Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 109

The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death

Chapter 97 – You could have at least let her do something interesting first

In the forest, a boy in armor was facing a girl in a stage outfit.

The boy was the general, Yazaki Suguru. The girl was the idol, Akino Sora.

Four of Yazaki’s friends stood behind him.

A boy in a suit. Otori Haruto, the consultant.

A girl in a women’s suit. Koriyama Asuha, the beauty coordinator.

A girl in a cheerleader outfit. The cheerleader, Otani Yui.

A girl in a thick apron. The dressmaker, Harufuji Runa.

Each of them was armed with a sword and was part of the legion that the general commanded.

“You seem to have a little harem here, Yazaki. I didn’t expect you to be able to form such a group when we’re supposed to be killing each other.”

“They’re entrusting me with their lives.”

The ones that had gathered under him were all people who were not very strong when they were alone.

However, under his leadership, there was a chance of survival.

Or so Haruto had told them.

You won’t make it out there alone. In that case, why not follow Yazaki?

They hadn’t been prepared to go out and kill. And so this proposition was their salvation.

In any case, they were at least more likely to survive for the first hour.

As for whether or not they could kill someone within that time frame, they would consider it when the time came.

“Besides, you can always become stronger while you survive, right? We might gain the power of the sage and be able to challenge her. We might as well try if we’re all going to die anyway. That was my conclusion.”

“But you could have gone for anyone, but you came all the way here to kill me. So, did losing your position as the class leader hurt so much?”

Haruto’s problem-solving skill came from his ability to connect to the world archive and gain information. But as it took time to decrypt the information, he could not learn things in real-time. This meant that he did not know the precise location of every classmate, but if he narrowed his search down to a single target and pulled the information, he could get a good idea of that person’s current location.

“I won’t kill you if you cooperate. Why don’t you join our group? Your oath ability will be useful to us.”

“Ah, so you intended to put me into your harem. Well, I refuse.”

“I see.”

Negotiations failed.

Yazaki immediately commenced combat.

With the legion skill, he ordered his subordinates.

Haruto and the others moved to surround Sora. The order did not force them to move, it was just a way to smoothly pass on his will. If they wanted to, they could resist. However, they accepted it and moved on their own accord.

“Encircle and annihilate!”

“Oh, so you’re going to encircle me properly this time.”

Encircle and annihilate. It was one of his skills and a variation on a formation.

Even if you didn’t surround the person, it had the same effect. This meant that the enemy was restricted and could only move in a limited area.

And the formation had the added effect of strengthening the fighting capabilities of the people who formed it. Mostly, it enhanced their attack range, allowing them to fight multiple opponents at once.

It was one against five.

And it was hard to imagine that an idol would be very strong. And so it seemed as if the fight would be over before it began.

However, those who were moving on Yazaki’s order suddenly stopped.

This was because Sora was not alone.

She was surrounded by many people. People who had not been there a moment ago.

“Oh? Did you really think I would be wandering around on my own? You aren’t much of an idol without some fans, are you?”

Sora shouldn’t have had any experience fighting up until now, and yet she had seemed incredibly confident.

Haruto had suspected that there must be some reason for this. Well, he had his answer now. He wasn’t sure what it was, but she could apparently call out her fans.

Haruto hadn’t been able to penetrate Sora’s ability, which in itself, spoke of her high skill rank.

“Ignore her! You can defeat all of them anyway! This formation is used to fight large numbers!”

Asuha was the first to attack the people that surrounded Sora.

Those who had received gifts from the sage had the minimum required power in order to survive in this world.

Even if she was more of a supporting class, her muscles were stronger than the average person and she had automatically learned the basics of using weapons.

So it didn’t matter if she was a beauty coordinator. Normal humans should be nothing to her.

And so Asuha’s sword easily cut the fans open.

Yes, they had no special abilities. They were just humans.

However, in the next instant, Asuha was being restrained.

Haruto looked around.

They were surrounded.

Haruto and the others had surrounded Sora. But now Sora’s fans had surrounded them.

“We can easily shake them off! Our power should be enough for that!’

Yazaki shouted.

He was right. Asuha had stopped out of sheer surprise, but if she wanted, she could easily shake them off.


The fans started to explode.

As Asuha was close by, she was caught in the blast.

And just like that, Asuha’s entire torso was blown to bits.

“Yo-you bastard! You’re making your friends explode!”

“They’re fans of an idol. Isn’t that the bare minimum they should be doing?”

—This was bad. She was much more dangerous than anticipated.

Haruto started to think about abandoning Yazaki.

He had intended on staying with this group for a while to see how things went, but he now had to make a decision quickly.

He would escape.

That’s what he thought as he glanced over to Yazaki. And then Haruto saw something most unexpected.

The right half of Yazaki’s body had disappeared.

To be precise, it was his right shoulder to his waist. It had all been carved out.

Haruto turned towards Sora. At first, he assumed that it was another one of her attacks, but she was currently being swallowed up by some kind of semi-transparent blob.

From what he could understand, the semi-transparent blob had charged straight at them. And everything in its path had been erased.

In front of such a blob, the wall of human flesh that tried to protect Sora was practically useless.

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