Fields Of Gold / Fields of Gold Chapter 8

That day the little divine stone had wanted to show off its abilities by healing her injury, but it used up all its powers to heal her wound. Thus, it was unable maintain its spiritual form and had disappeared for many days. Xiaocao bathed the rainbow stone in spring water every day, but she still didn’t see the appearance of the divine stone’s spiritual form.

It’s so worrisome! However, after the little divine stone exhibited its mystical powers, Yu Xiaocao no longer doubted it. Xiaocao would boil the spring water, that the stone bathed in, for her family to drink. It does seem rather effective so far, at least for herself. Her health wasn’t as shabby as when she had just transmigrated here.

“He’s awake! He woke up!” Xiaolian’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

She turned towards the sound. The young man’s thick eyelashes lightly fluttered before he slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were dazzling and captivating, and seemed to be as deep as the sea and as bright as the stars.

“Were you…the ones who rescued me?” The young man’s voice was very clear, with a slight sense of indifference and coldness. It was like the spring water from an ancient pond found inside a deep mountain, exceptionally cool.

Yu Xiaocao smiled faintly and softly said, “We were collecting seafood by the sea when we suddenly noticed you. My father is an excellent swimmer, so he went to save you. You… It’s great that you’re alright!”

Zhu Junyang’s indifferent gaze focused on the young girl in front of him, who looked around five or six years old. (Author note: I’m eight years old! Eight years old!!) Her skin was even lighter and more flawless than the winter snow, while her hair looked slightly withered and yellow. Her lips were delicate and soft, like light pink-colored petals.

She was clearly just a thin and weak girl from a poor peasant’s family. However, she gave him a calm and gentle feeling, like a spring breeze. This feeling was very different from those noble ladies, who were like mad dogs after a bone whenever they saw him. They obviously wanted to jump on him, but still acted disgustingly pretentious. At least, this peasant girl wasn’t annoying!

“Thank you very much! Did you…happen to see anyone else?” Zhu Junyang deeply regretted not listening to the experienced captain’s advice and chose a day with such weather for testing out the new ships. As a result,…

However, this also proved that this new batch of vessels from the shipyard were unsuitable for ocean voyages. It couldn’t even withstand such a small storm. How could it travel to the foreign lands that royal uncle had mentioned?

“Other people? Do they count?” Yu Hai asked, with amazement and admiration, as he pointed towards a sturdy two-decker ship in the distance.

That was definitely a ship for ocean voyages! It was multiple times bigger than their family’s new fishing ship. If he could also have such a… Ahem, he needed to stop daydreaming!

“Master, my little ancestor! Where are you?! Please be safe and well!” The head steward of Prince Jing’s Estate, who was rescued after the shipwreck, really wanted to strangle himself with a rope right now. If he had known this would happen, then he would have risked his life to stop the young prince from boarding the ship!

After the ship was wrecked, nearly everyone was rescued except for Royal Prince Yang. This matter was about to be the cause of his death!

“Quickly go find him! Continue to search!” The head steward loudly ordered with a sharp voice.

The old captain, who had tried to stop the trial voyage earlier, noticed that they were getting closer and closer to the cliff. He hesitated and said, “Head Steward, there’re a lot of submerged reefs ahead and the waves are also stronger. If we continue to move closer, our second ship will also be destroyed!”

“I don’t care if our second ship is also destroyed. Even if another twenty or thirty ships are wrecked, we still need to find the young prince! Otherwise, everyone on this ship should prepare for death!” Since the head steward had given his command, they had to continue the search. Their lives were on the line for this matter!

“Then… Let’s send out several lifeboats!” The old captain offered the most beneficial option.  

On the faraway reef, Yu Xiaocao observed the young man’s wet clothes. Ordinary people definitely wouldn’t be able to afford the materials of his clothes. This handsome young man has an impressive background!

“They probably came to search for you! My father said that there are a lot of reefs under the sea in this area, so it’s hard for ships to approach. If you still have strength, it’s better for you to swim over!” Yu Xiaocao logically analyzed.

Zhu Junyang’s entire body felt soft and powerless right now. He could hardly stand up, so how would he still have the energy to swim over?

“Huh? Second Sister quickly come and look. Numerous smalls boats came out of that big ship!” Shitou pointed at the distance and shouted.

After leaving the ship, around ten boats set off towards different directions in the stormy waves. One of the boats, which was led by the head steward and personally operated by the old captain, sailed towards their direction.

“Hey! Over here! The person who you’re looking for is over here!” Yu Xiaocao picked up some kelps on the reef and shook it with her hands. The small boats seemed to have saw her action and accelerated their speed.

“Head Steward, we really can’t go any further ahead. Otherwise, not only would we be unable to rescue the young prince, but we’ll also be sacrificed along with the wrecked boat!” When everyone on the boat saw the small figure waving a long green strip on the reef, they quickly rowed over with anticipation. However, they were trapped by the reefs under the sea.   

The head steward rubbed his hands anxiously and turned towards the sailors, “Who is the best swimmer here? Go and check if the young prince is over there. If he is, then bring him back with you.”

The sailors looked at each other. If they went into the sea with such strong waves, would they even be able to survive? Moreover, they also had to bring another person along while swimming. The head steward asked several times and even offered a reward, but no one dared to go into the water.

Yu Hai, who was resting on the reef, had already recovered his energy. When he saw that the small boat had stopped, he immediately understood their situation, “The boat can’t cross this part of the sea. Let me help you swim over!”

Yu Hai really deserved the reputation of being the best swimmer in Dongshan Village. He took the young man and swam through the stormy waves. He swiftly passed the rocky area and arrived near the lifeboat.

“Quick, it’s the young prince! Hurry and go receive him!” When the head steward saw the figure in the sea, he cried with excitement. His head was finally saved after much difficulty!

When the sailors hastily pulled Royal Prince Yang onto the lifeboat, the head steward rushed over while sobbing, “My little master! This old servant had finally found you…” Then, he burst into another cry of loyalty.

Seeing the disordered situation on the boat, Yu Hai didn’t greet the people on the boat. Instead, he swam back as he was worried about his children who were still on the rocky reef. By the time the young prince finally stopped the commotion caused by the head steward and remembered his savior, Yu Hai had already returned to the reef.

Zhu Junyang looked intently towards the direction of the reef. An image of a fragile and wan little face lingered within his mind…

After the brief episode, the Yu Family continued hunting for seafood on the reefs.  

Oh? What’s this? A big and translucent mushroom? Did mushrooms also grow on underwater shoals? How strange!

“Youngest Sister don’t move!” Yu Hang was extremely relieved that he decided to look towards his youngest sister. He was so frightened that he was drenched in cold sweat right now.

Yu Hang quickly ran over and almost stumbled on the uneven reef. He pulled Xiaocao’s skinny hand away, breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “This is a jellyfish, which is poisonous. If you got strung, it could be fatal. Wait for a moment. You can take it after I take care of it.”

He used the sharp shovel in his hand to remove the jellyfish’s tentacles and warned, “If you see this in the future, remember not to touch its tentacles. It’s highly poisonous.”

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