Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 98

The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death

Chapter 92 – It’s so warm… No, that is not the kind of thing to be saying right now!

The Seat of the Holy King.

It was both the center and the holy land of the Axis Church. In other words, a place you might call the head temple.

Situated in the royal capital of the Kingdom of Mani, it boasted the control of all of the biggest religious organizations in this world.

And long ago, a Holy King lived there.

Once the Holy King was no more, after being sacrificed in order to seal away the Demon Albagarma, he was worshipped as a symbol.

Over the course of a thousand years, it was expanded as a religious facility.

Just as the name implied, the symbol of the Axis Church was an axis. It was supposed to resemble a celestial axis that pierces the center of the earth. Not only that, but the architecture of all buildings related to the church were made to be cylindrical in shape.

Currently, the Seat of the Holy King was a jumble of cylindrical black and white buildings that were connected by bridges. A most intricate and bizarre sight. There was something about it that overwhelmed all those who saw it. It was more than enough to make you feel a sense of reverence towards it.

And there was the upper layer.

That was where the Archbishop’s office was located.

Now that there was no Holy King, the Axis Church was operated by a council of ten Archbishops.

The Archbishops usually worked in their designated districts, but there was always one Archbishop who stayed at the Seat of the Holy King. They took turns filling this role, and the man who was there currently was called Horalis.

Horalis was standing by the window in the office and looking outside.

The Seat of the Holy King was the second tallest building in the royal capital. And so you had a good view of the town from the top.

It seemed like there had been some kind of accident, and much of the town had been destroyed by it.

However, Horalis hardly cared about such things at this point.

This was because Horalis was sure that there was no future for mankind.

He himself had felt the return of the Devil Mana in his bones.

Humanity did not know.

They didn’t know that the demons and monsters had already come outside.

If they wanted to, they could easily destroy this country.

But Horalis had a role. He was to entertain this Mana, that was sealed in the demon world.

That was why he had entered the biggest religious organization in this world and gained the authority to manage the entrance to the demon world, which spread out underneath the town.

If you could not go out, you had to call to the outside for change.

However, just calling them randomly would not be very entertaining. So there had to be some rules.

And so he made it that explorers could enjoy adventuring within the demon world.

However, that was all over.

Now that Mana was back, he didn’t care about the explorers anymore. And there was no point in continuing his role as Archbishop.

What would Mana do on the surface?

That was something that even Horalis did not know.

Of course, he would obey any order that was given to him.

Horalis was looking forward to the appearance of Mana.

“…Um, the seal has been broken now. Has anything changed?”

Hanakawa had gained complete authority over the demon world and had broken the seal that imprisoned Mana.

Indeed, the half-sphere that had been surrounding the bed was now gone. However, Mana had never seemed to be bothered by the seal in the first place. It was as if it made no difference if it was there or not.

“I have strict orders from my older brother that I’m not to leave this place. The barrier was a symbol of that. However, now that it is gone, it must mean that he is allowing me to leave!”

“Ohh…I don’t really understand your reasoning…”

This older brother was the Devil, Albagarma. And he was already dead. In that case, there was no point in caring about it. But apparently, the seal was important.

It seemed as if the promise had to be kept forever. But in any case, all that was needed was for the person who Albagarma had entrusted the key with to break the seal. Then it would undo the promise as well.

It all felt very strange, but Hanakawa decided not to think about it. That’s just how it was in her head.

“We-well, as promised, the seal is broken. You will help Lute now, won’t you? And uh, I can take my leave now, yes?”

“Indeed. After all, having to look at a chubby, hideous person like you for an extended period of time will put me in a foul mood. Why don’t you leave, before I change my mind?”

“Uh, oh… You’ve always been rather rude towards me, but you’ve never called me ugly straight to my face before…”

Still, he couldn’t feel sad about it for long.

He did not know when her mood would change.

“No-now. Lute. You will go too. Mana has been released. The only thing to do is wait for Takato to run wild until he dies…well, who knows how much damage he will actually do, but his life is like a candle in the wind! Ah, Heal!”

Hanakawa cast healing magic on Lute, who was curled up on the ground.

But the lost arm did not return. If you looked closely at Lute’s arm, there was no blood or wound at all. There was just nothing past the elbow. That’s how it was.

“You must do your best. Don’t you want to see Takato die? Don’t you want to get revenge!”

“Ah, uh, yes. I came this far.”

Lute got up weakly to his feet.

And then he walked alongside Hanakawa.

First, they needed to get out of the dimly lit room.

Hanakawa turned around. It seemed like Mana had no interest in them. However, they couldn’t waste any time either.

They were walking very slowly as to not attract any attention. That made the door seem very far away.

“Hmm? It seems oddly difficult to walk…”

It was as if something was holding his feet back.

As it was dark, he could not see what it was. But it felt like his feet were sinking into the ground.

“Ehhh… This gives me the creeps…”

Eventually, it became clear what was happening.

He could feel the gooey, sticky sensations through his feet. But he did not want to look.

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