Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 18

A bizarre scene unfolded before George, Edelgard and Masahiko

At a single glance it appeared to be a battle between two super humans, carried out at a speed untraceable to the naked eye of a regular person.

With each of the hero’s swings tremors ran through the castle, walls collapsed and floors crumbled. A countless number of slashes so fast they merged into a single line cut Lain’s body into ever finer pieces, energy blasts hit her stomach and scattered her entrails, bolts of lightning poured down from above and violently ran through her body.

The sage appeared so unaffected, if it weren’t for her thoroughly tattered clothing it would have been difficult to believe she was under such a brutal barrage of attacks just a few moments ago.

Fortunately the hero focused only on the sage and made sure none of his attacks would particularly wound any of the bystanders, they would have most likely died from collateral damage a long time ago if he didn’t. That said, they still had to fend off the chunks of rubble that came flying every now and then.

A sign of that separation is the difference in powers they bestow. While the sages’ gifts tend to be related to the use of magic, the sword saints’ gifts tend to be of a more physical nature. The hero before them was no exception, using a sword as his main weapon.

The hero didn’t reply. However, neither did he go back on the attack; he may have had something to buy time for.

“You look like a hero alright, but why would a hero attack a sage? Shouldn’t you be defeating some demon lord?”

That was also what George had been thinking. Sages were the ones governing this world, the ones protecting it, so what meaning was there in trying to kill one?

“Don’t screw with me! You guys are nothing but harm to this world!”

“Not like I’m one to talk objectively, but personally I’d say us sages are handling things pretty well. We don’t come down to interfere with things that often, and don’t you guys have plenty of freedom to do your own thing? Even if you don’t feel like that, we are still the protectors of this world. What do you think you’re accomplishing by killing one of us? Just let us do our job.”

“Don’t tell me about freedom! How many people do you think died just because some sage felt like it?!”

“Sure, there are people that have died on a sage’s whim, but if we weren’t protecting this world a whole lot more would be dying, you know?”

“Are you telling me to overlook your cruelty because of that!”

“Hmm, here I thought heroes were supposed to fight for the greater good, but apparently that’s not the case. Did someone close to you get killed by a sage? Stolen from you? Manipulated? Well, whatever it is, you came to the wrong one. I barely come down here.”

“You’re only the first! I’ll kill every single one of you!”

Having bought enough time the hero entered his battle stance again.

Firmly planted into the ground the sword’s broad blade began to shine and as if to answer the sword, Lain’s surroundings also started brightening up: countless little blades were sticking out of the ground to the sage’s feet —— the hero must have scattered them at some point during the earlier attack —— and reacted to the glowing straight sword, thin rays of light beaming from one blade to the next.

The hero’s right arm trembled as he stretched it out ahead of him, with his left hand he suppressed its shaking.

However, after a single flash it was already over.

The produced heat must have been immense, for even the floor had started to melt and glow like lava.

“Ariel… I’ve finally… …taken down the first…”

The hero mumbled something as he lost the strength in his feet and fell to his knees. He put so much into that one attack he could hardly even stand.

“How… how do we even treat a case like this?”

“What do you mean!? Of course the killing of a Sage is a major crime! We must immediately arrest him!”

Edelgard’s usual habit of acting before thinking made George want to lie down and curl up next to the hero.

Just like she did all those times before, Lain stood in her spot anew.

It looked like for her, just being assaulted wasn’t a reason to kill somebody. Her degree of tolerance was so excessive it gave George a feeling of eeriness.

“Pardon me, but how should this be settled then?”

George addressed Lain. If the hero were to die here he couldn’t cause any more trouble, but Lain’s intentions seemed to be elsewhere.

“Just deal with him according to the law. Home invasion, murder and destruction of property, those offenses basically cover it all, don’t they?”

“Well, certainly, but I doubt us guards would be able to detain a Hero.”

“Mhm, indeed. Then let’s go with this.”

Lain grabbed the hero’s arm, turned around to a hole in the wall and flung him out like a piece of rubbish.


“You guys can’t take care of him, I don’t feel like killing him. If he’s going to be a problem just by being around then let’s all agree he never came here in the first place.”

She said she didn’t want to kill him, but the room they were in was quite high up —— high enough for a normal person to instantly die from the fall.

“Understood. No one but us has come here.”

The sages’ words were absolute. Furthermore, that way of handling things was also the most convenient for him and Edelgard.

“Well then, since the dogman got blasted away we might as well call it a day. Edelgard. As I was going to say earlier, track down Yogiri Takatoo and contact me as soon as you figure out where he is.”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

Despite being thrown from one strange situation into the next, Edelgard didn’t appear perturbed in the slightest.


Tomochika quickly changed seats and, now sitting next to Yogiri, peeked at his console.

Having enthusiasm for games and being skilled at them appeared to be two different things.

——Wuah, I’m way too close!

When Tomochika noticed how far she had leaned in to watch Yogiri play he suddenly stopped the game and looked at her.

“Ah, y-yes?”

She was getting a little panicky from being stared at, but Yogiri ignored that and pushed her down.

“Wha—! Now wait a moment! What are you doing!? M-mokomoko-san is watching!”

『Don’t let me bother you, since I’m your guardian spirit you’d best get used to it early on.』

“Actually, wait more than a moment! Mokomoko-san, do you intend to be next to me at all times!?”


While Tomochika was fidgeting about, something cut by right above them.


She looked past Yogiri’s shoulders and saw the sky. Which is to say, the train’s ceiling got blown away.

The train made an emergency stop and loud alarms started ringing.


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