heart, he was looking forward to it and was afraid that the lass would be tired, so he couldn’t help but remind her to take more rest. 

“It’s ok. I’m free anyway! When I finish knitting it for you, I will also knit one for Sir Su. This place gets cold too early. It looks like Sir Su didn’t bring any clothes for the cold weather!” Yu Xiaocao’s speed in knitting the sweater didn’t slow down as she talked. 

In her past life, to save money, her brother’s and sister’s sweaters and woolen pants were all knitted by her. Although she hadn’t knitted for a long time and was a bit rusty, she soon got back to the old days with a bit of practice. At her speed, it wouldn’t take longer than a week to knit a sweater. Looking at the blue-dyed wool under her hands, she imagined the appearance of the handsome Zhu Junyang wearing it. He would definitely look very warm and handsome! 

“What? You’re gonna knit for that guy?” Zhu Junyang’s happiness in his heart was suddenly mixed with a sour feeling. “You can teach Wutong and Yingchun. With the two of them knitting together, Steward Su can also wear it sooner.” 

He had to admit that he didn’t want the lass to knit clothes for others. When he thought of other people wearing the stuff she made, he wanted to take it off them. He rather destroy it than give other men any hope! 

“You’re just a big jar of vinegar! So jealous!” Yu Xiaocao glanced over sideways at him and chuckled. How could she not understand the thoughts going through this guy’s head? 

“I’m just worried about tiring you!” Zhu Junyang stubbornly insisted. 

“I just regard Sir Su as an older brother, so why are you getting jealous over nothing?” Yu Xiaocao put down her knitting needle and brought over a pillow Wutong had sewn. She put it behind her as a cushion so she could be more comfortable. 

“Tired? Take a break and have some pine nuts and hazelnuts!” Zhu Junyang put the pine nuts and hazelnuts he had peeled into the lass’s hands. He took the half foot long sweater she had knitted from her hands and carefully put it to the side.

When Yu Xiaocao received the bounty from his hands, she ate the nuts in small bites. Outside, someone reported that Steward Yan was requesting an audience. What important matter would let Steward Yan brave the snow and wind on this snowy evening to run back and forth to report on the affairs of the horse farm? 

“Come in!” Zhu Junyang gently pinched open a hickory nut, carefully took out the kernel and put it on another plate that was on the kang bed table.

After Head Steward Yan came in and gave his greeting, he stood at the side, watching his master concentrate on peeling nuts. He was stunned for a moment and in his heart, he thought, ‘Could he be peeling it for Miss Yu?’

As soon as this idea arose in his head, he saw his master take the empty plate from Miss Yu’s hands and put the peeled hickory nuts into her hands. Head Steward Yan thought to himself, ‘I didn’t expect my master, who had the titles of a cold-faced calamitous star, would be just like his father, the imperial prince, someone who dotes on their wife to no end.

“Is there a matter?” Zhu Junyang saw that the lass preferred to eat the pine nuts and patiently peeled them out one by one. His movement was extremely leisurely and elegant as if he wasn’t peeling pine nuts but using his fingertips to dance instead. It was very pleasing to the eye.

Head Steward Yan hastily took back his gaze and with a smile reported, “As Your Highness has expected, the herd led by the white horse has moved into the new stables outside today. When the man in charge of the stable over there went to add the feed, the wild horses, although agitated, didn’t attack the horse breeder nor did they seem to intend to escape.”

“Lass, you guessed right. The white horse has come to the horse farm to seek shelter for his species!” The matter was expected by both of them. However, it was going to be a process to gain the trust of the lead white horse.

Yu Xiaocao smiled and said to Head Steward Yan, “Keep the people of the horse farm as far away from the new stables as possible. Besides sending water and feed, the horse breeders shouldn’t go over there.” 

“Yes! I will tell the others now…” Head Steward Yan knew very well that Miss Yu’s orders were the master’s orders; thus, he very respectfully agreed.

“Wait!” Yu Xiaocao suddenly thought of something and called back Head Steward Yan, who had turned around to go out. “When the grooms add feed to the stables, let them take notice of whether there are any sick horses or horses about to give birth in the herd.” 

“Yes!” Miss Yu was very considerate but would the wild horses allow the veterinarians access to them even if they were sick? Head Steward Yan took a look in the direction of his master and left with doubts in his heart.

When Zhu Junyang’s sweater only had the two sleeves left to sew, Head Steward Yan presented the statistics. The condition of the wild horse herd wasn’t optimistic. There were seventy-five wild horses of all sizes, with more than a dozen sick or weak. There weren’t many horses pregnant, only around two or three. 

In the horse farm, the sick horses were quarantined to prevent other horses from getting infected. Fortunately, the wild horses had a warm shelter. Every day, they could eat grass laced with spiritual energy and drink from well water, so their resistance was greatly enhanced. Some of the less ill horses had begun to improve. 

“It seems that the wind and snow outside is lighter. Ruizhi, I want to go to the stables and have a look. Will you accompany me over?” Yu Xiaocao saw that there were several seriously ill and mares about to give birth according to the statistics. She was a bit worried and used a coquettish tone to act cute with Zhu Junyang. 

She knew that with Zhu Junyang, she might be allowed to go for a walk. If she was on her own, that overbearing wife maniac would absolutely not agree! Aiya! Having a man who cared too much about her was also a kind of sweet burden! 

“Okay! I’ll go with you——However, you have to put on the duck down cotton-padded trousers, as well as the sheepskin vest and wear the ferret fur lined coat on the outside…” Every time Zhu Junyang saw the lass’s thin arms and legs, he always worried about her health.

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