Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 10

The maid doll is looking at the vividly shining walls and scratching her neck.
There is no major problem in the progress of the Sword Saint selection, and there were no urgent issues to deal with.
However, there were some points to worry about.
Even if it isn’t enough to take them one by one, if they overlap too much, it becomes a problem.

This is the basement of the tower.
It’s a stone room about 10 meters squared, with one side open wide.
From there you are able to see the canyon, and she could confirm the figures of the Genie and its family.
This room exists on the edge.

Although the moonlight comes in, the inside of the room is dim.
However, the image reflected on the wall was slightly illuminating the area.
The information on the inside of the tower and the state of the barrier is displayed there.
This is the control center of the tower, and it was the place that became the essential part of the Genie sealing barrier.

“What kind of thing is it?” (???)

Although at an old age, the Sword Saint appeared.

“The progress of the selection is good. However, there are some points to worry about. First is the situation outside the first boundary. Several movements of someone were seen. Details are unknown.” (Maid)

The first barrier was large-scale and it covered around the tower, covering the presence of the tower and the Genie.
There is no technique to find the inside from the outside, and surveillance is carried out by regular reconnaissance.
Although they were sending automatic dolls similar to a maid doll, they didn’t know about anything besides those wandering around.

“There’s no choice but to look at it. There is something just passing through.” (Maid)

However, there is no one coming to a remote valley without purpose.
There is a need for vigilance.

“Next is inside the tower, but the amount of deaths on the first day is more than usual. This is largely due to the swordswoman Theresa.” (Maid)

“I could have expected this to happen when she was mixed in. But, almost everyone will die. It will be sooner or later.” (Sword Saint)

“Why won’t you kill everyone immediately?” (Maid)

The maid doll who had heard that was wondering that for a while.
Souls are necessary to maintain the barrier, and to get souls, people need to die inside of the barrier.
If he doesn’t do a roundabout, he ought to kill everyone as soon as they entered the tower.

“It’s that simple. It’s because it is true that selecting a Sword Saint is also important. Because there are too many people who die in the selection, it’s just enough so that it’s exactly right to maintain the barrier. So? I don’t think that there are more problems than usual.” (Sword Saint)

“That Theresa you recommended has died.” (Maid)

“You don’t mind whom is dead, don’t you?” (Sword Saint)

“Yes. However, the figures do not match. It doesn’t include things that are considered as Theresa in the collected souls.” (Maid)

“……Hmm. If it’s true she’s dead, she may have been ghosted before the tower could absorb it.” (Sword Saint)

If the soul was the energy that drives the body, it was said that spirit is the command tower responsible for the soul.
Both diffuse after death, but sometimes the spirit remains in its original form, which happens in the case of higher magicians and swordsmen.

“We are checking the body of Theresa, but I don’t know the cause of death¹.” (Maid)

They knew the current state of the tower in thi

s room, but they couldn’t grasp the events that happened in the past.

“For now, we can afford the amount of spiritual energy necessary to maintain the barrier. But if similar things continue in the future, won’t it be dangerous?” (Maid)

A good quality spirit could increase the power of the soul many times.
It was an essential element to maintain the barrier.

“There are several year’s worth of savings at the moment. It’s not a problem right now.” (Sword Saint)

“Rather, the problem is that. It has almost reached its limit. This isn’t necessary right now, but it seems that the spare substitute is a little uncomfortable with three people.” (Maid)

“Hmm. Well, there was a guy who used magic proudly. Isn’t that available for use?” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint is talking about the magical girl who tried to hit the Genie on the roof.
The maid doll confirmed the girl’s position.
The girl was resting on the 80th floor.
The tower consists of 100 stories, it’s still far down to the first floor, but it seems that the test is going smoothly.

“What shall we do?” (Maid)

“For now the selection will continue, but please recover them when they are about to die. It’s useable if they live. So, what other points are you interested in?” (Sword Saint)

“Yes. There was an intruder inside of the tower. It’s due to a summon.” (Maid)

“It feels quite important, but is it enough so I should worry about it?” (Sword Saint)

“Yes. The one who was summoned was a woman who doesn’t have any power, and the operator will use it for sexual activity.” (Maid)

“It’s considerably courageous. In this situation, to summon it for such a thing.” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint said this as he was impressed.
Summoning is not an easy thing to do, it requires enormous magical power.
He probably didn’t think that it would be used for the dissolution of libido.

“There is one more point to worry about inside of the tower. My master is among the candidates.” (Maid)

“Hmm? Although your master would be me?” (Sword Saint)

“No. My creator, the Great Mage Gracia-sama.” (Maid)

“That person, she fought with the Genie a thousand years ago. What is she still doing alive?” (Sword Saint)

“I don’t know the details, but I can’t make a mistake in seeing the master.” (Maid)

“I will not refuse those who come. Do those guys know that this is the selection of the Sword Saint?” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint says this while amazed.
As the maid doll has seen, half of the candidates can be called pure swordsmen.
Although there is no problem no matter what the feature of the ability is, it would be a problem if you couldn’t use swords well, even if they could bear the Sword Saint.

“Finally, about the Genie’s family. Unique individuals are about to escape the second barrier. The expected time to break through the barrier is noon of 3 days later.” (Maid)

It’s the second barrier which seals off the Genie, and the central part with the Genie is the most effective.
And the effect became thinner and thinner the further away from the center.
In other words, any of the surrounding members will escape from the barrier.
As a result, the Sword Saint didn’t leave the tower for a long time.
It’s the responsibility of the Sword Saint to defeat the occasional appearances.

“Do try to hit the candidates. They won’t be served as a Sword Saint if they can’t knock down their fellow swordsmen.” (Maid)

“It looks very troublesome, doesn’t it?” (Sword Saint)

“You have so many people? How to do it without using it.” (Maid)

“What do I need to pay attention to?” (Sword Saint)

“Is it useful for someone who will die in the trials?” (Maid)

The Sword Saint went to the largely made opening.
A maid doll stood next to him.
The Sword Saint is seeing the space where the canyon is hollowed out into a spherical shape.
In the center, there is a Genie and a Holy King.
And around them, there were also fellows who had fought with the Genie.
Their movement isn’t visible even though they are visible.
However, they were definitely getting closer to here.

“Humanoids. That’s troublesome.” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint murmured in a blur.
He was laughing.
That which was approaching the closest to here, it’s something in the shape of a person.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – Silly Maid. Our MC doesn’t NEED a reason.  ▲

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