Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 37

As all the Lain B’s who were waiting in the air lost their power, Lain watched them crash.
She doesn’t know exactly what happened.
Lain was not in sync with the Lain B’s.
However, she knew Yogiri had directed the power of instantaneous death to the Lain B’s.
Otherwise, it was impossible for an immortal vampire to die.
Slamming into the sand-covered ground, the ugly crushed Lain B’s quickly disappeared.
It is because it’s designed to remove unnecessary parts.

“Ah, that, this is one……” (Euphemia)

Looking at the picture of hell that is the people falling down, she hears Euphemia’s fear.

“It seems Lain B was done in. Because they are duplicates made from the same template settings, it seems if one is done in they all are done in.” (Lain)

“You shouldn’t take hands against Yogiri Takatou!” (Euphemia)

“Really? Next time it will only be to make duplicates with settings that vary a little. That way, once one is done the others won’t be as well.” (Lain)

Even if Lain B actually dies, Lain won’t be affected.
Yogiri’s power seems to have limitations as well.
Even regarding reaction to the killing intent, subtly there are differences depending on the situation.

Perhaps there may be a key to capturing Yogiri.
It was likely a breakthrough method could be found if they investigated a little further.
However, Lain who felt the response was disappointed.
After all, Yogiri could not kill an invulnerable Original Blood vampire. ¹

―Then there isn’t anymore use. ²

Lain lost interest in Yogiri.
Although it is a rebellion against the sages, there is no way that only Lain needs to respond.
If they couldn’t overlook it, then only the sages who thought so should get rid of him.

―You seem to have killed Kurayami. Even if he was kept alive, there may be a way to use him.

Being able to beat the Aggressor is highly useful.
She wished she could have declared that it was a sage.
That way, him murdering the sages would be unquestionable.
But it is afterwards to think about it.

Now that Kurayami has disappeared, there is no use being in this place.
Lain tried to return, then she noticed the abnormality.
Euphemia has not moved too much since then.
As if she froze, she didn’t even tremble.
And, Lain noticed she too was the same as she couldn’t move.

―What happened!?

Lain was puzzled by the unexpected phenomenon.
She felt such surprise, comparable to when she first came to this world.
It even seems as if time is stopped for a few hours.
Due to this phenomenon, she was led to think about the possibility that was hard to believe.

Her body was dead.

Now, Lain who was in this place, she was also a duplicate made by her body like Lain B.
However it wasn’t an instant presence like Lain B, she was linking to the main body to share memory.
This is the identity of immortality.
The body exists in a safe place, then activates duplication.

No matter how much the duplicate was broken, it was only to create the next copy instantly.
However, the important link had been broken.
It becomes impossible to contact the main body, and the latest state wouldn’t be reflected.

Therefore, Lain who is in this place is continuing to think independently.
However, she won’t for very long.
Lain in this place, she is designed on the premise that she is linked to the main body.
If the link is broken, her body will become unnecessary and will disappear.

That was inevitable as the duplicate is a dependant

Lain is like an after-image.
Never to be conscious of anything, a temporary existence that only appears between synchronizations.
Whether it is like a running light phenomenon, Lain thought about prolonging this moment.

――Have you reached the main body from Lain B?

Lain was admired, she was also relieved.
Lain B and the main body are not directly connected.
Yet Yogiri Takatou, he could kill the main body that existed in another dimension.
She didn’t know the reason for doing so. It’s too unreasonable, and powerful enough to be stupid.

But, that was it.
That alone could save that child.
Just before she faded away, Lain was full of hope.

Scene change to Yogiri and others

The next day after the series of incidents.

Yogiri and friends were in the central square.
A lot of tents for victims were prepared in the space of the plaza, and Yogiri and others stayed there.
The zombie commotion, Kurayami’s raid.
And massive destruction by the sages.

He didn’t know where to lend a hand, and he seemed to be despised, but Ryouta immediately responded.
To grasp the situation of damage, support was requested from the neighboring cities.
He rescued the victims, gathered the necessary supplies, and offered accommodation to those who were burnt out.

“I’ve woken up, is everything okay?” (Yogiri)

“I’m still sleepy but I’m managing somehow.” (Tomochika)

Yogiri and others headed for the building prepared as a disaster countermeasure office.
Going inside, they go to Ryouta, chief of the countermeasure head.

“No, really, thank you. Yesterday was saved!” (Ryouta)

Although he hadn’t been sleeping and had a tired face, Ryouta greeted them with a full smile.
It seemed to be true that he appreciated it.

“That, even though you said thank you, sage? Even though we beat it….” (Tomochika)

Tomochika is put back into confusion.
Because Ryouta is a follower of the sages, he guessed she thought he wasn’t happy.

“You don’t have to give respect or pay tribute to a human bomb like him.” (Ryouta)

Ryouta was opening up.

“But, the city was safe because there is a barrier of the sages, right? Is that all right?” (Tomochika)

“Of course, a new sage will be put in charge. Until then it is a shame even making walls. Well, maybe for something. I was saying to do anything you can in this situation. There may be times when I have to wait a bit.” (Ryouta)

“Yes. I’m thinking of leaving the city as soon as possible.” (Yogiri)

As to why Yogiri had been sleeping in the morning was woken up, that was the cause.
Tomochika had strongly appealed that he should leave this town soon.
Tomochika is worried about Yogiri killing civilians.
It was just in her own head if from Yogiri, but it would be mixed feelings if from the surviving citizens.
Some might think about getting revenge as well.

“That’s fine, but the train won’t move yet?” (Ryouta)

“That’s it, but can I get a truck from the square?” (Yogiri)

“The Immortality Organization’s? Well surely you will be able to reach the kingdom, is this okay with you?” (Ryouta)

“Yes. How does that fuel go? Does this world have gasoline?” (Yogiri)

“The cars in this world are running off of magical power. Because it uses a magic stone shape, you do not need to use magic separately. All right. Please wait a moment. I’ll do it before departure.” (Ryouta)

That was the case.

Yogiri and others still

Morning of the next day.

When Tomochika arrived at the truck, a lot of goods were being brought in.
The truck was rugged-like, and it had 6 tires.
It was developed in this world as a military armored car model.

“Is this okay? Even though the city is in such a situation….” (Tomochika)

Tomochika spoke with a sorry feeling to Ryouta, who is commanding the transportation work.

“No it’s fine. If it wasn’t for you, the damage of the city should have been over such a degree.” (Ryouta)

“If we hadn’t come, there might not have been such a thing.” (Tomochika)

“Well, that is unavoidable to say. Originally there is no big reason for the sage to do it, I don’t understand if you were the cause. The Aggressor may have attacked it regardless of the sage.” (Ryouta)

Yogiri was convinced that it was such a thing.

“Okay, the loading has ended. I prepared what you needed. I had enough room for magic stones, so it would be enough for the kingdom.” (Ryouta)

Ryouta supplied goods, then described the basic matters of the truck.
Because Yogiri had gotten into the truck quickly, Tomochika is the one listening to it.

“Thank you for everything.” (Tomochika)

“Well then, be careful not to fall off of the cliffs.” (Ryouta)

Ryouta stuck his hand out.
They shook hands and they parted.
Tomochika also boards the truck.
Yogiri was already sitting in the front passenger seat, and he was playing a mobile game.

“Well, aren’t you driving!? I was saying good-bye to Ma○ro-Kart!³ ” (Tomochika)

Tomochika, she believed driving is a thing a man does.

“I’m not good at it. I just said there was something I did. I always hit the wall with a curve, can I really drive such a guy?” (Yogiri)

“I think you can step on the break!?” (Tomochika)

She couldn’t let Yogiri drive.
She got over next to Yogiri, sitting down in the driver’s seat.

“But I’ve also never touched the real thing, I wonder if it will be alright.” (Tomochika)

『What, I’m going to be taking a big boat as I am teaching my Dannoura-style driving technique.』(Mokomoko)

“Why won’t you stop being cheap and putting Dannoura on everything!?” (Tomochika)

By the way, there was a technique called ‘Dannoura-type Flying Body Press’, it was her sister’s good skill.

『Whether it is a tank or a helicopter, I am familiar with driving methods! I won’t experience Dannoura!』(Mokomoko)

“My home, what on earth are you going to do……” (Tomochika)

Because she seemed to notice a terrible possibility, she gave up on thinking on the way.
Mokomoko also started the engine according to this instruction.
Whether magic worked internally, the operation system and instruments seemed to be the same as generic cars.
As she stepped on the accelerator, the truck slowly started moving.

“Well, departure!” (Tomochika)

Tomochika raised one hand and cheers vigorously.

“……where is your reaction!? It looks like I’m cheering with glee alone!” (Tomochika)

“Work hard.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri said with an eye on the game machine.

“Yes, yes, I will do my best!” (Tomochika)

First we head for the canyon.
I aimed for it as it was the Kingdom of the future.


¹ – She really is clinging to that immortal bit to try to live, isn’t she…..

² – Meaning she has no reason of sticking around.

³ -「って、運転しないの!? マ○オカート得意とか言ってたじゃん!」are the raws. Someone in the comments told me it was Mario Kart, and that sounds the most fitting. Ty!

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