Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 34

At first, it was Yogiri who thought we should leave the city in secrecy, but it was impossible, as we were found.
Once found, people flooded there and made a fuss.
However, there was no attitude to hold back at Yogiri, even if he looked like a normal person.

“You’ll die if you approach.”

Yogiri briefly conveyed his request, and did accordingly, following his spoken request.
From the back alley to the main street.
Killing all the people who tried to knock him down while walking in a dignified manner.
Naturally the fuss became bigger, and more people gathered and surrounded Yogiri.

“What are you doing! Go! I’ll do it!”

“Idiot! When you get close….”

Those who do not understand the circumstances well, they lose blood and try to come in.
As soon as they cross the boundary of death, those stupid ones have collapsed.

“It’s the first time I see someone carrying out his words to that disgusting degree!” (TL: Ty Rinvelt)

Said reflexively Tomochika, seeing those reckless suicide attacks. (TL: Ty Rinvelt)

“They’re the weird ones for thinking they won’t be killed even though they’re trying to kill us.” (TL: Ty Rinvelt)

“No no no, it’s because usually you don’t think you’ll die just by getting closer to someone!” (TL: Ty Rinvelt)

I think that Yogiri had no obligation to explain again and again. It is foolish to carelessly come closer by seeing the situation.

『But the lord didn’t move even though he saw death.』

“It’s because of the seal release!”

『Please don’t say it is bad. This place is not peaceful Japan. It is troubling when you are in an emergency, keeping a man close to death.』(TL: Assuming this is Mokomoko, but the last part of the sentence is probably incorrect.)

From Yogiri’s view, Tomochika seemed to not have changed to anything else in the different world from the beginning until now. I wonder if we can afford to put in a Tsukkomi.

“But, are these people following me?”

Those who had came were not moving apart, and moved accordingly to the movement of Yogiri.
A crowd has been formed from the left and right at the back.
It was a semicircle about 10 meters in diameter.

“You can not leave it after finding it.”

I wonder if they were scared of the fist that I had raised, or if they were scared of something else.
I don’t know what kind of psychology this is, I can neither approach nor leave, they followed me as I wondered around.
However, it seemed to be regaining composure, whether they began to consciously. realize the stupidity of walking apart or not.

“Well, where is the place you’ll take us when you catch us?”

“Oh, Ah. If you go straight here, there is a central square. But, what are you going to do?”

To the right, a little far away, an elderly man walking side by side answered.

“I heard that, so I’m planning to go.”

“Well…. it would have been nice if you did so from the beginning! Then they wouldn’t have died so much!”

“Why have you taken care of those who suddenly attacked you?”

I was just aimed at somehow in the city where I just happened to drop by the way, Yogiri said.
Even if there was nothing to be aimed at by Yogiri, it was Masayuki that involved this town, is what I wanted to complain about there.

“If so, would you mind getting out of town quickly? You can do anything to t

he barrier, can’t you?”

Tomochika thought it would be better to escape without going to the plaza if he didn’t care about the people in the city.

『Yes, this spirit has also been suffering.』

“I think I can do it, but about when we leave town. Are you walking to the next one?”

『That’s true. I hear that a steep canyon will continue from here to the kingdom. If it’s not a train, movement will be tough.』

“So somehow, I have to make the train move.”

For that, it is reasonably quick to meet Masayuki who is causing the situation.
That’s what Yogiri was thinking.

“That… …. I guess it was wrong to try to attack you without thinking, but what do you intend to do?”

Because he had answered first, the elderly man was like a representative.

“I will try to talk a little bit.”

“The opponent is a follower of the sage, who is doing these kinds of things. I think you can’t keep it together.”

Whether I myself wasn’t sure of the standing position, the man said such a thing.

“I hate being too honest, but I’ll eliminate them at that time. If it can’t be talked about, it is just an obstacle.”

While saying such things, Yogiri reached the square.
If it was as usual, this would be a place of recreation where many people gathered.

However, there was no relief, it was a crowd of ugly monsters.
Distorted and decaying humans wandered around, and the white horse corpse is rattling.
Gargoyles fluttered in the sky, the giants made of rocks looked down on the street.
They are probably an immortal group.
When I was walking towards the center of the plaza, there weren’t any henchmen surrounding us.
Entering the square, I ceased walking at the enterance.

“Hahahahah. As far as I was looking, it seems to be the most different world fantasy? But it’s not fun.”

Tomochika was strengthening, but her voice felt frightened. To the other side, armored cars that Tomichika saw are lined up. As I saw it, it was unlikely all the monsters could be accomodated in this place, it seems that moving corps had been raised in this town. (TL: Yeeee, this is the best I could come up with. If anyone has a better TL for 見たところ、この場にいる化け物どもを全て収容できそうにはないので、動く死体の類はこの街で調達したのだろう。, let me know.)

“How about taking that car away?”

It is a sturdy car. Even the fuel can somehow manage to reach the kingdom with it.

“Can you drive Takoto-kun?”

“I have done it with Marika.”

“Wow, I do not want such people to drive me….”

There were only Japanese infront of the car. However, the majority were dead. I guessed that the Japanese who had gathered, regardless of age and gender, had been killed here. They were stacked casually.

Only 2 Japenese people were alive. One was a man wearing a suit, standing next to a mountain of corpses. He stood with a stupid appearance. The other was on the pile of corpses. Sitting on a corpse, legs opening as if to scratch the plaza, it’s a big guy wearing a black cloak on his skin. I understood at a glance that it was Masayuki. Unlike the undead, intention is felt in his eyes. Of course, it’s probably bad as he is a person who tramples corpses.

“Oh? Did you guys mean to come out? Hey guys, hey! Will you be a sacrifice for everyone in the city?

Masayuki skewed his face blatantly. Although he seems pleased that the targetted people have come, he apparently doesn’t welcome them much.

“Is there such a thing?”

“No no, do not deny instantly! Let’s face the taste of justice for a while!” (TL: Someone start the end credits, he said the title!)

Tomochika is saying that in a panic, but Yogiri has no intention of going for the city.

“Are you willing to talk?”

“I don’t talk. Well. I don’t agree to this if I don’t explain exactly what I want to do. This is how you keep promises. The game is over once I’ve killed you.”

Masayuki’s tone of voice, rather than a promise, is a matter of room for expanded interpretation. Perhaps the upper sages have said to do anything to kill Yogiri. Then, if that’s the case, it would be impossible to do more than that if you killed him.

“We want to go to the kingdom by train. Please solve the barrier and let us use the station.”

“….. What?”

Masayuki is frozen with a stupid face. I guess he couldn’t understand what Yogiri was saying. From there, it took some time for him to move, and Yogiri waited patiently for it.

“Hey Hey Hey, come on! Don’t say that’s all! Can you not think of something more mindful! I wonder if you’re in a position where you can ask for that! If you managed to do that, use your head! Are you stupid? Are you that stupid?!”

“Oh, there is negotiation material available. Then, you’ll be annoying but I’ll let you live. It will be nessecary to unlock the barrier and for post-treatment as well.”

Masayuki has solidified again. Yogiri’s attitude of awkwardness couldn’t put it off to much, only his cheeks were moving.

“I’m not even talking, and I’m just pissing you off! I will die soon! Ahh?!”

Masayuki stands up with excitement. Whether it was a signal, the undead people who were fluffy all turned at once to Yogiri.


However, with a word of Yogiri, the appearance of the open space suddenly changed. The corpses who had been standing collapsed with a flutter. Gargoyles who had been flying in the sky turned into stone statues and crashed into the ground, and the rock giants collapsed while crushing many undead beneath it.

Here, the ‘Imortallity Mission’ was annihilated, except for the headmaster.

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