Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 24

We travel back in time to the point when Yogiri’s classmates arrived at Kuenza.

With the money they were rewarded for completing the first mission, 1 million en for each of them, they reserved themselves a tavern, where they all discussed their thoughts on the situation they had been thrown into. The one that lead the clan during the first mission was General Yazaki, but now things had calmed down and some students weren’t happy with how he had settled things on his own accord.

Reason for that was his class: Dominator.

Understandably so, for the Dominator is a most powerful class capable of ruling not only over humans, but even animals and monsters. However, there are requirements to be met before a creature is placed under one’s control.

Summoned to a different dimension, given close to no knowledge of the world and abandoned by his companions. Normally one would panic in such a situation, but Yuuki wasn’t bothered.

Without any particular evidence, Yuuki Tachibana was convinced of being special, the exception to all rules. Accordingly, his mindset was a unique kind of optimistic.

Without worrying over his future in this new world he looked out of the tavern’s window, checking out the female natives walking by. Most of them had faces reminiscent of Westerners, but every now and then he spotted a Japanese. Feeling confirmed in his preference of Japanese women over foreigners, Tachibana was approached by one of his classmates.

“Hey there. Can we talk?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

The one that had walked up to him was Haruhito Ootori.

It didn’t appear like Haruhito even considered being declined, already taking a seat across Yuuki before he replied.

“I’d like to give you some advice.”

“Hm? Oh right, you have that one class, what was it again?”

Yuuki tried recalling the name of Haruhito’s class, but all he could remember was that it had to do with giving people advice.

“Consultant. Basically the role of providing the information necessary for making difficult decisions.”

“Right, Consultant. So, how are you going to consult me?”

“I can help you with properly utilizing your Dominator class. You don’t actually know how it works yet, do you?”

“I’ll admit that, but I’m a practice over theory kind of person anyway. It’s probably something I can figure out on my own after giving it a try.”

Yuuki wasn’t trying to save face, that was his actual view on it. His optimism knew no bounds.

“In your case I can see that happening, but I’d say my advice is pretty valuable nonetheless.”

“Well, go on then. I’ll see whether I’ll bother keeping it in mind.”

“The power of the Dominator lies in controlling those he has dominated, so first of all you’ll have to get a lot of subjects under your control. However, there’s two conditions for making people your followers. Their levels can’t be higher than yours, and they must agree to becoming your subordinate.”

Yuuki already knew about those conditions, which were also the reason he wasn’t already out and about dominating slaves. After all, he was still level 1, and it wasn’t like there were people running around asking to be dominated.

“And here’s where I can help you: the second condition has an exception. You don’t necessarily have to get the target’s consent. Not surprising, since there wouldn’t be any point in giving you the ability to dominate monsters if you couldn’t possibly reach mutual agreement with most of them in the first place.”

“Hm? That wasn’t mentioned in the class description.”

The system had a help function, but Yuuki didn’t remember seeing anything like what Haruhito was talking about in it.

“Yeah, those descriptions are pretty scarce. I’m guessing those aspects are supposed to be discovered while experimenting with the classes, like you’d usually do in games. So here’s how it works: first you fight someone until they are near death, then you step on their head. Do that and they’ll be under your control.”

Yuuki didn’t bother asking how Haruhito knew something like that. He called himself a Consultant and that was enough of an explanation for Yuuki.

“Now, what you should do from here is head to the town’s slave market and get as many of the cheapest level one slaves as you can. Slaves with some kind of defect can go for as cheap as ten thousand en. Doesn’t matter how frail or close to dying they are.”

“How does that relate to Dominator?”

“You can make slaves your subordinates right away. They’re already being sold without concern for their consent, so buying them counts as mutual agreement.”

“I see, that’ll be an easy way to get followers. And then?”

Yuuki didn’t feel like thinking it through himself and instead let Haruhito suggest what to do.

“Put them into groups of five and send them hunting outside town, you can just order them to once they’re under your control. Doesn’t matter how dumb they may be, they’ll move according to your orders. Even if they’re already half dead they can still cling to monsters to slow them down, so if you have them stake their lives on hunting monsters they should be able to drive a weaker one to near death and dominate it. It’s no big deal if they end up killing it; since this world is constantly troubled by monsters most of them have some kind of bounty on them, so you can always expect a reward from somewhere.”

“Wait, so I don’t need to be the one stepping on their heads?”

“Exactly, that’s the great thing about Dominator: Your slaves become part of you. That’s also why half the experience points they gain from killing monsters is transferred to you.”

“Hm, so just by buying some slaves and sending them out to hunt I’ll gain money and experience, while they turn into a huge army… Alright.”

Yuuki stood up, thinking that the sooner he bought some slaves the better.


“In the end it stopped being funny.”

When Yuuki finally left the hotel, those were Tomochika’s first words.

“Well, as long as he doesn’t turn hostile on us we can just ignore him.”

Yogiri certainly didn’t look forward to coincidentally meeting each other in this city during their stay here, but since Yuuki didn’t mean any immediate harm towards them he decided to leave him to his own devices.

“But say, maybe becoming his companion wouldn’t have been such a bad deal? Might be safer than traveling with me.”

“Takatou-kun, are you trying to make me upset?”

“I’m not following. Sorry, I guess.”

She actually looked upset already, so Yogiri apologized just in case.

“I’m not sure what to think of such an apology, but come on, telling me to travel with someone that flat-out admitted to being after my body is just――”

Tomochika suddenly stopped, having come to a realization.

“Actually, wasn’t that your motivation as well!”

It appeared Tomochika had recalled the original reason they were currently traveling together.


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