Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 1

The monstrous forest.
The forest where a beast is supposed to rule, a girl is walking through it.
It’s a girl whose hair is short like a boy’s.
However, if this was part of an attempt to disguise herself as a man, then there really was no point to it.
This is because her feminine figure was not hidden in the slightest.
The girl walked amidst the scattered sunlight with a casual manner.
Besides the knife attached to her waist, she had no other items.

If anyone familiar with the forest had witnessed this sight, they would not have believed their very eyes.
The forest itself is not too steep.
The trees were also thinly distributed, meaning there was plenty of light.
What’s more, the ground was flat.
But, here there are demons.
Once you step into the forest it becomes a region outside of this world.
People are eaten and killed instantly.
Even so, the girl didn’t seem to care about such a thing.

“I wonder why they are going into such a place?” (Girl)

『The people who say they do not want to be involved in urban areas carelessly, those people who want to live a slow life at the back of the woods still understand.』(???)

Bothersome. The voice answered the girl who said so.
There is no one around. The voice around the waist of the girl, it had been heard from the knife.

“What about the other guys? I was sorry for the trouble, but it was up to the aristocrat while he was setting up a mansion in town. I certainly don’t understand the meaning, but I am comfortable with it as me.” (Girl)

『But, this is probably the best place to retreat. People rarely come by here, if at all.』(Knife)

“So, I wonder how do people live in such forests?” (???)

『It would be simple. The magical beasts will not strike anyone while knowing they are stronger than himself.¹』(Knife)

The forest is full of monstrous beasts.
But, they were only looking at the girl from a distance.
When the girl had been walking for a while she went into a spot where it opened.
The first thing she saw was paddy fields.
As far as the eye can see, the golden rice is swaying.

“There wasn’t such a stupid empty space written on the map.” (Girl)

『I guess its opened up. Even so, if an invasion is established with monsters, it must mean you have extraordinary ability.』(Knife)

“I understand you do not care about that. But it’s okay, this. Afterall, it’s rice for Japanese people.” (Girl)

There were not only paddy fields here, but also fields and pastures.
Those who made these, they seem to be very self-sufficient.
Naturally, there was no way to manage this huge plantation alone, so there were figures of those engaged in agricultural work around.

“Why are they all girls? And just elves.” (Girl)

All the girls that were here were beautiful.
Most of them seemed to be elves, but some have beast ears on their heads, and other had bat’s wings on their backs.

『A hobby of wonder.』(Knife)

“Everyone, they all make an elf their bride. What is it, I wonder what is this kind of human being like.” (Girl)

『I think you’re more beautiful.』(Knife)

“Thank you. Well, anyways. Hey, you. Are there any sages in the area?” (Girl)

The girl talked to the elf who was at hand.

“What? How did you come here?” (Random Elf)

The elven girl was suddenly surprised, going speechless.
She guessed the girl didn’t believe that there were some people coming up to here.

“Walking. But, I think some people have come here several times?” (Girl)

Indeed the road that wasn’

;t maintained in the woods was dominated by monsters, it was impossible to use the vehicles.

“No, I don’t know, but do you need my Master for it?” (Random Elf)

“Yup. I don’t mind. You can call him out to me, or you can tell me the place.” (Girl)

“Well, I will show you.” (Random Elf)

The elf girl stopped working and started to lead her.
Ahead is a large mansion that can be seen even from a large distance.
It might have not been necessary for guidance like this.

“Hey you. Don’t mind me saying this, but is it really okay to take a suspicious person who came suddenly to your Master?” (Girl)

“Yes, I think that there is no particular problem. Because no one can do anything to Master.” (Random Elf)

The elf smiled with glee.
The girl wondered if she had full confidence in her master.
Then, the door opens before calling in, and a young man appears.

“Oh, how about even though it can be repeated many times? Is she a sage? You do not have to do that kind of trouble.” (???)

It was a young Japanese man who came out.
A medium build, it was an impossible appearance for a mediocre man.
Although not an ornate outfit collection, there was a longsword at his waist.
It seems he had already noticed that strangers had entered the land he controlled.

“‘How many times have I said it’s supposed to be the third time.’ So, I came to the final notice, even if this is my first time hearing this speech?” (Girl)

“Fine. No matter what I have said my feeling won’t change. When you have finished talking, why not go home?” (Japanese-Man)

“First of all it’s a confirmation, there’s no doubt you are Saito Rikuto-kun.” (Girl)

“That’s right. So, you are Hayanose Aoi. Hee, at last Sage-sama is getting out.” (Rikuto)

She wondered if he had stolen a glace at her status, but Aoi thought he could save the trouble of explaining.
It was because she knew from the beginning he could do something of this degree.

“I came with an invitation, but I will eliminate it because it’s the same as before. Let’s talk about the differences only for the third time this time. If you refuse this time, you will be rid of.” (Aoi)

Aoi had been given the task of hunting down the stray sages.
As for the stray sages, while having the same strength as a sage, they don’t give it to sages.²
After being given power by some people, she came to this world and lived carefree.
For the time being, when getting an invitation to become a sage, most people won’t respond to it.
It would be troublesome after a while to leave it, so it was supposed to be shunned after 3 invitations were refused.

“Bu, hahahahahah!” (Rikuto)

Rikuto blew up as if he was dying.
His laughter does not stop, and he continues till he coughs.
“Getting rid of. Laughable, isn’t it Leila? It’s been a long time since I was so interested.” (Rikuto)

After laughing for a while, Rikuto asks for the elf girl next to Aoi to agree.

“No, I can not laugh……you! What are you saying! Please apologize soon! If you make Rikuto-san angry it will be outrageous!?” (Leila)

Aoi does not respond to Leila, that was confirmed by Rikuto.
It is somewhat obvious, but the reason of the invitation is not known yet.

“I refuse.” (Rikuto)

“Seems so.” (Aoi)

Aoi smiled.
She was going to kill him from the beginning, and it would have been a problem if he said he was going to be a sage.

“Ah, wait a moment. You can not win against me. Do you know the real difference? I am here by the Gods for the strongest power in the world.” (Rikuto)

“If you are talking about our statuses, it certainly makes me look quite weak.” (Aoi)

Aoi is a sage, so she at least has enough power to make monsters fear her. But, she was pretty powerless among the other sages.

“Thinking of the case so far, even if you say anything, you will eventually be attacked and it will suit you properly, won’t you? It’s just a pain that you don’t understand well. Or what? You mean you want to enter my harem? The majority of the people here are the ones that hit me.” (Rikuto)

“I agree it’s also troublesome, but this is a job.” (Aoi)

“If you are possibly thinking of taking a hostage, quit it. It will just make me angry and serious.” (Rikuto)

Rikuto glanced at Leila.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. You are the only target. I don’t mean to involve those who are irrelevant as much as possible. That’s why, Leila-kun is a bit far.” (Aoi)

Leila looks at Rikuto.
Rikuto kept silent and nodded, and Leila took some distance.

“I don’t think it will be a fight so far. Is your confidence because your class is a summoner? Why can you call it amazing? I think it’s in vain. That terrible thing is to usually stay here. I saw it even before I came here. I’m doing farm work here, there are Monster Rulers of the forest, incarnation of the Dragon-kin, the Demon King or what?” (Rikuto)

Rikuto seemed to be getting increasingly frustrated at Aio’s appropriate attitude.

“I can not call such a big deal. Well I can’t help it, so I should start it quickly.” (Aoi)

Rikuto declined the third invitation.
Conversation would be meaningless.

“Well, I shall punish you to the extent of death.” (Rikuto)

Then, something began growing from the ground around Aoi.
Several things, string shapes with the color of skin.
It makes its epidermis glittery, secretive fluids are dripping continuously.

“The first hand is tentacles. This idea has a bad feeling.” (Aoi)

That’s why he was going to pick up Aoi and take away her freedom.

“Balance of Power” (Aoi)

Aoi was invoking power.

“What!?” (Rikuto)

Rikuto was staring at it with astonished eyes.
Aoi began to walk towards Rikuto while disregarding the tentacles and others.
The tentacles stopped moving.
A tentacle that had been growing in the same way tangled into a spiral and kept pushing against the movement.
Rikuto had hardened.
There must have not been anything that could counter that power so far.
‘What should I do’, it seemed some hesitation was occurring.

“I want to clean up quickly as I am, but it was said that I need a show.” (Aoi)

“Sorry!” (Rikuto)

Rikuto protruded out his palm quickly.
Extraordinary rays were emitted from it.
It had an amount of heat that it turned all it touched into ashes.
She guessed she could not care and pretend, but then his subordinates behind her would not be alright.
Aoi also turned her palm towards Rikuto in the same way.
It emitted a similar ray, and Aoi offset the technique of Rikuto easily.

“Why do I have to protect your subordinates? Will you be the one to make them hostages?” (Aoi)

Aoi said with a disgusted appearance, and Rikuto was stunned.
He could not believe this was the result.
It would be easy to drop his head now, but Aoi felt a little amazed.
She thought he was also a fellow³.
They were almost without exception.
She had tremendous confidence in the power she just gave.
At first it is terrifying to try that power, but then it will grow quickly, you become arrogant, beginning to think as if it’s your own power.
And, with that power gained without doing any effort, you will start to scoff at people’s efforts.

“Why are you guys so innocent? It is the strength I got. Did you not think other people might get it as well?” (Aoi)

“……What the hell……it would give me the world’s strongest power, you were saying that……” (Rikuto)

“My power is not that difficult. I just don’t forgive you.” (Aoi)

“Shut up! Eat this! Burnt Flames!” (Rikuto)

Rikuto tried to do something.
But, nothing happens.

“Why isn’t it coming out!? Black Momentum! Hyakka! Black Scripture! ……What is going on!?” (Rikuto)

He began to think and could soon understand his situation greatly.
His voice began trembling.

“That’s why, it’s the power we gave you. Haven’t you ever thought that it might be lost somewhere?” (Aoi)

“No way……” (Rikuto)

“That’s my power.  But you shouldn’t despair so much. We can’t use post-attachment force on one another. That would be a game with terrestrial power. If you are doing your best without sacrificing your strength, you won’t lost to me who is a weak girl.” (Aoi)

As Aoi approaches Rikuto, she pulls out the only knife she is armed with.

“Ha, Hahaha! That’s right, I have this!” (Rikuto)

Looking at Aoi’s knife, Rikuto pulled out the sword at his waist as she remembered.
Rikuto seems to have regained a little calmness.
Because the sword has an indelible sign, it’s probably more work⁴.

“Yeah, I certainly won’t lose my weapon because of my power, nor will that power go down.” (Rikuto)

The next moment, Rikuto’s neck was torn⁵.
Aoi who had gone around behind, holding him from behind as if embracing him, she held the knife against his throat and slit it sideways.

“But, I think there’s no meaning if it is weaker than the consumer.” (Aoi)

『It was a bother to use me?』(Knife-kun⁶)

Rikuto fell down, and a bloody knife had raised an unpleasant voice.

“Well, for the minions……it seems there was no unexpected appointment.” (Aoi)

There seemed to be no way to conquer the enemy of the Lord, and those who had been doing agriculture work unexpectantly disappeared.

“I hope to spread his misery to death as a lesson.” (Aoi)

You can’t defy the sages⁷.
It was Aoi’s duty to inform him so.

『Well, it’s bad to say this when work just finished, but next request. Takatou Yogiri⁸ and Dannoura Tomochika are Japanese targets, and unusually these 2 are candidates for sages. 』(Knife-kun)

The knife was able to communicate by magic.
Rarely performed because long-distance communication requires rich magical power, but it may be such a situation.

“Hmm? What was that? I do not even have to ask myself to be a sage.” (Aoi)

『I do not know. Let’s head for Hanabusa. Detailed documentation is arriving there.』(Knife-kun)

“Not at all. I don’t even have time to breath.” (Aoi)

When Aoi was complaining, footsteps were heard from in the mansion.

“I wonder if there were other minions in the house?” (Aoi)

When she looked at what the intention was, a small boy jumped out of the mansion.
When Aoi is taken astray while looking at it, the boy slides on the ground as soon as he comes out.

“My name is Hanagawa Daimon! I managed to survive in this forest by being picked up by Rikuto, but you killed him, so I can not do anything anymore! Don’t worry if you manage somehow! There is no choice but to die in this way!” (Daimon)

“What…what is this?” (Aoi)

『It is a strange creature.』(Knife-kun)

Aoi was truly confused.


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