Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 51

From the leopard’s perspective dodging Will’s water blades was mere child’s play. Even though he still gave of a dangerous feeling, the leopard felt that he was not as powerful as it had thought. Thus it decided to probe him with an attack. Its body radiated killing intent as it got ready to strike at Will, little did it now how sensitive Will was to killing intent. The young man had already won the battle before the leopard had lunged.

The moment it was about to attack, Will swung his hand down at a speed that was not visible to the naked eye. The force from his swing caused the air in front of him to become chaotic. The leopard lunged, but unlike it had planned, it was lunging in two parts.

All Letty saw was the beast lunging, then she heard a crashing noise behind them. The two halves of the corpse had crashed into an 18 wheeler behind them. The truck tumbled over and crashed into a building bursting into flames. Despite her lack of battle skills Letty was still a level 49 user of the highest tier. Deep within the raging inferno she could still see the two cleanly cut halves of a Vector Leopard.

She could already sense a new soul in their vicinity so there was no doubt as to what had happened.

He-he could throw them even faster?

Yes Will could throw them faster, but what really helped him was his ability to detect the presence of any creature that had targeted him with killing intent. Creatures that relied on speed were bound to die by his hands, so long as they locked onto him. This was one of the extra boons of having Bloodlust.

Letty was now becoming numb to Will’s feats, so she did not even bother wasting time thinking about what had just happened. “Master, after the scout comes the first wave, if its a weak group of players its usually a group of monsters around D class or a horde, but if the scout is dispatched of so quickly, then…”

Will turned around and raised a brow, “Then what?”

Letty breathed out some hot hair to calm herself down, “Then, a mini boss will come. Probably a peak D+ monster…”

“Oh, we have to prepare then.”

“How?” A peak D+ rank beast was an absolute nightmare. That was something that they were not capable of battling. Each letter represented that the creature had the same amount of energy as fifteen levels equivalent to a player. In other words, a peak D+ creature was equivalent in energy to a level 45 user. Demonic beasts are always stronger than their equivalent users, due to their unique bodies and abilities.

Since what was coming was a mini boss, it would no doubt be a monster among monsters. It would probably need a party of over level 50 combat related users with top of the line equipment and support from equally powerful support type users. Such was the normal way of thinking.

Letty could not comprehend just how they were going to get out of this situation. Will had also only reached level 21 now.

A level 20 user gaining only one level of xp from soloing a D- beast?

This completely messed up what she understood about the system. The knowledge she prided herself in was slowly becoming more and more useless.

“We don’t need to prepare much. Lets give ourselves the home-ground advantage. Let’s go to the beach.”

Letty and Will arrived at the beach smoothly without any interruptions, demonic beasts had obviously surrounded them, but they were not approaching, because they had seen what had happened to the leopard. Those who had not seen heard. These beasts had their own methods of communication. So the duo’s trip to the beach was unhindered, but to Letty, this was a bad omen.

Its only a matter of time before the mini boss arrives. Being near a water source would provide more water, but its not enough to kill a mini boss of this caliber, besides at his level he can’t use that much water at one time, in other words water is not the real reason we are here….Master probably has something else up his sleeve, something like intent!

Letty assumed that Will was here to lay some grand trap, but he had simply come here for the water. That’s it. Will had more than enough water, but he wanted to fight in an environment were water was abundant to try out a new skill of his. To Will this was more of an experiment, so he was not sure if this would work, but he was confident the results would not be bad.

Will walked to the shore and knelt, placing one hand in the water, “Tell me Letty, how much about intent do you know?”

“…Its a powerful ability that only top class users have. That it is will manifested in reality.. That’s all I know.” she muttered bashfully. Her lack of knowledge on the matter made her feel somewhat embarrassed.

“Yet you were able to produce some in front of me, you did so without knowing what it was?”

“That was something that my father taught me, I only know how to instinctively bring it out, nothing more.”

Will nodded, because he himself was no different from her five years ago, stumbling upon the path of martial arts like a blind man in a library looking for a story.

“Well Letty to put it simply, intent is just like what you said. Definitions won’t help, but showing should. When our friend arrives, I will show you what I mean.”

As Letty stood behind Will, she was trying her best to understand what little information he had given her, she was also trying to see what he was doing by placing his hand in the water. So far it seemed as if he was doing nothing, but her instincts told her otherwise.

“Don’t just stand there, you also have something you need to do. The skill I gave you, learn it now.”

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