Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 9

Entering the room he was guided to, Rainier looked around.
It’s a small room with only 1 large bed.
It shouldn’t be a frequently used facility, but it’s well maintained.
He checked the time display that’s always displayed at the end of his vision.
The date would change in a little bit, but he couldn’t be careless.
If it is safe enough to be locked in the room, he has returned from death many times before.
Since he had started challenging the trial of the Sword Saint, he has died 15 times before.
Everytime he had returned to the Kingdom, but he finally reached this point.
Why did he bother to come to this place knowing that he would die?
The reason for this is simple because he will die even in the Kingdom.
Rainier is being targeted by someone, so no matter where he escaped he would surely be killed.
However, the barrier in this place seems to have an effect to hinder someone’s recognition, and there is no other thing to be killed by if he’s here.

“I would like you to update my savepoint considerably.” (Rainier)

However, as the point of returning to death is one piece of the goddess’s trifle, it was unavoidable for Rainier.
He sat on the bed and waited.
0 hours and 0 minutes.
The date changed without anything, and the mail icon lighted up on the edge of his sight.¹

・【Apology】- status abnormality that signifigantly impairs game balance.

He opened the gift box without reading the usual title.
There were 100 star crystals.
Rainier stratched his neck.
It is a lavish hospitality that doesn’t match the degree of misfortune of today.
When he checked the mailbox, another letter was delivered.

・【Announcement】- 20th anniversary commemorative gift of starting the service!

It seems 20 years have passed since he had reincarnated in this world.
Looking at the letter, there were 80 star crystals provided for the 20th anniversary.
It was said that a UR confirmed gacha would be held, and Rainier decided to try it at once.
By the way, the degree of rarity increases in the order of C, R, SR, SSR, and UR.
Since carrying all of the star crystals is troublesome, he removed the necessary amount of 5 from the gift box and made them appear in his palm.
To clutch it and remember, the space before him started to shine.
Rainier closed his eyes before a very dazzling appearance.
It was his first experience, but it was probably the finalization of the UR production.
When the light subsided, a woman was standing in front of Rainier.
While wearing a luxurious costume, she is showing a plump body that is slightly overexposed.
Her whole body was shining gold, and even a mysterious effect of something dancing around and scattering was also occuring.
It can be said that it is appropriate for an UR.
However, Rainier didn’t feel any flattery for the woman.

“Ah……how smart the smell of that person is……it’s as if I’m being held by that person……” (Woman)

It was because the woman’s face had become an ecstatic expression at the ridiculous thign such as Rainier.
And, the woman there was familiar.
She was a goddess who had made Rainier’s fortune the worst setting.

“Errr……” (Rainier)

Since he had felt like he would be left alone forever if he was silent, Rainier spoke to the goddess with terrible fear.

“Oh, sorry. I got crazy about breathing into my chest all the way.” (Woman->Goddess)

The goddess who had taken a deep breath turned towards Rainier.

“What is it? I see you ha

ve appeared.” (Rainier)

He had met the goddess when he had died in his previous life.
Sometimes he got hints on how to survive, but that’s the degree of the relationship.

“Oh! That’s easy. I just wanted to come here. I will leave soon.” (Goddess)

“Um, the UR companion……” (Rainier)

“I’m sorry. Let me be joyful. Because this is a copy, there is little power. And, I devoted most of the resources to producing.” (Goddess)

“Does the producing shine with a shimmer or is it like fluffy fluffy…..No, it’s okay, but if you explain so from the beginning……” (Rainier)

“It’s necessary to be in the foreground, on the system. If you come here from me, you will absolutely notice them and everything messes up. It takes various forms by taking the form that is summoned to you.” (Goddess)

He didn’t know about it well, Rainier perceived it as so.

“There is no way for a guy who surely doesn’t understand it to follow it, but what should I do after this?” (Rainier)

“Why don’t you like it? Since we are giving that power, why don’t you make full use of it to enjoy a different world life?” (Goddess)

“The power to stagger while drifting? Because every situation is different, my previous knowledge isn’t useful at all. Even this time, I accompanied a person different from last time.” (Rainier)

The star crystals are merely compensation for his luck.
The power given to Rainier was the ability to start over from a while ago.

“Of course, there are types of abilities to do the same situation over and over again. If you don’t do this well, the force of this hand will pack up soon? I think that this one is still better. If you repeat it over and over, there is a possibility that the initial placement will make you feel good and survive well.” (Goddess)

“Is that you who said I should come here?” (Rainier)

“Not particularly? I just give you a hint, and it’s free for you to do so?” (Goddess)

He wondered if it was true.
Even the easy Rainier started thinking that the goddess’s hints and tales were mere guidance.
The goddess wanted to come here.
However, he didn’t know the reason, Rainier didn’t know the intention of her using him.

“Well, if that’s not a problem, I have come to such a place, why don’t you try to aim for the Sword Saint?” (Goddess)

“That is unreasonable. Then, I will start over. Even in the barrier there is danger all over it.” (Rainier)

Surely someone won’t be killed, but the danger of this tower wouldn’t change much.
It can be said that the situation is getting worse as the place is limited.

“Oh, that’s not possible anymore. The situation so far has been fixed at the time that I observed it. That being, the save point is this room.” (Goddess)

“Something like that……” (Rainier)

Rainier became frightened.
It was as good as being trapped in this tower.

“See ya. I will leave this body. It will be decomposed in a few hours, but until then you can use it as you like.” (Goddess)

“What do you mean?” (Rainier)

“It’s relatively easy to send things to this world, but it’s difficult to bring things out, so this body is remote controlled.” (Goddess)

“Well, with that in mind…” (Rainier)

Then, the body of the goddess collapsed like a doll that had its thread broken.
It doesn’t appear to be dead, but there is no will of the goddess.
There was only a piece of meat left.

“Takatou-kun. I will say it just to be sure, but I’m not 2 people. Mokomoko-san is……Mokomoko-san!?” (Tomochika)

It was a room they were guided to by the maid doll.
As it is a problem to be separated in the suspicious tower, Yogiri and Tomochika are together.
It was a small room with only 1 large bed.

“I don’t think so.” (Yogiri)

“Even though she is always annoying and she’s hanging in front of my eyes, will only this not happen!” (Tomochika)

Tomochika looked around the room hurriedly.
There she was.
Mokomoko was stuck in half of the wall.²

“What are you doing!” (Tomochika)

『Umm. It’s okay for me to do these kinds of things. I thought that I should disappear myself, but I am interested in it for a moment, so I think that I’m going to peep into this kind of thing like that.』(Mokomoko)

“It’s half-way!” (Tomochika)

『Don’t worry about me. Well, I think that it’s kind of a common ghost story at an old inn.』(Mokomoko)

“I can’t help it! Why did Takatou-kun taking it off! I feel it’s too early!?” (Tomochika)

Yogiri went into the room and was about to take off his uniform while they were argueing with each other.

“Hmm? I’m going to change into pajamas.” (Yogiri)

Tomochika and others had almost come here empty handed.
Pajamas and underwear were prepared in the room.

『Hohou~. Isn’t it likely to be full?』(Mokomoko)

“What!?” (Tomochika)

『It’s quick to say that. Slowly, plentifully, is it enough that you’ll spend some time leisurely?』(Mokomoko)

“Mokomoko-san is silent already.” (Tomochika)

『Well, it can’t be helped where I fueled those who don’t feel it.』(Mokomoko)

Mokomoko also points to the bed.
Yogiri quickly changed clothes and entered the bed, sighing deeply.

“What is this guy……I don’t care whether he is interested in……” (Tomochika)

Tomochika seemed to be stupidly making noise on her own.
Since there was no time to stand at the entrance forever, Tomochika also approaches the bed and sits at ease.
The bed swayed greatly, but Yogiri remained sound asleep.

『Well, that aside. This tower is something suspicious.』(Mokomoko)

“Well, I also know that.” (Tomochika)

『It seems to work as well, but it isn’t such a physical problem. Actually, since I came here, this tower has been trying to take me away!³』(Mokomoko)

“……what would it intend to do by taking you away……” (Tomochika)

It was tough to speak fairly, but it was the first time that Tomochika was concerned.

『Is it hard to keep talking about being a little worried?』(Mokomoko)

“Well, I thought it didn’t matter intuitively, but actually it would be rather bad if Mokomoko was gone.” (Tomochika)

『Well, yes. That’s it. It seems that they are about to collect souls of the dead in one place.』(Mokomoko)

“Huh? Is that okay?” (Tomochika)

If it was intentional as well as this thing, it seemed to Tomochika that it was a wicked plot.

『There’s nothing wrong with this degree if we’re talking about me. But, there are a lot of unpleasant smells. Please be careful enough.』(Mokomoko)

“You don’t have to tell me to be careful.” (Tomochika)

Even so, it was too vague and there was nothing she could do right now.
She caught a glimpse of Yogiri.
He had an unprotected and innocent sleeping face, Tomochika thought that he was a little cute.

“Well, that aside.” (Tomochika)

Although Yogiri was asleep, Tomochika began to worry whether she could change her clothes in this place.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – …duude….I want one of those…..

² – I love Mokomoko. #BestSpirit2018

³ – Nooo, I don’t want Mokomoko to be….spirited away…… runs from mob with pitchforks for the terrible pun

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