Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 12

A creepy little girl with the ears of a cat.

Her height was close to Tomochika’s, not particularly tall, and considering that her vitals were protected by light armor and her hip equipped with a sword she was probably some kind of warrior.

The whole situation seemed exceedingly suspicious to him, but even if she was planning to trick them, it didn’t look like she was going to do anything right away. Yogiri decided to leave it to Tomochika.

“Let’s go along with it, I guess. Honestly, I have no clue what’s where in this city.”

Finding the weapons dealer could be called a stroke of luck. If there were places they wanted to go, then having a guide with them would speed things up a lot.

“Alright, we’ll be relying on you.”

“Thank you, nya! My name’s Mireille. I’m actually a warrior, but when I’m in the city I’m working hard on finding a husband, nya. May I know your names, nya?”

“Yogiri Takatoo.”

“I’m Tomochika Dannoura, nice to meet you.”

“Yogiri and Tomochika, got it. Nya.”

They exchanged a quick round of introductions and Yogiri asked a vital question.

“So, did we actually have any places we needed to visit?”

“Personally I’d like to just see some more of the town before it gets dark.”

“In that case how about I first show you around this neighborhood and after that we go eat dinner somewhere, nya?”

And that’s what they did.

After browsing a bunch of different shops and even making some purchases they went to a nearby restaurant.

“To think parallel universes were so comfortable! In fact, there’s hardly any discomfort at all, what’s up with that?”

Tomochika spoke as she ate her evening meal.

“the gift” among this world’s natives.

There were all kinds of them, but the ones bestowed by the sages were considered special, and so were the Japanese for their proficiency in them.

“What makes you think that?”

“It’s pretty easy to tell, nya. Even if your analyze level is low, you can still tell whether the other party is strong or not, nya. In your case it’s [Major Weak], nya.”

This is bad.

Yogiri could feel his head starting to hurt as he thought of the headaches this would cause down the line.

“Aa! Are you maybe aiming for the Sword Saint’s gift instead, nya? Now that would be understandable, nya. Although I think even just entering the Sword Saint’s sight is going to be awfully difficult without a gift, nya.”

Unable to find a good response Yogiri decided to brush the matter aside and continue his meal.

“Well, I kind of expected it to turn out this way.”

Yogiri and Tomochika had found themselves in a back alley’s deadend. The entrance to that blind alley was currently being filled by a large number of beastmen; the result of following Mireille’s lead after she proposed to lead them to a good place to stay the night.

“Oh so you knew, I see――. Hmmm――, well I’m sorry about that, going along with the kind little catgirl, thinking she was for real here!!”

Tomochika was surprised at first, but soon changed into being sulky instead.

“Well, just goes to show that the world isn’t such a nice place, nya.”

Mireille stood opposite of them, next to the rest of the beastmen, as if it were only natural.

Before them there were ten beastmen of various gender, age and animal features. Among them stood one human, a man with a weapon he appeared more than used to. He also appeared plenty used to this kind of situation; Yogiri determined he was most likely a habitual criminal.

“Any chance we could talk?”

“Well aren’t you gutsy. What do you wanna ask, eh?”

The human, apparently the leader of the gang, took a step forward and replied with mock in his voice. A large frame, black hair and black eyes, around 30 years old. He was covered in an air of violence, and based on his facial features he appeared to be Japanese.

“Are you after our money?”

Mireille seemed to have been interested in their financial standing as she guided them through the city. The fact they were carrying a fortune with them was probably exposed.

“Oh we’re certainly going to take care of all your money, but that’s not what we’re after, not at all. Our top priority are you two ungifted Japanese. You gotta know, as a result of all us Japanese wreaking havoc in this world the nobles hate us big time. But too bad, the Japanese are too strong and there’s nothing they can do against them; and that’s where you come into play, that’s what ungifted Japanese are useful for: For nobles to vent their anger!”

“Somehow this world is really lacking in people that aren’t jerks.”

“You say that, but… is it just me, or are almost all the jerks Japanese!?”

Yogiri could only nod in agreement.

“Anyway, I get what you guys are after now. I’m thinking of killing you all for it, still not budging?”

“Hooh? Ahh, don’t you worry. We won’t be killing you, aight? Then again, death would be a blessing compared to the future ahead of you!”

The leader sneered as he spoke and fell into a mocking laugh as he finished, soon the rest of the gang joined his bellowing.


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Additional clarification on gifts: Many natives possess gifts, but rarely are they as powerful as those given to the Japanese by the sages.

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