Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 89

Instant Death – Chapter 89

Volume 4, Chapter 8: As expected, not even Dannoura can shoot beams yet

“For some reason, I feel like running away…”

After their encounter with Shinozaki Akaya, Yogiri and Tomochika returned to the royal castle.
Having crossed the castle’s gates, Tomochika said that with a gloomy expression on her face as they headed towards the residence in the royal castle grounds.

“It’s certainly quite hard to say, huh?”

Perhaps Tomochika was worried about the terribly angry looks on the castle’s gatekeepers’ faces?

They seem to know that Yogiri and the sage candidates have some kind of relation to the incidents that have been happening since the other day, and have no intention to hide their resentment.

The streets and the castle have sustained an enormous amount of damage. I know this was one of the sage candidates’ doing, but I couldn’t do anything to interfere. No wonder these people are so flustered.

— It was Shinozaki, wasn’t it? Wouldn’t it have been better to just deal with her?

That’s what Yogiri thinks, but if he was to begin using his powers to settle matters that are unrelated to him, there would be no end to it.

“You should use your power as much as you like, Yogiri. That way, if there’s someone you don’t like, you’d just kill them! But I think you did just fine. Still, you don’t have to be so rational about everything! I just wish you’d think about how you can put your power to use without being limited by your own thoughts and beliefs, or customary things like justice.”

That sounded like something that Takato Asaka, his own foster mother, had told him once in the past.

The streets are littered with dead bodies. That cannot be allowed. The one responsible for this must pay somehow.

That punishment may surely be seen as justice, but Yogiri can’t stop seeing it as just something that he has to do.

In the end, the fact that several strangers had died on the streets didn’t sway Yogiri’s heart to that extent.

“I think we should punish them. After all, they did drag all of these innocent people into this.”

“So it’s okay if someone from the class dies, huh?”

“Ah, it’s not that… I don’t think that it’s okay if they die, but… the kids from the class did do something terrible, so…”

It seems that Tomochika is having trouble taking a clear position in the matter.

As for Yogiri, he doesn’t really care what happens to those guys from the class.

In that situation, using a decoy would mean the same as to murder them, so there’s no reason to complain.

But what if more people get involved, and Ryouko or Carol end up getting killed?

It seems he cannot overlook this after all. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s being coldhearted, nor that he’s staying neutral. He just wants to be there to protect those he cares for.

“Well, if I see that you’ll be about to kill any of those guys from the class, I’ll stop you! After all, I can’t just leave you alone for a second.”

“That’s right!”

He agreed, happy to see that Tomochika thought that way, too.

『But wasn’t that a very strong person? There shouldn’t be any problem as long as it’s a kid, but you might not be able to cross swords with someone as strong…』

“I haven’t thought about crossing swords or anything like that against a beam to begin with!”

『But as expected, not even Dannoura can shoot beams yet…』

“I’m surprised that she even tried to fire off a beam!

We had that conversation as we walked towards the residence we were using as a base.

At the precise moment that we arrived, the door of the residence opens and a girl student comes out.

It was a gentle-looking petite girl.

“Ah, Tomo-chi! I was looking for you!”

Yogiri remembered that this girl’s name is Jogosaki Romiko.

According to his memory, Tomochika and Romiko sat together at the tourist bus, and they quickly got along.

“Did something happen, Miko-chi?”

Romiko calls her ‘Tomo-chi’ since they seem to have become close friends. Tomochika calls Romiko ‘Miko-chi’ for the same reason.

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