Instant Death / Instant Death Chapter 113

Her body spun as she crashed through walls until she was outside.

It wasn’t after she had slammed into several trees that Kiyoko fell face-first into the dirt.

However, she was still alive.

But the invisible blades that Ayaka had unleased had shredded up her body.

It was a lethal blow.

She could no longer move as she wanted.

Still, Kiyoko glared back at Ayaka through the holes in the walls.

“So, it’s finally coming to an end.”

But Ayaka didn’t seem to be in a rush.

She slowly raised her hand and showed her palm to Kiyoko.

This was the attack that she had tried to do so many times but had always had to stop. She was going to use it now and put an end to the fight.

It was probably the light ray skill that had brought on the disaster in the royal capital.

It burned the city in a single line and destroyed everything in its path. If Kiyoko was hit at this range, there wouldn’t be anything of her left after the attack.

—Surely there is something!? Some weapon I can use to fight back!

But she would have used such a weapon already if she had it.

Still, even now Kiyoko would not give up. And so she searched for a weapon that she could use.

The virtual weapon room appeared in her brain.

She moved through it towards the back. Up until now, this room had expanded based on the growth of her abilities.

In that case…

It was not impossible that she had grown this very instant, and a new door had opened for her.

Exceed the limit and move further.

Something stronger that could not be dodged. Even now, she moved forward in order to find a weapon that could defeat.

And then Kiyoko hit a door and so she prepared to apply the necessary force to open it.

That’s when a terrible pain assaulted her head.

It was a warning that she wasn’t ready. Turn back. You can’t do it. Those words were whispered to her.

However, she had to do something now. She had no choice. She would be killed.


Even as her brain felt like it was burning up, she banged on the door. Shook it. Punched it.

And then it happened suddenly.


A huge object appeared in front of her.

It was round and looked like several tons of metal.

Ayaka did not know what it was. She stared at it as if in shock.

However, Kiyoko knew.

It was the strongest bomb she had ever used in a fight.

Kiyoko activated the detonator.

After reuniting with Tomochika, Yogiri decided to return to the castle wall.

Currently, the area boundary for the battle was the walls that surrounded the center of the demon world. In other words, if they went outside of the walls, it would be seen as an escape.

“Oh, why don’t we cancel this plan to lure out the sage? We can just leave the demon world entirely.”

“Even if we used the elevator, it would still be seen as leaving the boundary.”

“In any case, we practically lost the moment we came here you know!?”

Yogiri and Tomochika walked side by side. Hanakawa carried David and walked behind them.

As they weren’t that far from the walls to begin with, they reached the gate in no time.

“Takato! It’s Ninomiya and Carol!”

Someone jumped down from the wall.

Just as they had said, it was Ninomiya Ryouko and Carol S. Lain.

Ryouko was dressed in formal attire and had two swords like a samurai, while Carol was wearing a bright red ninja outfit.

As both of them were raising their hands, they clearly had no intention of fighting them.

“Oh, good. You’re alright.”

Tomochika said with relief. She had probably been worrying about them.

“We just prioritized running away. And we felt that we’d be safe if we could meet up with Takato.”

Carol said. As for Ryouko, she seemed nervous.

“What is this nonsense!? You act all cool as if you aren’t interested in women, and yet you’re out here making a harem!”

“I don’t think I ever said anything about being uninterested in women.”

Though, there was a matter of taste. That’s all. Yogiri thought.

“Ah, it’s the creepy Japanese nerd, Hanakawa. He’s still alive!”

“Don’t talk about me as if I represent the country!”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“We’re going to leave the boundary in order to lure out Shion. Then we’ll get some information.”

Yogiri answered Carol’s question bluntly.

“I see… Alright, I guess we have no choice but to follow.”

“Of course.”

Carol said. Ryouko agreed.

Well, it made sense, since they had no intention of fighting.

They would just have to hope that Yogiri would be able to deal with Shion.

“Hmm. But you guys aren’t participants, right?”

“That’s why we’re going to throw Hanakawa out and see what happens.”

“Hey, wait!? So your plan to use me as bait was that horrible!? I thought you were going to go with me! Oh, wait a minute. But now you have Carol and Ninomia too!”

Yogiri patted Hanakawa on the shoulder.

“Hanakawa. Show us that you’re a man.”

“I don’t care about showing my masculinity!”

In fact, as it was too much trouble, he wasn’t actually going to throw Hanakawa out. They would all leave the boundary together.

It was right when Yogiri was about to stop his teasing and explain this, that he noticed something.

Determination to kill.

Suddenly, everything in sight seemed to be covered in black. An area of death.

There was no place to run. Yogiri was looking at certain death.

“Anyway, everyone should stand behind me.”

As he sounded more serious than usual, they obeyed without a word.

And then the wall in front of them disappeared.


Someone said in a shocked voice.

The stones that made up the walls were now flying apart at a frightening rate.

The trees of the forests burned and were blown away in a flash, along with the sand and dirt. In just a second, the land was empty.

An incredible ascending current now occurred, taking everything up into the sky. The clouds darkened in no time. While it was too close to them to see clearly, it was probably shaped like a mushroom.

However, in spite of all this, it was calm where Yogiri and the others stood.

The light, noise, heat, and wind should have been assaulting them. But none of it reached them.

“Uhhh…what is…”

Tomochika had been speechless, but she finally opened her mouth.

“I think it’s a nuclear weapon. It was like this the last time it happened.”

“You say it so casually, I don’t even know what to say…”

Tomochika was confused.

“Um, the second gate is opened…”

Ryouko said. She was shaking as she stared at her smartphone.

Yogiri recalled that there was a machine that was used to monitor him.

“We’ll need something to brave invisible threats, such as radiation.”

In order to protect themselves and their friends, they had decided to ignore all of the annoying processes and jump to phase 2.

Currently, he was continuing to kill any and every phenomenon that was a threat to their lives. If this situation was due to a nuclear weapon, its effects would not go away quickly. The gates would not close until they had escaped.

“Um, will it really be alright? Uh, maybe the laws of physics have been erased…”

Ryouko asked hesitantly. Anyone related to the research facility would know about the effects of phase 2.

“For now, I’m killing individual phenomenons that could be a danger to us, so it should be fine. However…now I don’t where the boundary is that will take us away from the walls.”

“That’s what you care about!?”

“More importantly, what do you mean when you say you’ve been attacked by a nuclear weapon before!?”

Tomochika and Hanakawa finally protested.

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