Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 104

The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death

Chapter 94 – Because I’m invincible? No attacks work on me.

Hanamiya Mei was a Saint before coming to this world.

A cat that shot beams from its eyes had killed her. Then she turned into a Saint and came to this world.

To explain further, it had been several days before the school trip, when she was on her way to school.

She was walking alone, when out of nowhere, she heard what sounded like a baby crying.

But Mei was very fond of cats, and so she knew at once that it was the sound of cats fighting.

Mei looked at her watch. She still had some time before class started. While it wasn’t the most admirable thing, there was a part of her that wanted to watch the cats fight. And so she left the path towards her school.

She walked down a narrow alley in the residential area until she found the open area between two houses.

It was there that two cats were antagonizing each other.

A black cat and a white cat. Both of them were beautiful and had luscious fur.

Mei decided to watch quietly.

A catfight was much like playing. Once it was clear who was the winner, it never went further than that. It wouldn’t turn into anything cruel. But if it got too bad, she would stop it.

Just then, the white cat jumped at the black cat.

The black cat opened its mouth wide and spit out a torrent of fire.


The white cat avoided the flames by changing its trajectory while still in the air.

When the white cat’s front paws landed on the ground, the area in front of him protruded out like spears and attacked the black cat.

The black cat dodged it with a side step and then unleashed a white breath. Their surroundings froze, but the white cat protected itself with a barrier of light.

Mei was stunned.

She had not expected any of this from a catfight.

And it all ended abruptly.

The white cat’s eyes shone brightly. Beams shot out and then attacked the black cat. The black cat conjured up a mirror to reflect it. The reflected beam headed straight towards Mei.

Mei was in a white room.

The black cat and the white cat were sitting next to each other.

“I’m sorry. You’ve died, meow.”

Said the white cat. Mei wasn’t surprised that it was talking. It could breathe fire and shoot lights from its eyes. Talking was nothing after seeing all of that.

“Uhh. Are you going to take me to another world?”

“Oh, no. We’re just going to bring you back to life, okay?”

The black cat talked without any weird meowing.

“Ah. We seemed to have killed a weirdo, meow.”

“Huh? Isn’t this what usually happens when you get reincarnated in a different world?”

“Hey, what are you going to do? Wouldn’t it have been better to just revive her without explaining anything?”

“No, as gods, we can’t abandon our responsibilities like that, meow.”

“Gods! Does that mean I can receive a lot of cheat abilities?”

The cats looked at each other. It seemed like they were at a loss on how to respond.

“Uhh. Please calm down and listen, meow. Yes, it was our fault for being so absorbed in the fight that we didn’t see you, meow. I’ll apologize for that and bring you back to life, so please forgive us, meow. And I’ll increase your luck a little as part of my apology, meow.”

“What! The cheat! I want a cheat! Like being able to use magic of every attribute! Or unlimited MP!”

“That’s quite the demand. You do realize there is no such thing as magic?”

“But you were just using it!”

“We’re gods… The very idea of normal people doing it. Unthinkable, meow.”

“NO-NO-NO! This is my chance! I don’t want to come back to life!”

Mei was having a tantrum.

She fell on the ground and flailed her arms and legs.

“What should we do, meow…”

“Well, it was our fault… Do you have a way of sending her to another world?”

“I won’t say that I don’t, meow… But if it’s a world where you can use magic… It will generally be quite similar to our world, but also have a scientific civilization…”

“Hmm… Ah, there is someone who is trying to open a hole… We can use that.”

The cats whispered to each other until they came to a decision.

“Uhh, Hanamiya Mei, meow. If you do go to another world, you will not be able to return. Are you fine with that, meow?”

“OK! Bring it on! I don’t care about this world at all!”

“…Then, let me explain. First, you will be brought back to life normally, but don’t worry. You will be sent to another world a few days later, when a hole will open up.”

“A hole?”

“You people don’t know about it, but there are many worlds and they are structured like layers. And so you can use holes to fall into other worlds. There is someone who is trying to open such a hole, and we mean to take advantage of that.”

“Are you saying someone is trying to summon me from a different world?”

“You can say that. But it is to be a very big hole that will take many people. That is why it’s taking so long.”

“Okay, but what about my cheat? Where are my amazing powers?”

“If you could just calm down for a second. We cannot just give magical powers to a human. However, you can use our power as a way of getting around that. In other words, you will become our shrine maiden. And when you need it, we will use our power.”

“Um! Don’t you mean Saint? Shrine maiden sounds so Japanese and old. It’s kind of lame, isn’t it?”

“Well, I don’t care what name you want to go by, meow.”


And like that, Hanamiya Mei became a Saint and was able to come to this world.

While she did have the system installed into her, there were adjustments due to the power of the god.

In other words, she only looked like she was under the command of the sage, but Mei actually had no restrictions put on her.

She was free.

There was no need to fear, and she was not forced to do anything. The only reason why she tagged along with this sage candidate business was that it had looked like an amusing event to her.

It didn’t matter what happened because she could deal with it with the power of the god. Mei had come this far by just going with the flow.

That was why she didn’t run away, even though they were being forced to kill each other.

In fact, Mei stayed in the fortress that the carpenter had made.

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