Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 11

There is no reason for her to be sleeping in this situation.
Tomochika thought so, but it seems that she had fallen asleep before she even noticed it.
And then, she realized Yogiri was clinging to her.

“Na!?” (Tomochika)

Seeing that, she came to her senses instantly.
However, it wasn’t like he got familar calmly.
Certainly, the situation was easily able to be grasped.
However, Tomochika only came to know the reality that Yogiri’s face is buried in her rich breasts, so under such circumstances there is no way to be calm.

Tomochika knows a few effective techniques¹ from even close contact.
It would be possible to proceed to align Yogiri with painful eyes.
In an attempt to do so, Tomochika reconsidered.
Yogiri is asleep.
In other words, with what he is doing unconsciously, there are no disgusting or malicious feelings.

Just because there was something soft, she guessed he just cuddled up.
Since she thought so, she was hesitant to do too much rough behavior.
Under a slight light, she gently checked the face of Yogiri.
As usual it was an innocent face, it was getting silly to make a fuss every now and then.

Besides, she is afraid that Yogiri who is sleeping would react to the movement using force, in other words it would be because of Tomochika.
Then, if she was able to give some sort of comfort to Yogiri for this degree, it is okay.
She felt that way, but when she diverted her line of sight, her eyes met with something.

“Kyaaaaaaa!” (Tomochika)

Something is emerging from the wall.
While she was confused, something came calling.

『It’s me! You shouldn’t be surprised everytime!』(Mokomoko)

“So it’s Mokomoko-san? Have you been like that the entire time!?” (Tomochika)

『That’s it.』(Mokomoko)

“……Hmm?” (Tomochika)

She was making too much noise, as Yogiri could wake up.
Tomochika jumped up in a hurry.

“Or rather! When I look over there when I forget, I’m afraid because something is half protruding out of the wall, so stop it!” (Tomochika)

『Well, it is as so. I can’t go out to get out.』(Mokomoko)

“What do you mean?” (Tomochika)

『Hm. I told you that the tower is trying to absorb the spiritual kind.』(Mokomoko)

“Oh, you were telling me. ‘I am confident that I will be fine as long as I am’.” (Tomochika)

『It looks like they are gathering souls through the walls and floors of the tower. When it overlaps with the wall, there is quite a lot of suction power. Well, I was curious about whether I could get out of them or not, but it’s gradually starting to seem like it was a bad idea.』(Mokomoko)

“It was a short relationship, but I will not forget it. Hey, it was an unforgettable impact, ancestor.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika joined her hands with Mokomoko.
Although it can be said that she was useful once, it’s a gloomy existence to remain in the surroundings for a long time.
She didn’t feel so rewarding.

『I wished I wouldn’t be abandoned so easily!』(Mokomoko)

“Oh, but how can I help you? It is said that it absorbs souls.” (Tomochika)

『The youngster exists! Hey, do something about it!』(Mokomoko)

“Hmm……” (Tomochika)

Yogiri seemed to still be half-asleep.

“Hey. I think you can manage somehow.” (Tomochika)

It is truly awkward to forsake her as it is.
Tomochika explained to Yogiri the circumstances that it had become such a thing.

“Well…….I guess something will happe

n if I kill that sucking function. But, I wonder what is going on for some reason, I don’t think I should do such a thing without permission……” (Yogiri)

Yogiri looks at Mokomoko.
It seemed that he readily decided immediately.

“Well, I will give priority to Mokomoko over those in the tower.” (Yogiri)

“Can it be done?” (Tomochika)

“I’m not being targeted, so it’s hard to narrow down the target, but……” (Yogiri)

Yogiri touches the wall.

“It certainly feels like something like spirits are being absorbed. I’ll do it in some way or another.” (Yogiri)

At that moment, Mokomoko jumped out of the wall.

『Ooh! I thought that I was going to die!』(Mokomoko)

“But you died a long time ago.” (Tomochika)

『My lord, that’s quite cold for your ancestor!』(Mokomoko)

“But, it has become increasingly unpleasant.” (Tomochika)

Yogiri had an uncertain look on his face for a little while.

“What’s wrong?” (Tomochika)

“In addition to killing the genie, destroying the function of the tower even though it’s just a part of it? I thought it would be better to leave here quickly before complaining².” (Yogiri)

“That’s right. We had somehow came to this place, but I’m not staying for long.” (Tomochika)

She looked out from the window.
The sun was rising.
Tomochika thought he wanted to get out of here with a quick rush from inside.

“I’m calm in this situation, so let’s discuss about future things.” (Yogiri)

“Hee~. Is the situation you are facing on the bed calm?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika says somewhat frustrated.
Even if she said so, she slept soundly and had a clear head, and no one else was there, so Yogiri thought that this situation would be best for a discussion.

“Oh well. What discussion?” (Tomochika)

“First of all is the big goal. Returning to our original world. At the worst it will be just the 2 of us.” (Yogiri)

If he says the worst, Yogiri thinks that only Tomochika would be able to return.
However, Tomochika would be rebuttling once he said so.

“To know how to return to our original world is a medium goal.” (Tomochika)

“That’s why we are aiming for the Kingdom, you know. To meet with the sage Shion and discuss and listen to stories. So, I am to join up with everyone. I told you we could do it with only us, but if we could return with the entire class, wouldn’t you do that instead?” (Yogiri)

Their classmates were carrying out the mission imposed by the sage Shion.
As long as they can proceed with the mission successfully, Shion will reveal her appearance.
It is Shion who called Yogiri and others to this world.
There is also a possibility to hear about the return method.

“I will not bother to abandon them. However, it doesn’t always work because we joined up with everyone. That’s why I came to this place.” (Yogiri)

“Huh? Why?” (Tomochika)

“There isn’t any guarantee that we can meet the sage, and we won’t speak frankly. She might only know how to summon and not how to leave. So anything is okay, for now, we need to gather information about this world. The Sword Saint seemed famous and I thought that it would be a clue.” (Yogiri)

Before coming here, Yogiri had heard that the Sword Saint is like being lined up with the sages.
He thought that he should listen to something, but what unfolded here was a murder meeting for the next generation of the Sword Saint.
He began to think that he needed to get out with nothing more.

“Oh, so is it that? I think that it was for teaching me clearly how to get through the canyon.” (Yogiri)

“I have a rough idea about that. I could see the rough topography because I could see the canyon from the rooftop. How about you, Mokomoko-san?” (Tomochika)

『Yes. I can fly even further to see it. I mostly know the way through the canyon.』(Mokomoko)

“Huh? Was it just me who was watching the scenery from the rooftops? ……Ah, wasn’t robo telling you what it would be like going home if the coordinates were known?” (Yogiri)

Tomochika, who was shocked, told him to gloss over it.

『To return to our original world, we need energy in addition to the coordinates. That robot left a part of himself as an anchor in his world. Therefore, it’s possible for him to return to his world with minimal energy, but we can’t. In this case it’s the bottom of the world, the seabed. It’s easy to sink, but enormous energy is needed to surf.』(Mokomoko)

“Anchor as in the anchor of a ship. Because it has a string, it’s connected?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika questioned it.
It’s hard to imagine the image even if explained as so.

『That’s right. This is just one example, but that robot has something like a lifeline connected to his original world. And he can go home just by pulling on it.』(Mokomoko)

“Energy. Even though it’s said……” (Tomochika)

Also, she didn’t know how much was necessary.

『There may be hints about it in this tower. I wasn’t just buried in the tower. I was searching for the flow of power.』(Mokomoko)

“What? Something like that, would you like to retrofit it?” (Tomochika)

『Bullshit! That’s it. It seems to have collected the souls of the dead in one place. They are probably using it to maintain the barrier. I don’t know how much power the genie and the man has, but it would require a huge amount of energy to keep them bound enough to make it look like time is stopped.』(Mokomoko)

“But, I don’t want to be rude by killing people and collecting them.” (Yogiri)

However, collecting energy through such means, if there is a way to accumulate it, it may be something that can be used for something.
Yogiri kept that in mind.

“As expected.” (Tomochika)

So the small³ goal at the moment is to join with everyone in the class with the aim of going towards the Kingdom, but for that we have to go down this tower first.” (Yogiri)

“It turned out as usual.” (Tomochika)

“Well, I want you to be prepared. The candidates we meet in the future will kill with no questions asked.” (Yogiri)

“It’s as usual, isn’t it?” (Tomochika)

Because Tomochika’s face has become blank, Yogiri was hurt a little.

“I always try not to kill those that I don’t have to kill as much as possible. But, those who are aiming for Sword Saint in this tower are full of killing each other. If you hesitate, you will be killed.” (Yogiri)

“This is now. I’m prepared for it. If Takatou-kun uses his power, that is as good as I’m doing. And, from the very beginning I thought so.” (Tomochika)

『Hmm. Don’t make fun of the daughter of a samurai!』(Mokomoko)

This time Yogiri’s face was the one to become blank.
No way, he never thought that she had the resolution to do that.

“With being saved, I’m not so unrefined as to complain about being helped. Well, please do it in moderation, I think.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika says that it doesn’t mean that it is all okay, as expected.

“……I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten at all since yesterday.” (Yogiri)

As she said that he was trusted, Yogiri, who was embarrassed, said so to gloss it over.

“Oh, I guess it seems like an unreasonable story to find a person without any clues in this place.” (Aoi)

It’s about the time when the sky starts to whiten.
Hanagawa Daimon was walking behind Aoi who was walking confidently.
For Takatou Yogiri and others, although she told everything she knew in the disk, it still didn’t release it.
The disk landed in the middle of a canyon, and from there the 2 people where walking.

It was researched in the city of Hanabusa, where they stopped along the way, that Yogiri and others headed for the canyon.
They know he will be here because not much time has passed since they left.
However, having said that, the canyon is extensively complicated.
She couldn’t find any clues at least by searching from the sky in the disk.

“It’s okay. I can roughly understand what event is likely to happen to me.” (Aoi)

“Don’t be a rude meta story! Is your head okay!?” (Hanagawa)

『Hey. Don’t get on too much?』(Knife-kun)

The voice came from the knife pouch near the waist of Aoi.
A knife inside is talking.

“Fu, fu fu~n! I’m not scared of being threatened by a knife that can’t move by itself.” (Hanagawa)

“Well, if you say meta, it’s a meta story. I can overlook fate. In other words, if this world was a movie, I could look into that script.” (Aoi)

“No no no, then it isn’t necessary to listen to my story or bring anything along!” (Hanagawa)

“It’s not that simple either. If it’s compared to a movie, there are multiple heroes and it seems to be said that chaotic contents like various scenarios are moving at the same time. I can’t understand it so easily, and the scenario changes complicatedly depending on the situation. Uh, here it comes.” (Aoi)

Aoi points to the sky.
In the darkness, it was the only thing shining.
There was a huge dragon clad in lightning floating there.

“What is it like! That’s obviously clad in the warrior’s style!” (Hanagawa)

At the moment he saw it, Hanagawa sensed the difference in the case.
There is no chance of winning.
Even if it breathed, it was over.
He wondered if they were going to see a lightning attack.
Such a thing can’t be avoided, it was decided he would be killed instantly with the defensive strength of Hanagawa.

“Run away! Aoi-sama’s ability won’t beat such a thing!” (Hanagawa)

It’s difficult to escape at this point from this distance.
However, Aoi was supposed to have no means to challenge the opponent floating in the sky.

“Huh? Why can’t I win if it’s me?” (Aoi)

“Aoi-sama’s power, it can’t win against protagonists⁴!” (Hanagawa)

Hanagawa had witnessed Aoi’s battle in the monster forest.
So Aoi uses the same powers of the cheating bastard Rikuto, also she cancelled it.
It would be for countering the power of retrofitting.
He didn’t think that it would pass for a strong creature from the beginning.

“Oh, I misunderstood. This guy’s stuff is simple.” (Aoi)

Then, Aoi said it.

“This huge creature won’t float in the sky, is it?” (Aoi)

Instantly the dragon began to fall.
The dragon itself probably doesn’t know what’s going on.
The dragon managed to glide and crashed into the cliff somehow.
He managed to only avoid flying under the cliff.

“My ability is simple. Balance of power is just an ability to modify an event as I believed.” (Aoi)

“Well, that cheat is too much!” (Hanagawa)

It seemed that only Hanagawa thought it was an unreasonable ability.
Then it would be the ultimate ability of everything.

“Not really. What I can’t belive can’t be realized.” (Aoi)

“Oh, is that so? Well, anyway, is it enough so you can defeat this guy?” (Hanagawa)

Hanagawa approached the dragon.
Its huge body is somehow resting on the path of the cliff.
The head was huge and it seemed like it could swallow Hanagawa, it turned its eyes and opened its mouth sweetly and threw out its tongue.

“Fu, fufu~n.  Does it mean that it’s a huge crown if it becomes like this?” (Hanagawa)

“Oh, it is dangerous to approach it carelessly?” (Aoi)

The dragon suddenly got up and closed its mouth.
In an instant, everything down from Hanagawa’s right elbow disappeared.

“Gya! Why, what is it!” (Hanagawa)

However, Hanagawa was also accustomed to this injury.
The experience of passing through the scene as a healer wasn’t elegant.
Immediately restoring his right arm, he flew away at once.

“It’s as you said a little while ago. It’s a huge lizard, but is it hazardous just being huge?” (Aoi)

“There is something wrong with that ability!” (Hanagawa)

“It won’t. I am thinking that it can’t be strange even if it’s a reptile of this size, I can’t deny that.” (Aoi)

“Well what are you doing!” (Hanagawa)

“There is no other choice but to fight on the steady side. Well, I am fine as it is, so it’s okay.” (Aoi)

That’s why Aoi pulls out her knife.
He doesn’t know how strong she is, but Hanagawa thought that she was a very unreliable figure.
However, Hanagawa couldn’t see it’s ability.

There is no need for Aoi to fight, it’s because the neck of the dragon flew away.

“Huh? Well, did you do anything now?” (Hanagawa)

“No. But, this is bad. It might be the worse situation for me.” (Aoi)

Something stood around where the neck of the dragon was, and it’s bleeding hard.
It was irregular.
That was in the shape of a person.
However, the body that is wet by blood is covered with a black metal, and things popped out of the body that weren’t knives nor needles.
It’s hard to think that the slim body contains people inside.
In other words, it is such an existence.

“Hedgehog……” (Aoi)

Aoi murmurs so.
It was an existence that the sages called Aggressors.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – It unfortunately isn’t the technique we want. 


³ – So, I don’t think it’s my TL’s, but this has gone from big->medium->small within 5 minutes…. 

⁴ – Oh my, the foreshadowing…. 

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