Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 91

Originally they were only 24, and then Yogiri and Tomochika arrived as well. But it didn’t look as if she was going to go into too much detail about that.

“However, now we are only 18. Eight of us have perished at the hands of Shinozaki Ayaka.”

Sora then read the names of those who had died out loud.

Among those names, Yogiri recognized Izumida’s, who had been in the same room with him once.

“Seems that those three eroge aristocrats have been annihilated before we even realized, huh?”

『Hey, is that the only thing you care about?』

Mokomoko said that just as shocked as Tomochika herself seems to be.

The other people from the class also seemed as if, until now, they hadn’t realized the fact that there were fewer and fewer of them. They couldn’t hide their surprise either.

“Can none of us defeat that Shinozaki?”

“That’s right, aren’t we supposed to be strong? She’s all by herself!”

Some of the male students speak up loudly as if to say that they can bring her down.

“I know that many of you have done an excellent job at the battle for the capture of hell. But I think that the main reason behind the damage being so widespread is that it was concentrated in a single point. I told them to not act on their own so recklessly, and yet…”

But it seems that they were so overconfident that they were under the impression that they would be fine.

“What about Munakata and Yatate getting killed? I heard that they couldn’t even stop her from killing Ushio even though it was happening right in front of them. They must have realized just how much of a threat she is.”

The one speaking was General Yazaki.

He seemed to want to advise against acting on our own, too.

Ushio, Munakata, and Yatate. Ushio was one of the first of the ones known as “the three eroge aristocrats” to fall victim to Shinozaki.

Perhaps he was trying to say that Munakata and Yatate shouldn’t have underestimated Ayaka so much that they ended up wandering around aimlessly on their own.

“They were killed in their own room. It seems that sneaking past our defenses is easy enough.”

Commotion spread out like fire.

Seems like there’s no time to feel relieved.

If the idea was to make everyone feel scared and anxious, then it worked perfectly.

“That’s all I have for our current situation. Now, regarding what we’re going to do from now on… The country has requested for our immediate evacuation.”

“What do they mean, evacuation? Aren’t we here because of the sage’s influence in the first place?”

Yazaki intervened once again.

The Sages have tremendous authority. The power of the king of a country alone shouldn’t have been enough to overrule it.

“Yes. It would seem that this country has already declared itself to be beyond salvation. In fact, the damage caused by Shinozaki Ayaka was so great, that they might think that there’s no point continuing to follow the Sages’ advice.”

The Mani Kingdom had urged them to leave the country today.

It wasn’t an unreasonable request at all. Even the King himself was killed by Shinozaki. One could say they were being gentle about it.

“Of course, it’s not a good plan to stir trouble with an entire country. So I think that our best course of action would be to go against hell. We have two goals. The first one is to continue our capture and bring down the devil. The other one is to turn the tables on Shinozaki in due course.”

She was not asking for people’s opinions on it. She had already decided matters about it on her own.

Romiko Jogosaki hates both troublesome things and things that stand out too much.

That’s why she carries herself as an absent-minded person.

It’s easy to avoid doing troublesome things by pretending not to have heard, and people will often forgive you for forgetting to do tasks you don’t want to do.

However, she can be a bit inconsistent with that belief of not wanting to stand out. That often draws the attention of others since she then seems to be like a different person.

Romiko thinks that this is an unavoidable trait of hers.

So she hates troublesome things more than things that stand out.

Generally speaking, she employs most of her efforts in avoiding troublesome things.

That’s why even if Romiko had gained some sort of strange power when coming to this other world, she probably wouldn’t say anything about it.

If she had any fighting prowess, she would surely be sent to the front lines to fight. And that’s something Romiko definitely doesn’t want to do.

So, Romiko thought about her abilities as soon as she got her power.


It’s a class that can manipulate the spirits of the dead.

In that case, she could just report that the power she had obtained only allows her to speak with the dead, and that would be the end of it, but…

But in fact, with that power, you can control the bodies of the dead, and borrow the power of the spirits of the dead for your own use. Such power can definitely be used for battle in many ways.

However, someone might actually know about that class, or there may be some classes that can tell what’s the extent of a necromancer’s power. Lying about it seems to be a poor plan.

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