Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 5

The Sword Saint walked out of the square and towards the forest.
Those who were in the plaza hurriedly moved after the Sword Saint.
Yogiri is walking along the edge of the group.
If you aimed to be a Sword Saint, you had to show enthusiasm to everything, even walking.
However, it was troublesome for Yogiri who didn’t care about the Sword Saint, or anything of that matter.
Next to Yogiri there was Tomochika as well.
Next to her is the tall, young man who has the apology stone.
Walking next to him was a swordsman wearing white-silver armor.
A dragon girl was walking a bit ahead, leading the unmotivated Yogiri.

“I have had bad luck from a long time ago. It was strange that I lived up till I was a highschool student. I can’t count all the times I have been hit by a car. I was even called ‘Accident Faker-chan’. I got decent compensation, but I didn’t make any money myself. My parents are in a bust and are done for.” (Man)

The young man with the apology stone was talking to Tomochika.
Whether it was because he was helped or not, he was strangely proud.

“In the end I was killed by a cult religion, and died as a ceremonial sacrifice.” (Man)

“It was a disaster.” (Tomochika)

“So, I got to get an apology stone.” (Man)

“This story jumps too far!” (Tomochika)

It seems when he had thought everything was dead, a woman claiming to be God appeared and she seemed to have ascended.¹
Then, seemingly with passion to be born again, he was given an item called a ‘Star Crystal’ as compensation.

“But, is a presence such as God influencing the destiny of this person?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika spoke to the side with her mouth.

『For humans, there is nothing to say. There are those who have had their destiny determined by God, as there are guardian spirits like me.』(Mokomoko)

The spirit Mokomoko answers it.
Mokomoko was not visible to others.

“Is it a story that you can play gachas with that apologizing stone? Well, to that extent……” (Tomochika)

Although it was a rude way of speaking, Tomochika seems to be unable to suppress her curiosity.

“Oh, great items in a gacha, I was supposed to get it done with my friends, but why was it done! I said that I am very lucky.” (Man)

“Oh, I think I understand somehow……” (Tomochika)

In other words, it probably wouldn’t come out.

“So, now I am collecting apology stones! If there are 10 consecutive gachas, there is a minimum guarantee of rarity!” (Man)

“For that, please do your best.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika didn’t seem to understand how to respond to the mysterious system that was the gacha.

“Well….even though I got acquainted with you, isn’t it somehow lonely if we don’t know each other’s name²?” (Tomochika)

When the story finally came to this, she proposed that the Silver Swordsman join them.
Before she even knew it, there was a group of 5 people, and there was no objection to everyone.

“First off from me. There may be many places to think about, but won’t you just leave it as Rick?” (Rick)

To the Silver Swordsman, Rick showed a brilliant wink.

“I don’t know, but even a celebrity is told to be able to conceal it!?” (Tomochika)

It is troublesome even if it is told, as it is natural to know so.
Tomochika showed such a reaction, but Rick seemed to not care.

“I’ll say that I’m Rainier. I wasn’t interested in that, I wasn’t interested in becomin

g a swordsman, but I was forced by my friends……” (Rainier)

The small young man, Rainier, is crying apologetically.

“Where did your friends go?” (Tomochika)

“Perhaps they thought I was dead and got ahead of me……” (Rainier)

It was somewhat like the happiness of youth.

“I am Atila. He is the one who uses this neighborhood as a headquarters.” (Dragon Loli->Atila)

The dragon girl said so.
It seems that she wasn’t going to reveal his identity.³

“I am Takatou Yogiri. I was caught up while just passing by.” (Yogiri)

“I am Dannoura Tomochika. I was in the process of heading to the Kingdom, but I was involved.” (Tomochika)

With that, the self introductions were over.
And, before anyone had noticed, there was no one around them.

“Hm? Did you mean to leave them? Then we don’t have to go anymore.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri gave up easily.

“Wait a moment! Here! You just have to go ahead from here!” (Atila)

Atila stops and points ahead.
But the forest just continued there, there were no signs of people.

“But, there isn’t anything?” (Yogiri)

“There is a barrier here. The situation inside isn’t seen from the outside.” (Atila)

Well, it is certainly strange that such a queue would disappear suddenly without any indication.
As he proceeded to wonder about things such as that, Atila had stopped moving.

“I can’t go ahead from here.” (Atila)

“What about the guidance to the Kingdom?” (Yogiri)

“When you are finished with it, you should call my name. I will appear at any time.” (Atila)

The 4 people proceed forward from Atila.
They crossed the boundary.
At that moment, a tower appeared abruptly.

“What?” (Tomochika)

It seems that Tomochika was taken astray.
The others also can’t hide their surprise at the presence of the standing tower.
The air had changed completely.
There is no difference in scenery outside of the tower.
However, Yogiri felt the cold air that stung his skin.
The matrix going ahead was shown again.
As a matter of course it is heading to the tower.
That’s the destination.

『Hey! Go away immediately! Don’t care about the Sword Saint!』(Mokomoko)

There was only the surprise of one person, Mokomoko was in a different aspect.
It seemed that she was in a hurry.

“Well, what’s wrong? I was surprised as well, but it’s only a tower, right?” (Tomochika)

『That’s not it! Don’t you notice it! This extraordinarily dense miasma! It’s ahead! Something evil is here ahead!』(Mokomoko)

Although Tomochika looked around the area, she didn’t feel anything.
But, Yogiri sensed the signs of death around them.
It seemed that the sun was behind.

“Obo~oo!” (Rainier)

“Rainier-san!?” (Tomochika)

Rainier started to fold and breathe heavily.
If you looked around, some people were throwing up and falling in the same way.

『They were exposed to the miasma.』(Mokomoko)

“Miasma? I don’t have anything.” (Tomochika)

『Your guardian spirit guards you, will the boy do anything about it?』(Mokomoko)

“The miasma? In my case, there is no effect from this degree, but Rainier-san seems to be able to bear it.” (Yogiri)

If you looked at it like he was, the body of Rainier shined.

“Wow, I was saved thanks to the apology stone!” (Rainier)

“What, I feel nauseated, is it good to use…that!?” (Tomochika)

“But as it is, I can’t move.” (Rainier)

Although the overall image of the apology stone is unknown, Rainier seems to have acquired resistance to madness.

“So, what will you do? It’s a strange atmosphere, Mokomoko-san is saying that.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika confirmed with Yogiri.

“It is certainly the sign of death, even after passing through the barrier and the tiger. In my eyes, this area seems to be a little hidden.” (Yogiri)

‘However, it isn’t imminent’, it’s a subtle thing to say back.
When they return, they will wonder around the canyon again.
There would be no choice but to repeat the same thing without any means.
That should be okay after when nothing else can be done.

“Well, I guess it’s okay. There isn’t any danger right now.” (Yogiri)

『Well, it is about your guardian spirit. Perhaps you can do anything, but pay close attention to it.』(Mokomoko)

“What’s the matter?” (Rick)

“Oh, I was just surprised. It’s good if you can go the tower.” (Yogiri)

Rick asked him, but Yogiri cheated on sloppily and proceeded.
It’s a circular tower.
The diameter is about 50 meters.
Even when Yogiri looked up, the tip was hazy and couldn’t be seen.
It would have to be quite high.

Since the huge door is still open, they go in after the queue.
In the stark place, there was another door soon.
In it, you can see the Sword Saint and many other figures.

“Let me see you. I will leave it.” (Sword Saint)

“I don’t mind separating it.” (Yogiri)

Receiving the Sword Saint’s complaints, Yogiri and others went inside.
Then the door closed without permission, and the room began to shake with a lot of rattling.
This room was an elevator, and they seemed to be heading up.

From the rooftop, there was the view of the canyon.
A world of dry soil and rocks that goes on forever.
The green in the vicinity of the tower is the only exception.
The Sword Saint goes to the edge of the rooftop, then points to the bottom.
Those who had followed him witnessed a strange sight.

The canyon is smoothly hollowed out.
It was reminiscent of a spherical space about 10 kilometers in diameter.
Everything there was gone and had disappeared.
It looked like that.

And its central part.
Tomochika, who has acute eyesight, was watching 2 people in the center of the space.
She wondered if they were in the middle of fighting.
But there is no movement there, and something solidified like a statue seems to float in the air.

“This is the end of the world. It’s not amusing when this world will end, it has been utilized to the limit. There is no such thing as a Sword Saint. They are just the lookout of those guys.” (Sword Saint)

“I knew such a thing long ago!” (???)

From the group, a girl wearing flashy clothes came out and stepped forward once.

“Because I am here to put an end to the battle with the genie of a thousand years!” (Flashy Girl)

“Huh, you were cheerful.” (Sword Saint)

“Your role will end today! I hope to send you to a restful life in the future!” (Flashy Girl)

The girl lifts one hand.
The surroundings are stirred with the amount of heat generated at once.
That’s where the girl’s palm faces, it was the heat generated by the light bulb emerging in the space above.
It was easily understood by even Tomochika, who didn’t know much about magic, that it contains enormous energy.
The dazzlingly shining light bulb was like a small sun.
The girl then swings down her hand.
The light bulb disappeared in an instant.
It was injected at high speeds towards the barrier.

The girl was proud.
He wondered if she was convinced of her victory.
Tomochika also thinks it surely wouldn’t be safe no matter what if you eat it.
However, the incident came the moment the light ball touched the barrier.
The speed of the light ball fell visibly.
The light ball’s shadow disappeared, and it eventually stopped moving.

“Yes?” (Sword Saint)

The girl had a blank face.
She didn’t believe in the phenomenon she had witnessed.

“It seems time is running slowly in the barrier. It gets slower as you go inside further. It seems that the center is almost stopped. So, it will be hundreds of years later when it will arrive, and I can’t afford to spend the rest of my life waiting.” (Sword Saint)

As if teasing, the Sword Saint said so.

“Well, it is supposed to show the barrier for the first time. You see? Well then, it’s the selection continuation. I’ll be waiting at the first floor of the tower, so come down. But you can’t use the elevator, so do something about it.” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint gets on the elevator, and the door closes.
It won’t come back up now that it went down.
The acts of the swordsmen are various.
Most of them acted immediately, but some don’t do anything, while others are staring at the barrier.

“Well, my friend who invited me earlier, she was the girl who used magic some time ago……” (???)

The girl still stood frozen in place.
It seems that she couldn’t get out of her state of emptiness.

“Don’t you have to go?” (Rick)

“I am a bit scared……What will she do if she regains her sanity……” (Rainier)

When Rick urged him, Rainier answered with a scared voice.

“I don’t know exactly why she came here, but she was talking about a genie, wasn’t she? Are they over there?” (Tomochika)

“Well, it seems there was a battle that shook the world over a thousand years ago in this place――.” (Rick)

Rick seemed to know about the genie.
However, Tomochika was more concerned than anything else.

“Hey, Takatou-kun――” (Tomochika)

‘Can you even kill a genie?’
Tomochika closed her mouth while trying to say so.
‘――There is no reason to kill, is there?’
It seems likely that would be said.

At the moment, they didn’t know who the genie was.
It is too early to kill it just because it seems to be evil.
Tomochika, who had went ahead, came back and saw Yogiri.

Yogiri’s face had become completely disgusted.

“What’s wrong?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika caressed his neck.⁴
Yogiri showed no reaction whatsoever.

“Perhaps a genie? I inadvertently killed the source of ugliness that is the thing over there.” (Yogiri)

“……yes?” (Tomochika)

Yogiri pointed to the center of the barrier.

“Somehow, I felt like that at first. I am sorry.” (Yogiri)

Rick was talking meekly about the battle over a millennia ago of the genie and King Seong.
He did it right.
It was a hard-to-say atmosphere.

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