Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 6

It was a beneficiary.
Listening to the people prayers, then giving them what they wanted.
It doesn’t do anything on its own, nor does it care about the good or evil of a wish.
It was just mechanically giving the benefits according to the number of sacrifices.
It wandered around the world of people, and kept granting wishes.
As a matter of course, people struggled for it.

It was impossible to keep it in one place, so inevitably, people would compete for the place where it was.
Even if you didn’t need a benefit, it was impossible for them to overlook that others would monopolize it.
People were struggling to fight, and it continued to grant wishes to leave the desire.
It didn’t take long before the human race was halved.

The human race would perish this way.
People finally realized their stupidity when they were able to see the end of humanity.
As it was too much for people, they realized it was something they shouldn’t touch.
The remaining people joined hands, challenging a fight against it.
At that time, they didn’t know what it thought.
However, it directed hostility towards mankind.
Then, mankind was on the verge of extinction.

Rick tells Rainier about the battle a thousand years ago.
Although Yogiri and Tomochika are talking somewhere a bit apart from them, they are listening carefully.

“When did you kill it in the first place?” (Tomochika)

“As soon as we entered the barrier? We wondered how bad the miasma was.” (Yogiri)

“At least check out your opponent first!” (Tomochika)

“It was a reflex.” (Yogiri)

“Oh dear, well, I feel like I’m listening to you, but you may kill me separately though?” (Tomochika)

She wondered if she was blaming him too much.
Tomochika told Yogiri to comfort him.

“How about you? I also feel that human beings are self-sufficient. Is this genie bad?” (Yogiri)

“Well, that’s what I said.” (Tomochika)

“I just refused the source of the miasma. When it came to killing that, however, I felt like it was simply easy.” (Yogiri)

“Oh, I guess it’s awkward. Even for you, Takatou-kun.” (Tomochika)

“Well then. I wonder what he is saying. If I thought it was vermin and killed it, they felt like it’s a natural treasure on the verge of extinction, if I carelessly broke a dirty sculpture, it looks like it was an important cultural asset.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri was feeling something like the weight of history.
There is a thousand-year history here, and there are those who are kept in this place from that period.
He thought that strangers who suddenly came here wouldn’t be able to dispose of it so easily.

“Well, it can’t be helped if I think too much. I can’t be silent forever.” (Yogiri)

“Light! And a quick recovery!” (Tomochika)

“If there is any harm, there is no choice but to kill.” (Yogiri)

Perhaps the barrier is sustained as is.
Then, there is little possibility that the genie will be known to be dead.
It might be useless to continue to seal the dead genie, but there is no change up to now.
Yogiri seemed quite simplistic.

“Let’s go down the tower. I will talk to the Sword Saint properly, I want to head to the Kingdom.” (Yogiri)

There were only a few people left on the rooftop if you noticed it.
The only remaining people are Yogiri and others, and the girl who’s a friend of Rainier.
Truly the girl wouldn’t stand daring forever.
It seems she finally realized that Rainier was left, and she came

to Yogiri and others.

“You have stones, don’t you? Please hand them over!” (Flashy Girl)

The girl offered out her hand while posing.

“Huh, that, what are you going to do?” (Rainier)

Rainier was frightened by the appearance of a lonely girl.
As far as he was watching it from the side, he couldn’t think of it as a very friendly relationship.

“To restore my magical power. So, can they boost it when I’m out? This time I will drive in with a full speed swing!” (Flashy Girl)

“Well, I think I explained it before, but apology stones are linked to me and can’t be used by others……” (Rainier)

“Huh? Well then, you come along with me!” (Flashy Girl)

“……You wanted to come along with me separately……” (Rainier)

“I can’t use it! That’s enough!” (Flashy Girl)

An angry girl went by herself, leaving only the four on the roof.
On the rooftop there are several towers, she seems to be able to go downstairs from there.
It is the wonder one of the trials to choose where.

“Well then, over there.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri pointed at the door in which the little girl had headed through.
There was no objection.

“Gyyaaaa!” (Rainier)

A spear that jumped out of the wall was stuck in the belly of Rainier.
It’s a trap.¹
He guessed it was just bad luck.
Yogiri is able to grasp the position a risk of death, even if it’s a trap.
Most of the traps had already been triggered by the people who have passed before or are cancelled, but Rainier trampled the last activation switch that happened to be left.
They had entered through the door of the tower, and had gone down the stairs soon.
Not long ago, he had an event while saying that.

“Rainier-san!?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika is troubled.
Rick cut the spear protruding from the wall with his drawn sword.
Rainier lost his support and falls on the floor, desperately fumbling with his body while bearing with the pain.
Then, the body of Rainier shone again.
And he stood up like nothing had happened.
The abdominal spear was extruded and had fallen to the floor.
It is the same as recovering from 2 situations, as even his clothes are completely restored.

“Wow, without an apology stone it was just dying.” (Rainier)

Rainier wiped off the sweat from somewhere on his forehead.

“I won’t worry about Rainier-san in the future!?” (Tomochika)

If anything done to him is fixed with the apology stone anyway, it would be ridiculous to worry about him whenever something happens.

“No, even if I told you so, it’s a dangerous place, isn’t it? I can’t use the apology stone unless I’m holding it in my hand.” (Rainier)

“Why don’t you keep holding one all the time?” (Tomochika)

“Oh! Thank you! I didn’t notice such a thing!” (Rainier)

That’s why Rainier now has an apology stone in his left hand.

“I am anxious if it’s only just this. Well, can you wind something round and around my hand? As I am, I think that it will be dropped at any moment!” (Rainier)

“Haa, that’s what it is.” (Tomochika)

As Tomochika said this, she decorated Rainier’s left fist with a handy decorative string.
It probably won’t be dropped as it has been wound tight.

“Was that a star crystal? I don’t understand it, but what effect does it have? Apparently, it would be called a lifeline for Rainier-san. I think it would be rather useful for the future if we knew better.” (Rick)

“Oh, that’s right! Even if it’s told that it is a star crystal, you wouldn’t know what it is!” (Rainier)

Rainier replied frankly to Rick’s proposal.

“There are 2 ways to use the star crystals themselves. One is a complete recovery. Every injury is completely recovered, and your magic power will be filled until it’s maxed. Another is boost. Various abilities are strengthened temporarily. It is thanks to this capacity enhancement that I become able to tolerate myself.” (Rainier)

“Well, you said it was temporary, right? How long do you have?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika suddenly asked this.

“It’s about 30 minutes…..Oh!” (Rainier)

Yogiri also noticed.
It has been around 30 minutes since the last use.
He had cut off the source of miasma, perhaps what had happened in the battle a thousand years ago that is drifting around is this.
Still, the miasma hasn’t disappeared.

“Well, you can turn gachas with star crystals! With this you can get an item, I call a friend……and turn it for the time being!” (Rainier)

“Why now!?” (Tomochika)

Rainier puts his right hand into his pocket, then pulls out 3 star crystals.
The star crystal disappeared while shining, and something fell in front of Rainier.
It was a sculpture.

“Well……is it something amazing?” (Tomochika)

“No. It’s an ordinary scrubbing brush. It’s a scrub brush for one year.” (Rainier)

It seems like he was a loser.

“And anyways, I have to issue items that can overcome this aspect!” (Rainier)

“……When considering the bad luck of this person, star crystals aren’t very useful…..” (Tomochika)

When the remanining star crystals were only 3, that was when Rainier managed to get the ‘Ring of Ruins’.

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