Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 17

While Yogiri and Tomochika were departing by train at noon, George of the first guardian unit and Edelgard, the leader thereof, arrived at the feudal lord’s castle.

Despite how cautious the criminals usually were, they finally got careless when they jumped at the ungifted Japanese, but in the end the guards weren’t able to find any useful clues once more.

“Well, isn’t there the possibility for it to be that important of a matter? After all, a whole group of people died right before our eyes, yet we don’t even know why or how.”

George was at his wit’s end.

Incidentally, as far as hierarchy went there was no leader-subordinate relation between feudal lords and guard soldiers. Reason for that was the guardians’ task of keeping Japanese individuals in check, which meant that the feudal lords among the sage acolytes, who were Japanese, could very well turn into targets for investigation.

“Say, weren’t we two the only ones ordered to be present?”

“Hey now, if a sage’s gonna pay a visit to my castle then obviously I gotta be around to welcome them.”

“Hmph. Is that so, eh.”

The discussion stopped and the mood turned sour, but that didn’t last long. Soon a floating disk appeared in the sky above them.

The silver disk landed on the roof, its hatch opened and a woman in a deep red dress exited the vessel.


The sole survivor of the previous night’s incident.

The sage requested to see this beastman, so George and Edelgard relocated him to the castle.

Lain walked up to the dogman and inspected him with interest.

“Hmm, no issues as far as looking at him tells me.”

Lain went ahead and pulled up his eyelid. The eye was fine, not squashed, crushed or anything alike.

Lain tore the eyeball off the optic nerve and held it before her eyes.

And yet, he couldn’t exactly breathe a sigh of relief. Even if she was joking this time, her mood may just change at any time.

“Anyway, the eyeball’s besides the point. Let’s move on to the real deal. Heal.”

She threw away the eyeball and casted healing magic on the beastman.

Indeed, the sage’s incredible magic power made the dogman’s eyeball regenerate in an instant.

Right after, she sunk her teeth into the beastman’s neck.

“What are you doing, Sage-sama!”

Lain’s sudden action gave Edelgard a shock.

“Sage Lain-sama is a vampire, were you not aware?”

“But wasn’t she completely fine back on the roof!”

Vampires were of the undead, which meant that the sun weakened them. This was common knowledge in their world.

“Lain-sama’s class is Origin Blood. The highest rank among undeads, also called Queen of Unlife and Immortal Empress. It goes without saying that such a person wouldn’t be bothered by the sun.”

“Ooh, you sure know your stuff! And here I thought the Sages’ amazingness was only in their magic.”

While Edelgard was getting over her surprise the vampire had finished her deed and separated from the neck.

His nails started growing, his muscles began bulging and his lips gave way to the long canines characteristic for vampires.

In response, her new underling flapped his limbs, but that was all. It appeared he could tell that he had been given an order and was desperately trying to fulfil it, but he had no way of knowing what kind of order it actually was. At least, that’s what it looked like to George.

“So even turning him into my blood won’t do. Now that’s funny, not even telepathy is working.”

Vampires are creatures that turn people into their followers by sucking their blood, which normally made communication through telepathy possible, but even that was being cancelled in the beastman’s case.

“Oh well, now he’s one of my followers. Do you mind if I take him with me?”

“T-that will be fine, certainly.”

Edelgard gave her agreement.

Actually, it was most likely the same for Edelgard, but despite that she didn’t resort to petty excuses.

A blaring roar blasted through the room and made the castle tremble.

The floor at that man’s feet had formed cracks.

One half of the door, which had been perfectly split in half, fell to the floor with a thump. However, the man’s sword had cleanly chopped in half not only the door, but the whole room: A red line ran through Lain, vertically and exactly through her middle.

Youichi Sudou’s last name was originally translated as Zudou, a careless misread on my behalf.
George and Edelgard are guards of civil order on a national level, not just Kuenza.
Chihara Dannoura, Tomochika’s sister, is the elder sister of the two, not the younger. Pointing it out here for those who read the chapter before it was corrected. Thanks to the anon who mentioned it.

I believe that’s all, thanks for reading. Next chapter sometime next week.

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