Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 95

The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death

Chapter 90 V4C11

You see, that’s why I think it’s around time for an awakening event

Once they passed through the wall that wrapped around the center of hell, they found a forest. Once they had made their way into it, they suddenly arrived at a space full of nothingness.

This was supposed to be the hole that rested in the center of hell.

If you were to look closer, you’d notice that it wasn’t a perfect circle, but instead the inside looked more like some kind of intricate cliff. The size of the hole seemed to be around 20km in diameter and the other side of it seemed covered in a haze which they couldn’t see through.

At that point, the sun had begun to fall so they decided to take a rest. It was difficult to believe hell’s changing weather, but so far things like the sun seemed to be moving at the same pace as the world above. And thus, no matter how much they trusted their own abilities, they decided that the best was to stop advancing during night time, when their visibility was severely restricted.

The sage candidates went back into the woods and built a base there.

A carpenter-class candidate made part of the forest disappear and created a vacant lot where he built a fort.

Just for caution’s sake, they scouted the area and confirmed its safety before declaring the day’s activities were over.

And then it was night.

A dinner party was held at the large dining hall inside the fort.

There were a number of tables inside with lavish meals arranged on top of them. They were prepared by the girls who excelled at cooking, and the ingredients that they used were those that had been brought along with them from the above world.

At the time they had been deported, they had procured large amounts of supplies and stockpiled them at several locations in the underworld.

“I wonder if it’s really okay for us to be in such high spirits…”

Grumbled Tomochika.

“Isn’t it fine?”

Replied Romiko.

“Well, it’s been nothing but child’s play until now, hasn’t it?

Said Shijou Juna. The three of them sat at the same table.

They had reached the end of the sixth layer without much difficulty and would arrive to the seventh level tomorrow. At first, they had been confused by the environment, which they were not accustomed to, but now they had pretty much adapted to it completely.

A relaxed atmosphere could be felt throughout the dining hall.

At the moment there were more girls in the room, possibly making the guys feel a little awkward.

“Shouldn’t we have a lookout or someone guarding outside? I mean, we’re right in the middle of enemy territory, aren’t we?”

“We had been taking turns doing that until we got to the royal capital. However, since then Arima’s power improved and now he can apparently see everything around our perimeter.”

Arima Osamu. He was a gifted boy of the carpenter class.

At first, he could only build a small single shack if he tried his best, however he could now easily build huge structures like the one they were in at the moment.

Also, the carpenter class had the power to know about everything that was going on inside the places they built.

Since there were fences around the fort, the carpenter-class power extended to them. In other words, it was possible for him to look out for enemies over a wide area around their fort.

“Huh? Isn’t that bad? Won’t people hate him like they did with the three eroge aristocrats?”

Tomochika thought that if that guy was able to see everything inside the building where everyone slept, there would be many people who wouldn’t feel comfortable with it.

“Ah, Arima is quite popular so it isn’t really much of an issue. Still, he offered himself to take Akino’s oath. In that sense isn’t his honesty also part of what makes him so well-liked?”

Kana answered. The three eroge aristocrats seemed to reluctantly accept him so it may be different in that way.

“It’s absurd…”

“He’s an honor student aspiring to be an architect, who’s also good looking and a gentleman, they’re all characteristics that make him popular, right? Tomochika, could it be that Arima just isn’t your type?”

“It’s not like I hate him, but…”

When thinking about it, she suddenly realized that she’d never thought of a boy in that way.

“Isn’t it that you prefer guys like Takato?”

“Wh-why are you bringing him up now?”

“Well, you’re always together, isn’t it weird you haven’t felt conscious about it until now?”

“No, it’s not like that, just- wait, he isn’t around, is he?”

Tomochika looked around for Yogiri and realized he wasn’t in the dining room.

“Oh, you’re right.”

Romiko helped her look around for him. The hall wasn’t large enough to lose track of someone easily, which meant he must’ve slipped out at some point.

“He’s the loner type, so maybe it was a bit hard for him to be around so many people?”

“Isn’t that saying too much?”

Said Tomochika, and while complaining, she started thinking it might actually be true.

Yogiri sat at the edge of the clearing in the middle of the forest, staring at the stone fort lit by the moonlight.

It was the fort built for them by the guy who had the carpenter-class abilities.

When he made it, the process looked just as though he was playing a game, erasing parts of the forest and stacking together blocks that appeared one after another, quickly being able to build huge structures.

Lively voices could be heard coming out of the fort.

Everyone was eating, but Yogiri finished early and went out.

――It kind of reminds me a bit to somewhere where I used to live before.

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