Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 102

The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death

Chapter 94 – The ceiling suddenly collapses. Takato Yogiri and the two others are crushed to death.

The gunslinger, Takekura Kiyoko, immediately found the resolve to murder her classmates.

Some of the others were hesitating over what to do, while others were clearly feeling rebellious towards the sage’s order. There were those who never ended on killing anyone.

They didn’t want to fight their friends, and definitely not someone that they had a crush on. That was unthinkable. Perhaps most of them thought this way.

However, having such a weak mentality in this situation meant death.

She would kill anyone she had to.

It was this resolve that was more important than anything.

At first, everyone would be timid and hesitant as they watched each other. This gave those who were prepared to kill a great advantage.

Kiyoko was walking through the forest.

She couldn’t think of staying in the fortress. The others seemed to think the same, and they had all ran out and scattered in different directions.

First, they had to get away from the fortress boundary. Arimoto Osamu was a carpenter, and it would be no good to fight him within his territory.

Kiyoko put a finger on the triggers of each of her pistols.

Nothing happened.

She then tried to summon a different gun, but it was also no use.

Apparently, their skills would be restricted until the trial began.

However, it seemed that things you prepared in advance did not disappear.

She could see that, because the fortress was still there.

As for skills, idol Akino Sora’s oath had also vanished.

This was likely a measure to make things fair. Oath had a restriction that made it impossible to attack classmates.

She opened the system window, hoping to find out more.

There were more menus now.

‘Sage Candidate Selection Match.’

She selected it.

And then the time was displayed. As there was a countdown, it showed her how much time was left.

There was also a list of participants and a map.

There were 16 people in all. Fukai Seiichi’s name was grayed out, which was probably because he was dead.

However, there were supposed to be 18 classmates that were moving together. When she checked the list carefully, she saw that Takato Yogiri and Dannoura Tomochika’s names were not listed.

—Well, I’ll just kill them if they show up.

She didn’t think about not killing them just because they weren’t on the list.

Besides, Shion said that she would kill anyone who hadn’t killed yet. That suggested that you could kill anyone, it didn’t matter if they were participants or not.

The map was of the area they were in, and her own position was marked.

There was also a red circle around it, which was probably the boundary in which they would fight.

It was limited to the inside of the wall that surrounded the center of the demon world. But this area was quite large.

The hole was 20 km in diameter. There were about 100 meters between the hole and the wall. If they all moved separately, it would be difficult to even find each other, let alone kill.

It would be easy to run and hide. Of course, that only meant that Shion would kill you.

So, where should you go?

Kiyoko decided to head for the castle gate by the wall.

Tomochika was hiding amongst the leaves of a tall tree.

She was wearing a battle suit made of the mysterious substance from the Aggressors, so she was prepared for battle.

Her position was right by the wall, which was quite close to the edge of the trial’s boundary.

‘Still, I didn’t think you would run off alone like this. Juna and Romiko or whatever ran off together.’

“Huh? Is that true!?”

Tomochika had erased her presence as she went into the shadows, escaped the carpenter territory and climbed up a tree as if it were the normal thing to do.

She had run off alone because that had seemed like the right thing to do if people were going to kill each other. However, now that she thought about it, it did seem a little callous.

‘I’m not blaming you. I’m actually commending you.’

“Uhh… But, wouldn’t it actually be dangerous to run around with other people in this situation? Though, it would be different if I was with Takato.”

But Yogiri had been gone even before Shion’s appearance.

She felt that none of this would have happened had he been around, but there was no point in thinking about it now.

‘About that kid, I’ve gotten in contact with him. He seems to have fallen to the seventh floor.’

“Huh? What do you mean ‘fell’? Is he all right?”

Yogiri had ridiculous abilities, but his body was that of an ordinary human. He wouldn’t survive such a drop.

‘He seemed fine, so I’m assuming he wasn’t injured. He said that he’s coming back, but at the time, he didn’t know how he would do it. And so you will have to get by until he returns.’

“Get by. That’s easy for you to say. Ah! I don’t have the system installed, so does that mean I’m not counted as among those participating?”

‘Don’t you think it’s a little naive to assume you’re going to be excluded from it? It’s much safer to assume that you’re included in that number.’

“Well, I have no intention at all of going around killing people. So that means I have to run… Do you think the others are running too?”

‘No. You can’t kill others if you’re running. It’s quite the dilemma, isn’t it?’

Tomochika searched for the presence of others around her.

While everyone had appeared to run in different directions, there were now multiple people near the fortress and the castle gates.

Was it because those were the only landmarks here? Perhaps it was natural for people to gather there.

“Will I be fine if I just hide here?”

‘Who knows. I doubt there is anyone who will be able to see you, that is, unless they have some kind of scouting skill. If they do, it would be better for you to keep moving…’

“Will Takato know where I am?”

‘He can call me by phone. I don’t know where he will appear, but it should work out as long as we can communicate.’

“All right, then I’ll wait. I feel like running around will have other dangers, anyway.”

If she wanted to meet up with him, it was better to stay still. That was what Tomochika thought.

‘Well, you have me as well. Two pairs of eyes will mean that an ambush is very unlikely.’

Just as Tomochika had made her decision, a sudden gunshot echoed.

They continued in succession. In fact, they kept going for so long that it started to sound like they were connected.

‘It’s started then. I suppose it’s the gunslinger.’

Takekura Kiyoko was the gunslinger.

She had the ability to summon guns.

That alone wasn’t a big deal, as it was a world of magic, but she was able to fire unlimited rounds without reloading. Not only that, but the bullets had various effects as well.

“I would have no chance of winning.”

Though, she did wonder if it was right to just watch quietly. But Tomochika had no way of stopping the violence.

All she could do now was wait.

I ran to the wall because I thought it was safer than being in the forest.

There was plenty of cover here, and the lights were on.

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