Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 100

The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death

Chapter 93 – Ugh. Anything goes with you, huh!

“There is a novel called ‘More than Human,’ which was written by Theodore Sturgeon.”

It was a long time ago, when Yogiri was in the underground mansion. Takato Asaka had brought it up after much rambling.

“I don’t know anything about the novel, but you’re talking about the ‘Sturgeon’s law’ person, right?”

“Yes, exactly. The person who said that ninety percent of science fiction is crap. I guess the book is like classic science fiction. Oh, you’re surprised that I’d even read those kinds of books, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know what you mean. How am I supposed to tell if someone is likely to read science fiction or not?”

“Well, as the title suggests, it’s a novel about being more than human. And the word ‘ethos’ appears in it. I think it means something like ‘character.’ In other words, in order to become a greater being, you need character, not morals or virtue.”

“Character. I don’t understand.”

“Hmm. I think some people say that it should be integrity. I don’t remember all of the details. In any case, it is saying that it is impossible to force human morals onto a being that has surpassed humans. New beings must create new rules. Something like that.”

“So, I should think for myself?”
“Yes. Well, it’s nothing too complicated. Just make your own rules, I guess? Just because you can do anything, doesn’t mean you should live recklessly. Think hard and make the rules you think you should follow.”

As Yogiri was a unique being, there was no society or values that he had to follow.

He had to make rules for himself, not follow ones by others.

These memories were brought back because he was in an irregular situation that concerned those very rules.

Yogiri was falling into the shadows.

—Each floor of the demon world is supposed to be 1 kilometer in height.

He calculated.

If this world’s gravitational acceleration was around 10m/s2, and you ignored air resistance, it would take 14 seconds to crash to the ground.

As seconds had already passed at this point, it would be less than 10 seconds now.

—If this really was a natural disaster, I would ultimately die here.

However, He had sworn to bring Tomochika back to her world. So he couldn’t die here. Besides, judging by how the cliff had crumbled, it did not seem like a natural disaster. It was more likely that someone had caused it.

Once he decided to do something, it became necessary to unleash his power.

The power that Yogiri called Phase 1 was not enough to deal with the current situation.

Tomochika would have laughed if she had heard it, but Yogiri still considered himself as being in the same category as humans.

This was because he could still explain away his danger detection and instant death abilities as mere coincidences.

If he wanted it, his opponent would die. He could see the threat of danger and avoid it.

Objectively, there was no casual relationship, and so while it was a bit forced, he could still insist that it was a coincidence.

However, it was obvious that no normal human could get out of the current situation.

-But there was also magic in this world. There were probably people who could do the same thing as him.

Yogiri wanted to be as human as possible. And so he told this to himself as he activated Phase 2.

It was as if there were several locked gates in his heart, and he was opening them one by one and unleashing their power.

After the second one, they were made to close automatically after a fixed amount of time.

The reason that he took these somewhat laborious steps, was because a simple mistake could lead to the end of the world. And so it was necessary to be cautious after the second gate.

Yogiri prepared himself and then opened the second gate.

-Stop the fall. However, if I don’t restrict it, the gravity of this world will disappear.

It was incredibly difficult to limit the area of effect when it came to phenomena and concepts that had no actual shape. This was why he had hesitated to kill the ‘space’ within the tower where the devil had been sealed.

Besides, was it really even right to assume that the force that pulled things downward in this world was also gravity?

Was it right to kill something that he was uncertain of?

What if killing the gravity just caused the uniformly accelerated motion to turn into uniform motion?

Yogiri struggled over this for a moment before brushing it aside. It was something he had done subconsciously before, so there was no point in thinking about it now.

“How annoying. In that case, I’ll just kill ‘my momentum.'”

It was all wordplay.

But it was possible for Yogiri, now that he had reached Phase 2.

At that moment, he killed the falling energy that was covering him.

For this, it didn’t really matter what kind of power was actually at work.

What died and what phenomenon occurred. All of it relied on Yogiri’s perception.

The power activated and his speed immediately started to drop.

Then he held David, who was falling beside him. And by the time they reached the ground, the speed at which they fell was practically zero.

When they landed, the gates closed automatically and he moved to Phase 1. Yogiri couldn’t help but be a little relieved. It was not good for them to be open for too long.

“You don’t seem to be in very good condition.”

He gently put David down on the ground.

David had barely been conscious, to begin with. But he was now injured from the collapse of the cliff. He might even have broken bones.

He looked around. The sight that surrounded them was most surprising.

It was like a field of flowers within a forest, but everything was in brilliant colors.

The grass, flowers, trees, rivers, and sky all looked like they had been painted over with colors that were ridiculously vibrant.

The trees twisted in impossible directions and the mushrooms were insanely large. And the flowers were just as extraordinary in the way they bloomed.

After scanning the scene for a moment, Yogiri determined that there was no way to return immediately, and so he took out his smartphone.

‘Hey, you! Where are you! We’re having so much trouble over here!’

He tried calling and it connected to Mokomoko immediately.

They quickly made their reports, explaining their situation.

As for Mokomoko’s side, apparently, Shion had appeared and demanded that they all start killing each other.

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