Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 20

The giant was about the same height as a ten story building; Yogiri’s estimate was 30 meters.

“No but seriously, this is totally a robot.”

After seeing it from up close Tomochika was convinced.

An armored, four-armed skeleton with a hunched spine that made it look like its slender skeletal frame was bending under the weight. Furthermore, on its head there was a large horn and in what looked to be its only eye glowed a dim, red light.

“Reminds me of the dragon with how unreal it feels.”

While Yogiri was responding to Tomochika the giant started slowly squatting to the ground. Perhaps that was its default stance for when outside of battle, but then its mobility would certainly be impressive. Usually a crouching position couldn’t be called easy to react from.


(TN: “Invaders” with “Aggressors” as furigana.)

“So your goal isn’t actually invasion?”

『If you mean as in invading a country and occupying its territory then no, it is not. However, I will not shy away from applying military force if it is for the sake of fulfilling my duty. I can see why they view their actions as self-defense.』

“And this duty of yours is what?”

The giant went silent. Looked like it was something the robot would rather not say.

“Alright, alright. Not like it has anything to do with us. We don’t have any intention to fight either, so feel free to leave for your duty or whatever.”

『I would like to negotiate: If there is anything I can offer, I will do so. In return you will not attack. Does this sound agreeable?』

“Hmm. Just being told you’re allowed to leave doesn’t sound credible enough, so you’d rather get on our good side first?”

“What a quarrelsome robot! If you’re told you may leave then just leave, do we look that untrustworthy? …Actually wait, Takatou-kun, are you telling me you can kill a robot?”

“Let me return that question, why do you think I can’t?”

“Huh? Well, robots can’t die, can they?”

Tomochika was caught off guard by his question.

“Don’t robots live and die as well?”

“Are you getting philosophical now?!”

“I mean, I can’t tell you without having tried it either, but looks like that’s the assumption the robot’s going with.”

Yogiri pointed at the giant next to them, whose red eye flickered for a moment.

『I have no knowledge of how you perceive my existence, but I consider myself to be alive, personally.』

“Oh, another question. If you’re an invader then where did you actually come from?”

『From outside this world.』

“Do you know how to get back then? We were actually forcefully summoned to this world.”

『I apologize, but I can only return to my own world. I do not know your world’s coordinates.』

If the robot could have just sent them home pretty much all of their problems would be settled, but it seemed like it wasn’t going to be that easy.

“Coordinates, huh. If we had those we could travel across worlds?”


“Alright, with that information I’d say we’re even. Thanks.”

Returning to their world was their objective from the very start, but until now they had no clue of how to actually go about that. That piece of information alone was more than valuable enough, Yogiri thought.

『Are you certain you are satisfied with just information?』

“Yeah. Although if you could take us along once we figure out our world’s coordinates that’d be even better.”


“Dannoura-san, do you have anything to ask for?”

“Well, I don’t really know what robots carry with them so that’s kind of difficult to answer…”

She was stumped, and indeed, it wasn’t easy to imagine what a robot from a different dimension could offer them.

『Aha, leave this one to me!』

Tomochika was still trying to think of something to ask for, when suddenly, of all people, Mokomoko was the one to raise her voice.

Edelgard, troop leader of the kingdom’s first guardian unit, and George, member thereof, were stupefied.

A demolished train, unusable rails, burnt bodies, and a newly terraformed canyon; those things they could still accept, it wasn’t particularly rare for when sages went into battle.

There should have been no way for one to just lay about dead next to some rails.

“Just what in the world happened here!”

Edelgard shouted once more, but there was no one there that could have answered her.

However, instead of the sage candidates they only discovered the broken train those two had traveled with, and an actual, dead sage.

Yogiri Takatoo to Yogiri Takatou
Shion to Sion, pronounced 「she-on」
Character depictions can now be found on the chapter list
We have no access to the entire light novel versions and don’t intend to switch from the free web novel to the licensed light novel, but from what I’ve gathered the only differences between the two stories so far are three (?) prequel chapters. We’ll probably post summaries of them once we reach the point those chapters are revealed at (and find raws of them).

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