Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 36

Lain who had confirmed the death of the ‘Immortality’ group through the eyes of Masayuki released the same tone.
Just to be sure, there is an example of a Dominator that was killed even at far distances.
The excercise of power to Masayuki, it can’t be said it won’t extend to Lain.

“I think that it is dangerous for the master to do it. Even just watching, it can’t be said there isn’t an effect.” (Euphemia)

Euphemia on the side advocated.
She didn’t seem to underestimate Yogiri.

“Euphemia. How much do you estimate him as a threat?” (Lain)

“Sage or Sword Saint, mythological creatures and more. I think that Yogiri Takatou shouldn’t be involved anymore. Now, he won’t be interested in it.” (Euphemia)

“In other words, run away? It can’t be done.” (Lain)

In the system of control by the sage, the sage must be an absolute being.
There must be nothing that threatens their lives, and it’s impossible to think that even the possibility exists.
Most sages think so.
And Lain had to act according to that idea.
If she only wanted to confirm whether she will die or not, she could go out there before Yogiri.
But then she would be suspected of rebellion.
It’s bad that it seems to be a suicide. (TL: No way out type of thing)

“Although it may be thought that it is absurd… …I am wondering if I shouldn’t hold killing intent against Yogiri Takatou as well.” (Lain)

“Surely. There seemed to be such a clause.” (Euphemia)

Among the ‘Immortality’ groups, Lain’s family members are also included.
The power of Yogiri seen through those eyes wasn’t normal.
Yogiri had killed the attacking citizens, but he killed not only those who tried to attack directly, but also those who were aiming with arrows and magic from a distance.
In other words, it responds by perceiving the attack beforehand.

“So how about if you do not aim directly at Yogiri Takatou?” (Lain)

For example, an erratic or stray bullet.
They are not meant to have intent to kill Yogiri.
There are other such possibilities, such as involvement in ranged attacks or using timed bombs.

“But, is it possible to prepare such a mechanism now?” (Euphemia)

“That’s right. If you kill without killing intent, how about such a hand?” (Lain)

Euphemia was surprised at her eyes.
It was because Lain had become two in the blink of an eye.
Spectacular lines where the two of them are indifferent.
It would be impossible for a mirror to be in this place.

“I have the ability to completely regenerate even if I have completely burned this body. It’s no trouble to make another person if you apply it.” (Lain)

“Well, that, I understood it was Goshujin-sama’s great power… …but what on earth is it for?” (Euphemia) (TL: Leaving it as Goshujin-sama, as Master-sama sounds weird….)

“That’s right. That’s what I want to ask about too.” (Lain-B)

Although it can not be distinguished by appearance, what is heard is the Lain who newly appeared.

“What. Let’s call this guy Lain-B. B is my copy, but memories associated with me are quietly missing. I set it so. That is why I don’t hold killing intent towards that person.” (Lain-A)

“Hmm. I do not know the meaning of this, but I guess there is a reason to do this.” (Lain-B)

“You are to stand up in the sky and wait. Attack the city with

all of your power according to the signal.” (Lain)

Lain-B floated up into the sky as he was told.
It is as she said.
She doubts if she does not know the reason.
Lain produces replicas one after another, and they all floated into the sky.
The total number exceeded 100.
The spectacle of beautiful women wearing red dresses in the air was a magnificent one.

“Um, although it is said to charge, isn’t it useless with magical attacks and the like.”(Euphemia)

Euphemia has doubts.
She thought it was a fairly slack way.

“Ah. I am not very good with magic. It’s more powerful to thrust as it is.” (Lain)

It is a strategy that took advantage of the characteristics of Lain.
Lain’s mobility speed in air slightly exceeded the speed of sound.
It wouldn’t be possible for an ordinary person to cut off the charge.
You can specialize with all your power, then hit the unreasonable power one after another like a vampire. (TL: This sentence made my brain hurt, I bet it’s still wrong….)
Even if you do not set your goal, you will only blow up the city in its aftermath.

Lain placed the surviving inhabitants in the city, in positions unnoticed by Yogiri and the others.
Then, she observed.
That is,  it was to see the moment when Yogiri released his power on Kurayami.

Scene Change to Yogiri and the Others

While the wind mixed with sand was blowing, people in the city were gathering in the plaza one after another.
Several plazas in the city, they have been dedicated as evacuation places in case of an emergency.
Of course, it is self-evident that it is best to go out of the way of Kurayami who’s walking straight.
But, not all of those are able to do it.
Those in the center of the city had no choice but to come here with a feeling of scorching.

“Hey, Takatou-kun. Perhaps… …is that something we can do anyway?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika muttered as she stared dazzlingly at Kurayami.
Yogiri and the others, they were still in the center of the square.

“I think I can do it.” (Yogiri)

“Oh no. I don’t understand why anything like that… …can you not!?” (Tomochika)

To Yogiri who had answered briefly, Tomochika snapped at him.

“Truly! Ask! I will listen to anything you ask. So please help me!” (Ryouta)

Ryouta has been saying that while clinging to them.
He seems to be a decent human being for a person related to the sages, it seems he really cares about the city.

“Please do it as soon as possible!” (Ryouta)

“That is true, but I have a bad feeling. Well, it should not be left alone in this state.” (Yogiri)

There is no duty for him to help people, but if the damage of the streets spreads the restoration of the train will be delayed accordingly.
Yogiri saw Kurayami.
It’s like a dull, black haze.
Perhaps there is no substance, it’s like a mass of extremely minute creatures.
Either way, there are no particular problems if they are unified as individuals.

“Die.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri turned his hand towards Kurayami and released his power.
At the same time, shock hit the entire city.
A line expressing danger immediately spreads around the circumference like a stitch.

“Get down!” (Yogiri)

Yogiri hugged Tomochika, pushing her to the floor to avoid the line. (TL: Already pushing her down, I’m so proud! *Tears in eyes*)
Ryouta who saw them also squatted onto the floor.
A moment later, something passed over Yogiri, and screams reverberated around them.
It is a voice raised by the survivors.
What they were looking at, broken by the fragments of something, crushed, smashed, was the end of mankind.

“Wh, what? Kurayami is attacking!?” (Ryouta)

“No, Kurayami was killed.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri points to Kurayami.
Kurayami was originally vague-like, but it was now in a more sparse state.
It was scattering.
There was no danger already, it was just diffusing and disappearing.

“Huh? That thing is different!?” (Ryouta)

“So. Yes, there is a clause that has been attacked by letting Kurayami kill.” (Yogiri)

It had penetrated the building, crashed into the earth, and destroyed the whole area with its shockwave.

And then, something flew down from the sky one after another, about to destroy the city.
A mass attack that can be released at an unstoppable speed to the eyes.
But that it isn’t aimed at Yogiri is the problem.

“Well, is this also aiming at us?” (Tomochika)

“She is aiming but not targetting. She seems to be trying to capture me. Well, what is being done is refreshing.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri and the others were exposed to carpet-bombing, but they didn’t know the identity of the attacker.
Although it is possible to cope with the flying debris, it is indirect and the attack itself has already ended.

“Then, how are you!?” (Tomochika)

“Well, I can deal with the debris, and waiting for the attack to be over is trouble.” (Yogiri)

“…Uh, it’s all right now so can you let go?” (Tomochika)

“Ah, ‘somewhat soft’, I thought.” (Yogiri)

It was Yogiri who was in his original posture.

“Will you not enjoy my body in such a situation!?” (Tomochika)

“To have hugged you closely as if we are in a Hollywood movie,  don’t you want to do it!?” (Yogiri) (TL: Oh boyyyy, this is another one of those I couldn’t find a way to translate properly….)

Ryouta crawling while lying down cried as if he was 8.

“Because I’m not hugging! It’s a one-sided one!” (Tomochika)

Tomochika who had turned red said it reflexively.

“But, even if I told him to do something, I do not know what’s going on.” (Yogiri)

“Well, it’s a somewhat unbelievable sight, can you listen without making a fool of me?” (Tomochika)

“What?” (Yogiri)

“A woman in a red dress is falling from the sky.” (Tomochika)

“I can understand it well.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri was most impressed.
Tomochika seemed to have not only static vision acuity, but also dynamic eyesight.

“Is it okay to get up?” (Tomochika)

“For now.” (Yogiri)

The city had been destroyed in various places, but the attacks in the vicinity haven’t been done for a while.
Yogiri got up and released Tomochika.
Tomochika also stood up, pointing to the sky faraway.

“It is coming from over there.” (Tomochika)

“I do not quite understand it.” (Yogiri)

He did not know what the enemy was thinking, but in consequence it was a measure against Yogiri.
If you say you are going to release something, it is possible to kill the person who releases something.
However, as the subject of the attack himself, if they make an attack that can’t be seen he couldn’t do anything.
Nevertheless, that person himself is dead at the end of the attack.

“Damn it! That red dress, I wonder if it’s Lain. What is it! Already! Not worth it!” (Ryouta)

It was said in a blur as if Ryouta couldn’t do it.
Bosses and colleagues aren’t too serious.

“How many Lain’s are there!” (Yogiri)

“Perhaps it’s a separate body! Lain’s ultra regenerative ability makes it even easier for her to duplicate herself!” (Ryouta)

“Well I see. Is there a way to do it?” (Yogiri)

One word of Ryouta was to side with Yogiri.
If the city you personally raised is destroyed by someone, you will want to betray them.

“But there’s no way to identify the other party. If you aim directly at her, it’s easy though.” (Ryouta)

Counterattacks are possible if directly targeted, but the other party would have taken such measures thinking to avoid them.

“Oh, what if we can aim for it?” (Ryouta)

Ryouta had come up with it.
There seemed to be some idea.

No scene change, carry on.

“My class is ‘Mayor’. Although I will omit detailed information, I can see the city overlooking. I was watching the damage situation for a little while but the attack has a pattern. It didn’t attack the same place, and it hasn’t attacked in the vicinity continuously.” (Ryouta)

It seemed to have been unconscious.
Even if people try to do something to get rid of it, regularity will still be created.

“I see. It is possible to narrow down the next attack point to some extent with that. But, if you understand it won’t make it in time.” (Yogiri)

“It’s okay. I am able to move in the moment if it is a public place in the city I manage. Several people can move together.” (Ryouta)

“Is that so! But, then Ryouta could have run away anytime.” (Yogiri)

Going to the edge of the city, you just escape.
That alone will escape from this crisis.

“Can you just get out of this city and escape alone?” (Yogiri)

“It’s a sage, but this guy’s amazing!” (Ryouta) (TL: I think he is referring to Yogiri wanting him to leave.)

We decided to execute the plan at once.
We moved away from the point of attack with Ryouta’s power to an area not yet attacked.
That was a residential area.
People are wondering or not if evacuation has already been completed.
Yogiri and Tomochika joined hands, standing side by side.
Ryouta has metastasized to another place just in case.
He was supposed to take them back to another place just incase the sage disappeared.

“I don’t think I need to go out with Dannoura-san. I can manage to do it if I am alone.” (Yogiri)

“Because I can see you, the probability of success will rise.” (Tomochika)

『I also have sensing capabilities.』(Mokomoko)

Attacks are being done in intervals of several seconds to tens of seconds.
There should be some signs at once.
Tomochika was staring at the sky, when she gripped the hand of Yogiri tightly.
It’s a sign. (TL: Now if only it was a ship.)
Tomochika moves, and Yogiri follows her.
The two rushed forwards.While running, Yogiri felt something immediately behind them and ran there.
Pitch black, into the shadow of killing intent.
They rushed into an absolute dead ground.
Towards something flying, Yogiri instantly gained power.

“Mokomoko-san!” (Tomochika)


From the uniform of Tomochika, something slipped out completely.
It spreads into a dome shape in a moment and covered them.
A huge crash sounded right after, the dome shook, and silence arrived.

“Ah, I did not want to do it by a blow. It was bad for my heart!” (Tomochika)

『Yes. I thought it was robust to a certain extent, but I didn’t know what to try it on.』
Even if you killed Lain who was assaulting them, the dead body thrusts as it is. (TL: If you are confused, I think a copy of Lain slammed into the shield.)
What had protected Yogiri and the others, it was the substance obtained from the giant robot Aggressor.
It seems like an artificial muscle that was used inside a robot.
They heard it was fragile compared to the exterior of the robot, but it seemed possible to make the human body fly at supersonic speed.

『But, is it okay if I only knocked down one?』(Mokomoko)

Mokomoko wondered about this doubt.
The enemies would introduce as many copies as possible after all.

“There was a response so it’s okay.” (Yogiri)

But, Yogiri had answered smoothly.
Even if they waited for a while, the next attack wouldn’t come.
It seems Yogiri’s power had reached the enemy.

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