Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 38

The girl was lying down and staring at the ceiling.
How long she had been doing this, she didn’t really know.
She noticed she was in this state, and thought she was sleeping.
She had been thinking for a while, but did not clearly remember the memory even if it passed.

There was no choice, so she raised herself.
She noticed that she was in a coffin.
It was a luxurious substitute that used satin fabric for the lining.
The coffin was very large compared to her body.

“As if like a vampire.” (???)

The girl was surprised at her voice.
It was a young voice, higher than what she expected.
Trying to touch the body, she noticed she was squeezing something in her hand.
It was a round stone she had, but she didn’t know as to why she had such a thing.
PetaPeta, she touched her face and body.
It couldn’t be said that she was in the shape of an adult.

Clothes were a pink dress with frills.
‘I see, I am like a child.‘ is what she thought.
While she was thinking about such things, the inside of the room was slowly getting brighter.
It was filled with pretty furniture and stuffed animals, like a girl’s room.
Among them, only the existence of a coffin was heterogeneous.
When it was sufficiently bright, a woman in a red dress appeared.

『The fact that you are seeing this image, that means my prospect was successful. I died, you survived.』(Red-Dress-Woman)

As a person appeared, the girl was relieved.
She had indeed thought she would be in trouble as it was.

『Let me explain, starting with your identity. You are me.』(Red-Dress-Woman)

The girl inclined her head.
She didn’t really understand the meaning.
Then, the woman’s explanation continued as if to answer that question.

『My name is Tendo Lain. My existence is known as a sage in this world.』 (Lain)

The girl knew what this world and sage meant.
She didn’t know who she was, but she seemed to have such knowledge.

『And, you are a duplicate made from me. Because I prioritized becoming the most separate individual, you did not inherit any memory related to my personality at all.』 (Lain)

Although it was said to be duplication, without memory replication, it seemed to be quite different from the figure.

『It’s a measure to make that figure separate. It’s too bad for you but I ran it as my hobby. It’s the form I once wanted to be. Everything I did was said as irritating, but I have never been called cute. Since I was a child, although I have a poor eye, I killed some people and it seemed to be strange.¹』 (Lain)

As she told herself she was wondering what type of person she was facing, she decided to postpone it.
The image may not be reproduced.
It was necessary to listen firmly.

『Why did you take such a roundabout way to avoid the attack of Takatou Yogiri?』 (Lain)

Takatou Yogiri.
As soon as she heard that name, the girl’s heart beat faster.
She knew that power of his.
Then, she roughly understood why Lain did this.

『I will tell you about where you are next. This is my hideout on the ground. This room and casket were mine, but now are yours. There are enough assets, so you can live as you like. You and I are completely different, I cannot force you to do anything.』 (Lain)

Even if she was told that, the girl had no choice but to be at a loss.
She was created, she had no memories of the past.
She could not understand why it is nice even if she is told to live like that in such a state.

『Well, now that you understand the story up to this point, you have anything to ask?』 (Lain)

That wasn’t an order, it would be to make Lain’

s intention not to substitute for her.
She was afraid of Yogiri’s power.
Lain soon talked about her request.

“What’s that, unfair!” (Small-Lain)

She had thought so.
The girl who had just awakened has no purpose of living or a goal, she doesn’t know the standard to judge good or bad.
If you asked her such a thing, there was nothing better to do.

“Well, as a matter of a fact, I will go see Yogiri-san.” (Small-Lain)

To her, there were passionate thoughts for Takatou Yogiri.²
It is only one of the measures in order to avoid the power of Yogiri.
But, for her who knew nothing else, that feeling was very important.
Or it might also be a calculation by Lain.
However, she didn’t care.
Her feelings for Takatou Yogiri.
Only that, was shining within her.

Scene change to classmates³

The blade that entered between the shoulder and mouth, it tore out of the flank.
A humanoid-shaped monster, it was obliquely cut apart at an angle.
While spreading blood and organs, the monster collapses and stops breathing.
The scattering of Sugusama Soru began, and the long-haired girl who knocked down the monster, Ninomiya Ryoko absorbed most of it.
Although the other party members will form to participate in the irritation, the amount is insignifigant.

“Ryoko, come~on. Now, I’m not earning the most experience.” (Asuha)

It is Koriyama Asuha that says so.
It is a girl who is a beauty-coordinator.
This is in the middle of the Primeval Forest.
The ones fighting, while raising their levels while aiming for the Imperial City, were Yogiri’s classmates.
They had a party of 4 people, it was to raise their levels.
Their strategy was simple.

Give the ‘Skill: Up-Charm’ to Ryoko, the strongest among the party members.
Then the charmed monsters appear one after another, so she cuts one down.
By doing this, people other than Ryoko can raise their levels relatively safely.
The experience value, the amount absorbed into the soul is proportional to the distance.
The level of Ryoko who fought at the front was the most prominent.

“Let’s finish for today. It’s almost time for the ‘Up-Charm’ to expire.” (Ryoko)

Ryoko shakes her sword lightly.
Blood and grease scatters cleanly just by that.
It is not just the sword.
Ryoko boasts overwhelming strength, of course it was her skill, but the weapon’s performance was also a large part of it.

“Yeah. If we continue like this it will soon be night. Is that okay for everyone?” (Asuha)

Asuha confirmed with the rest of the two.
Those who weren’t fighting couldn’t oppose it, and the party came back to their camp.
There are many tents set up in the open space of the Primeval Forest.
Most of the classmates were here.
The party broke up when they returned to camp, and Ryoko went to her tent.

“Hello! Ryoko!” (???)

There was a previous guest.
However, this was a tent for one which was given to the high level people.
It was a violation of the rules to enter arbitrarily.

“Can you please not enter arbitrarily?” (Ryoko)

It was a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, she didn’t look Japanese in any way.
Kyaroru S. Ren.
As you could see from her name, she was a foreigner.
When she could enroll in highschool she came to Japan, and she had been in the same class as Ryoko for 2 consecutive years.
She had a smartphone in her hand, as she was touching this and that.
It should have been lost a while ago, it was Ryoko’s smartphone.

“That, I’m sorry. Even though I picked it up, I was rude.” (Ren)

Ryoko calmed down quickly.
She thought she had entered the tent without permission, but it was to bring her the smartphone out of kindness.
Yet now the attitude was disappointing.

“Maa Maa, Kinishinidekudasai.⁴” (Ren)

“Can you please stop talking about me? I’m going to go in just a minute.” (Ryoko)

“Is that so? Well I will stop it then.” (Ren)

Kyaroru was able to speak Japanese very naturally. Her prattle is her joke material usage.

“This, where had it fallen?” (Ryoko)

“Ah, I picked it up, but I only took it in secrecy! Yes, here you are.” (Ren)

She passed the smartphone with a smile, Ryoko was stunned.

“So, I came to return it because the batteries seemed to have run out.” (Ren)

She checked her smartphone.
The battery level was below 5%.

“What do you mean?” (Ryoto)

She didn’t understand her intention.
The smartphone was not useful for anything in the different world, and there was no choice but to steal it.

“This, I wanted to look at the monitoring tool which was trial and error. It is impossible, the battery ran out as is, and I couldn’t do anything so I came back. Hey, can you show me where it is moving?” (Ren)

Monitoring tool.
It was a special application installed on this smartphone, and those who knew that it existed should be limited.

“……You, who are you?” (Ryoto)

“Takatou-kun’s stalker. The same as you.” (Ren)

The monitoring of Takatou Yogiri by foreign forces.
It was likely to be enough.
It was natural you would not be able to take your eyes off while knowing about Yogiri’s existence.

“Well, whatever you want. Since I came to another world, there is no point in watching Takatou-kun.” (Ryoko)

That was Ryoko’s true intention.
If she couldn’t return to Japan anymore, there is no meaning to the monitoring mission.
It is the highest priority to act in order for her and her classmates to survive now.

“Yeah, I understand Ryoko’s idea. Would you mind moving the monitoring tool? You don’t need to keep it confidential, right?” (Ren)

“If you were also monitoring Takatou-kun, don’t you have something similar?” (Ryoko)

“We also prepared some Takatou-kun dedicated satellites, and I was always watching them. It doesn’t make sense if you come here. But, Japan was originally involved in Takatou-kun, if it is occult-related technology, what is the length of a day in Japan? It’s there.” (Ren)

Ryoko manipulated the smartphone.
She thought it would be nice if she wanted to see so much.
Starting the monitoring tool and entering a passcode.
Then, the state of Yogiri was displayed.
She didn’t know the position because there is no GPS, but the rough direction and distance are displayed.
According to it, Yogiri was in the direction of the kingdom.
In other words, he was ahead of Ryoko.

“After all, he is alive.”

“But, Takatou-kun is in a sealed state……something like that……the first gate is open……” (Ren)

She was chilly.
Ryoko hadn’t seen the threat directly, but she heard the tragedy caused by that power is disgusting.

“There is nothing strange separately? I’m sealing it myself, so you can remove it yourself. Yes, thank you.” (Ren)

‘Well, that’s it for now.’ she said.
Ren tried to leave the tent.

“Kyaroru. What are you planning to do?” (Ryoto)

Ryoko called to Kyaroru’s back.

“Apart from that for now. Do you not see them as soon as you go?” (Ren)

“I am afraid……aren’t you?” (Ryoto)

Even though Japan was paying close attention, at that time death was a story of a distant world somewhere.
However, now that the seal had broken, the danger was imminent.

“Scared? Oh, I guess my way of thinking is different from that. Do you think that Takatou-kun is a monster?” (Ren)

“Is it different?” (Ryoto)

Just thinking and killing people.
That would be a ridiculous monster.
She could not feel secure or anything whether it was sealed or not, and when she was in Japan, Ryoko had a feeling like sitting on a needle.

“I think so. I wish I could think very simply. The existence which governs the death of all living things. What is that?” (Ren)

“No way……” (Ryoto)

Too simple, that was the answer Ryoko had imagined suddenly.

“We knew it existed in reality and were shaken, as a result, we had to abandon our faith. Well, that kind of thing.” (Ren)

Kyaroru said that and went out.
The new faith, it wouldn’t change even if you come to a different world.
To Ryoko who had been swept away by the whole situation, her unwaveringness seemed a little enviable.


¹ – Eh, it’s just casual murder. No biggie.

² – No no no, stay out of his harem (of 1). Bad Lain.

³ – Wow, it’s been awhile since we’ve heard from those guys….

⁴ – Probably a catchphrase…..probably.

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