Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 22

Four kilometers south of the destroyed train.

Having walked along the rails for about three hours Hayabusa finally came into view.

She didn’t appear to be wearing a weapon either. The ones she bought back in Kuenza were left behind in the train; partly because taking them along was inconvenient, but mostly because she had acquired a new, far more compact weapon, which was currently camouflaging as part of her outfit.

Compared to the robot’s external material it was rather soft, but when turning its solidity all the way up it was more than hard enough to keep up with the usual materials used for weapons.

“We should’ve at least asked if it had something like a vehicle. Was there a reason we had to leave that abruptly?”

『Mhm, agreed. If we had been a little more pesty we could have probably gotten a whole lot more out of that robot.』

Tomochika asked and the floating Mokomoko chimed in.

“Was risky to stick around there, too much shadow. I’ve told you about being able to sense stuff like killing intent and life hazards, right?”

“Yeah, that you can sort of see them. Kind of like Morihei Ueshiba, right?”


“He was this famous Aikido master, legend says he was able to dodge bullets, apparently because he could see their trajectories like light rays before they were even fired.”

“Might be something similar then, yeah. Although in my case it’s less like light rays and more like black lines, kind of like shadows. The whole area at the train was covered in that shadow and it was getting even denser pretty quickly. Like 30 percent risk of disaster.”

“Hmm. ’30 percent’ doesn’t really tell me anything, does it work like a weather forecast?”

“Kind of. This place feels like under one percent so compared to earlier it’s pretty safe.”

“It feels like you’re trying to make it sound like we’re resting after finally escaping some danger zone, but in truth you just needed a break, right?”

“Hey, nothing wrong with a break. We’ve pretty much arrived already anyway.”

Hayabusa, a train station between a canyon and an ancient forest.

The monsters most likely took notice of them by smell and the criminals might have come from some train raiders’ stronghold in that vicinity.

“Just thought it’s nothing worth mentioning.”

“I’m starting to wonder why I’m even carrying a weapon…”

『Mhm. I programmed a decent amount of shape shifting patterns into it, but now I’m not so sure they’ll be necessary.』

All of a sudden Tomochika was holding a sword in her hands. The strange material that had been camouflaging as part of her school uniform had moved to her hands and changed shape there, but with how smoothly it happened it looked like she summoned it out of thin air.

“Actually, wait a minute! Mokomoko-san, weren’t you a ghost from the Heian era!? Why are you even able to manage some sci-fi weapon like you’ve seen it a hundred times!?”

『No matter the environment, the Dannoura Style adapts and continues to evolve! Recently I was focusing on electronic warfare, were you not aware?』

“Of course not, that’s not exactly a field of study you’d expect a ghost to specialize in!”

“Although it’s a great help that she does. Mokomoko-san, do you think you can take apart and analyze the whole ‘system’ thing?”

『Well, about that. With the one million credits we got from that robot I bought a license for one of the middleware products used in Battle Song. The software that Battle Song is based on is open source so I should be able to somewhat reverse engineer it now, but they really made a lot of changes to it, I’ll have to figure out a way that’ll let me look into what exactly they modified. Once that is done our understanding of this world’s inner workings should finally make some progress. Might even be possible to hack it.』

“How did this discussion take such an unexpected turn and what’s this feeling of being left behind!?”

Tomochika was becoming more and more perplexed.

The two travelers finished resting and entered the city of Hayabusa.

They followed the map Celestina had drawn up for them and discovered the recommended hotel right away. It ended up being fairly extravagant again, similar to their last one.

“If it isn’t Dannoura-san!”

They had just entered the lobby when suddenly a voice addressed them; a quick look in its direction revealed a Japanese high schooler with black hair and black eyes approaching them. Yogiri didn’t recognize him, but since he knew Tomochika it was most likely one of their classmates.

That giant was what this world called an Aggressor, meaning the natives most likely considered it their enemy.

Which originally said  
That giant was what this world called an Aggressor. What the translation devices were basing their translations on was a mystery, but Aggressor (katakana, English word) has the meaning of aggressor (Japanese word), meaning the natives most likely considered it their enemy.

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