Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 112

The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death

Chapter 98 – It was like this the last time it happened

The battle continued between the gunslinger, Takekura Kiyoko, and Shinozaki Ayaka, a modified human who had gained the power of a dragon.

They moved within the castle walls and attacked each other.

Ayaka’s dragon claws crushed a wall.

However, Kiyoko was no longer there and was firing off bullets from behind her.

The bullets exploded on impact. The concentrated succession of attacks was doing damage to the invisible barrier that was Dragon Scale.

“Damn, that is annoying!”

She turned her attention towards Kiyoko and tried to unleash Dragon Breath.

However, Kiyoko disappeared before she could.

This Dragon Breath would have destroyed anything, but it wasn’t a perfect attack.

There was a bit of a time lag when activating it. And once you target something, you couldn’t adjust your aim.

In other words, no matter how strong the breath attack was, it was completely pointless if the target moved out of the way and came up behind you.

Besides, the breath took up a lot of energy, meaning you could not use it in rapid succession.

Ayaka hadn’t been able to use it, as she was never able to lock onto a target. Wasting this attack now could lead to her defeat.

‘I can’t use my trump card. I suppose I’ll just have to slowly chip away with my claws, fangs, and tail.’

And so she mainly fought with Dragon Claw, which used very little energy.

It could be activated in an instant and used in rapid succession, so Kiyoko would not have a moment to rest.

She knew her strategy.

But that didn’t stop Ayaka from feeling annoyed.

“Dragon Wing isn’t fast enough!?”

‘Wing is fast, but it’s hard to control. It’s mainly for long-distance travel.’

“Why the hell is she attacking the same spot with such precision!?”

While Kiyoko was moving in every direction including up and down, her bullets were all landing in the same place.

At first, there had been some wasted shots, but now all of them were hitting Ayaka.

‘That’s a smart gun. I’ve seen them before. They are made in the same place we are.’


‘The guns are crammed with all kinds of sensors and AI. So anyone can hit their target regardless of their aim. She probably knows our position because of those sensors and AI. The longer this battle takes, the more it’ll learn about the situation and your patterns. Then the precision will improve even more.’

Ayaka unleashed her claws as much as she could.

They had a range of about 10 meters. They were the strongest near the point of origin. But once they got longer, the power weakened. While she could reach things that were 10 meters away, she couldn’t expect the attack to be as effective.

It seemed like Kiyoka had a good grasp on Ayaka’s range, and so she kept a certain distance.

This meant that most of Ayaka’s attacks didn’t even hit, and even if they did, they didn’t have much effect. However, they did keep her in check. After all, it used up energy to have to constantly be dodging attacks.

From the large room to the small one. From the small room to the hallway. They moved outside for a moment before going back in.

Holes opened in walls and facilities were damaged. Ceilings crumbled and they ignored obstacles as they continued to move and attack each other.

And after both of them were getting accustomed to the rhythm of it; it came.

The rocket launcher.

The rocket was slow, but it was equipped with a homing device.

And it destroyed the Dragon Scale that Ayaka had created around her. A normal rocket usually wouldn’t have been too much for Ayaka to endure. And yet, Kiyoko’s attack had gone through her Dragon Scale and hurt her.

“You only had two pistols before! Where did you get that from!”

Kiyoko was carrying the launcher on her shoulder.

It had a long barrel and could only be used once. Kiyoko threw it aside and then disappeared.

And then, she pulled out an assault rifle from thin air.

‘It seems like she has the ability to freely summon firearms.’

‘You’re at a disadvantage when indoors. Why don’t you go outside and create some distance between you two? Then you can finish this fight with Dragon Breath.’

‘No. Being farther away doesn’t necessarily mean you will have an advantage. After all, how do you know she doesn’t have a high-power long-range weapon?’

Luckily, she had been able to take all of the damage that was delt up until now.

If that was all her opponent could do at this range, it was probably a good idea to maintain their current state.

‘Besides, something is interfering with Dragon Sense here. You won’t be able to tell the enemy’s location if you move away. Unless you mean to start the whole fight over again.’


Ayaka didn’t know much about it, but apparently, the sage called Shion was interfering with the simple scouting ability.

“Fine. In other words, directly ripping her apart with this method is my best bet!”

It was unthinkable to retreat now. And so Ayaka charged towards Kiyoko once again.

The battle between Takekura Kiyoko and Shinozaki Ayaka was coming to an end.

It had been a vicious battle, but the scale was now tipping in Ayaka’s favor.

What became the deciding factors were the differences in endurance and recovery ability.

While Kiyoko had superior mobility and viable attacks, it had not been enough to take her opponent down.

Kiyoka had been able to dodge most of Ayaka’s attacks, but not all of them.

Even if they were just scratches, it was still damage after they piled up, and her energy was depleting as she had to be moving constantly.

It happened gradually. Kiyoko had no way to deal a decisive blow.

And so hopelessness slowly welled up within her.

There was no point in continuing like this.

She thought about running, but Ayaka was not likely to allow her.

After all, Ayaka would be very much aware of the advantage she now had. She was a glutton for revenge, and would not miss this opportunity.

Yes, it was obvious where this fight was headed.

And so Kiyoko wondered if there was any point in continuing.

If she stopped attacking and stopped running, the fight would be over very quickly.

In fact, that would happen soon enough regardless of what she did.

If it was just a matter of time, maybe she should just lose now.

At least she wouldn’t be wasting any effort. She wouldn’t have to suffer and fight until the last second.

While such thoughts were in her mind, her body kept moving.

Apparently, Kiyoko hated losing more than she had realized.

It didn’t matter if she died, as long as she could take a few shots of her own. Kiyoka was shocked by her own tenacity.

And so she continued to shoot.

She moved behind Ayaka and attacked her with a variety of firearms and slowly chipped away at her health.

She was able to dodge the oncoming shock waves and read her opponent’s movements so that she could move into positions that would be to her advantage.

But how long could this continue?

It all came to an end very quickly.

Fatigue caused her feet to stumble. A momentary delay in dodging.

Then Ayaka’s shock waves blew off the fingers of Kiyoko’s right hand.

This caused a delay in her attacks, and so Ayaka went into full throttle.

It was impossible to dodge.

Kiyoko decided. And so she crossed her arms together and took the hit. The blast sent her flying.

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