Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 13

“Mireille! We’ll forget about this so just pull back! Despite how Takatoo-kun looks he’s ridiculously strong! You guys don’t stand a chance!”

Tomochika knew very well that the people she was talking to weren’t the kind to listen to such words, but she couldn’t bear just silently watching on.

“Nyanya? Did you think that kind of bluff would work? Gifts are everything. There’s nothing you two major weak ungifted can do, nya.”

“I’ve got a high level analyze, aight? We know you two are ungifted, it’s a fact!”

As Mireille and the human leader were talking, five of the beastmen circled around them.

Most of them carried swords. Some were bare-handed, possibly magic users. One of them held a net, or rather a rope with weights attached, so their goal was probably to catch them alive.

“Before we get started: everyone in the back, die.”

And all at once the five behind them collapsed — first off all he wanted to somewhat half their number.

On their way to this city they discussed Yogiri’s usage of his power and while there were many things about it that still troubled Tomochika, she did agree to using it to kill enemies in self-defense.

Having arrived at that conclusion one’s first thought would be to escape, but he and all the beastmen were frozen still. The situation was too strange for them, their instincts couldn’t tell them how to react.

Left over were six and Yogiri decided to go through them in order.

“Half die.”

He spoke as he pointed at a beastman with the features of a tiger, who dropped to the ground the moment he finished. His intention was to kill only the tigerman’s lower half, one of the ideas for going easy on a target.

A sudden occurrence of medical dysfunction in one’s left arm: There may be people capable of surviving it, but some might just die from the shock.

“Not working too well compared to just going all out…”

Yogiri mumbled as he began considering simply killing them without further thought.


He used his power on a canine beastman, and was successful.

His ears and nose also died as intended. However, killing three of the five senses could hardly be called a success as far as going easy on people went.

“Wh-what the! What in the world nyare you!”

Mireille fell into panic.

One of them released killing intent.

Two left.

“Does it matter? No point in explaining.”

Different from their encounter with Hanakawa, this time it wasn’t necessary to collect information. Consequently, there was no need to explain for sake of threatening them.

Tomochika made a pained expression, but didn’t try to stop him. It looked like she was prepared to carry the feelings of remorse.

“H-help! Please save me! I-I was forced to work for this Japanese! I have little brothers at home waiting for me with empty stomachs! M-my father went off somewhere with some woman, and my mother is ill with high fever! I had to make money somehow!”

Her verbal tic seemed to have only been an act for the sake of gaining the attraction of men; she must have judged that continuing to use it in this situation would only achieve the opposite effect instead.




She lowered her posture all the way to running on all fours and made full use of her body as she dashed over the stone paving.

“Hey! Don’t run ahead―――!”

The leader shouted something, but Mireille paid him no heed. Under no circumstances would she stop and wait for him or anyone.

She settled to rest on who knows which building’s roof, but because she exerted her body to its absolute limit her heartbeat wouldn’t calm down.

“Wh-what the hell… ….was that monster…”

It was entirely beyond her understanding.

They should have been mere worthless ungifted.

On top of that, they were incredibly rare Japanese ungifted.

It was all supposed to end after capturing them, taking their money and selling them to some nobles.

No matter how she looked at it, she couldn’t accept reality.

She escaped. A reason for joy, Mireille thought.

She had made up her mind, but that was when she noticed that her surroundings were far too silent.

It didn’t take long for her to realize what it meant and a shiver of fear to tear through her.

Her heart was coming to a halt.

In desperation she stretched out her claws, scratched at the roof as if to take hold of reality, but her actions served no purpose.


Tomochika understood where he was coming from, but she didn’t appear happy about just calling it settled like that.

“Anyway, let’s get away from here. Even without evidence, we wouldn’t want to be seen in such a scene.”

“Right, true! If someone were to see us here we’d totally look like criminals, wouldn’t we!”

The sooner they got away from here the better.

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