Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 12

It was like the existence of killing intent embodied.
The blade that can grow in its entirety is just prepared for slaughter.
To Hanagawa, it’s an ominously beautiful existence he can’t take his eyes off.
He can’t do anything where he kept staring, if he took his eyes off he would be beheaded at that moment.
He was obsessed with such a compelling idea.

“It’s a murder regardless of how it is seen from—isn’t it! What to do with that! But! There is a sage like this here! Anyone else of this degree……what are you doing Aoi-sama!?” (Hanagawa)

Hanagawa who was staring at the irregular shape, he noticed that the figure of Aoi can’t be seen.

“Why did you aim for the dragon? Even though it will kill at random, it creates a kind atmosphere, okay—I should be okay with pig-kun or scoring a goal.” (Aoi)

“Well, why behind me! Or, now was it natural to call me pig-kun!?” (Hanagawa)

“I thought it was perfect for hiding because the surface area is big.” (Aoi)

“That’s not it isn’t it? It’s a politically correct paraphrase isn’t it? A kind that is challenging horizontally!” (Hanagawa)

Aoi was hiding behind Hanagawa.
But it is useless if she planned on making him into a shield.
Hanagawa would be torn into pieces of paper by that monster.

“Well, there is an eye-catching face for the time being? I think whether there is some meaning to keeping out of sight.” (Aoi)

“There is absolutely no meaning! Something like a sensor—so I’m grasping all the surrounding situations that there is a bad guy!” (Hanagawa)

It was distorted, but it was based on the form of a person.
There are two red spots on the head, so it’s probably its eyes.
It may be about decoration, as ear and nose-like items were also on it.
The existence of a mouth isn’t clear, but you can see something like a line.
It wasn’t surprising even if it opened wide suddenly there.

“Even if you are grasping it. I guess there is no place to kill ourselves. It will be easy to annihilate ourselves if that comes to mind.” (Aoi)

Looking at the footsteps of it, there are traces like it is dragging on the ground somewhat.
Probably it is, it must have jumped over the cliff and landed while they killed the dragon.
That movement is precisely invisible, both Hanagawa and Aoi couldn’t capture that movement.

“Doesn’t it manage anything!? How will it become with Aoi-sama’s ability? Look, you did it to a dragon, you can say that such a robot can’t be!” (Hanagawa)

“Even if you say so. If so, I can’t do anything if I think about that.” (Aoi)

“It can’t be used unexpectedly!? That ability!” (Hanagawa)

“So, it’s quite useless, isn’t it?” (Aoi)

“And, is it okay to say that you still keep staring?” (Hanagawa)

The possibility of being noticed increases if they move.
Now that it is best to keep the current situation, Hanagawa thought that as an excuse.

“Yeah. Somehow, but it looks like it is confused.” (Aoi)

“Is……that so? Well, although it is impossible to see it if said so……” (Hanagawa)

It had a forward leaning posture, and it was standing still with blood.
It seems that his appearance seems to be silent as to why he doesn’t know exactly how she killed the dragon.

“But, how long will it be standing still?” (Aoi)

“That guy, is he wondering where to go?” (Hanagawa)

Anyway, he had no choice but to see

how it is.
That’s right, Hanagawa decided, but it showed up soon.
Being afraid to be quiet, it was movement without stagnation.
It only walked a few steps, and Hanagawa should have seen that figure, but he wasn’t sure when it moved.
He guessed the dragon was the purpose.
When he realized it, it was standing near the head that flew into a thousand pieces.
And, it stabbed its hand into the top of the head.
The blade-like hand entered deeply without any resistance.

“You, what are you doing!” (Hanagawa)

“The dragon is obviously dead and it doesn’t mean to stop. Feeling it, is he trying to get information from the brain?” (Aoi)

“That’s it! There are about 2 people holding the brain here as well!” (Hanagawa)

Hanagawa and the others don’t know what the meaning of the act actually is.
However, when the irregular shape pulled out its hand from the head of the dragon, Hanagawa confirmed its death.

“Breasts! Whether you have good breasts or not, you die anyway!¹ My girl isn’t interested so much though! As soon as this happens anything is okay!” (Hanagawa)

“No way.” (Aoi)

“Ah, ah ah ah, isn’t it DOGEZA for the time being? Is the sincerity of the Japanese communicated globally!?” (Hanagawa)

The confused Hanagawa immediately attatched his knees and rubbed his head against the ground.
However, there are limits to keeping their eyes away from the terror there.
Hanagawa can’t bear it right away, raising his face and looked while glancing.
It was gone.

“Huh?” (Hanagawa)

“It went somewhere.” (Aoi)

“Why? This promises a pattern of in the background just after carelessness perhaps!” (Hanagawa)

Hanagawa confirmed behind him, looked up at the sky, and looked under the cliff.
There was no appearance of anything anywhere.

“Does that mean we……were saved?” (Hanagawa)

“For now. Well, for the fate-value basis, I couldn’t believe that we would just die here.” (Aoi)

“I mean, Aoi-sama was extreeeeemly nervous!?” (Hanagawa)

She didn’t want to admit it, he didn’t know if she really kept her normal heart, but Aoi ignored Hanagawa’s point, and pointed to the sky.

“A while ago, I could see a huge tower over there.” (Aoi)

“There seems to be nothing there?” (Hanagawa)

In the sky of dawn, there was only a thin cloud covering it.

“It was really for a moment. But, that monster—it seems that he was heading there for a moment. Let’s just go over there for the time being.” (Aoi)

“Are you sane! Even though we were saved!” (Hanagawa)

“The dragon seemed to have flagged something, because it fell down, the next clue is only about it.” (Aoi)

“No~ooo! I’m sorry, it fell because of you!” (Hanagawa)

Aoi grabbed the collar of Hanagawa while he was crouching.
Her power was stronger than he thought, and Hanagawa got dragged without being able to resist.²

“This……you are playing it perfectly, aren’t you?” (Yogiri)

“It’s a little frustrating.” (Tomochika

The dead end of the passageway.
There was a metal box in front of Yogiri and Tomochika.
It was as large as an armful, it was a so-called treasure box whose lid had a semi-cylindrical shape.
Because both of us play games, if this box is put in front of you your expectations will increase even if no response is made, but there was only 1 gold coin on the inside.

“Is this the setting for every trial……?” (Tomochika)

“If that’s true, I wonder if keys and so on will go into this.” (Yogiri)

This was the 50th floor of the tower.
The rooftop is at the top of the 100th floor, where the fight against Theresa was at the 90th floor.
From there, the 90th-80th floors were the place where they stayed in the safety zone, and it becomes a heirarchy much further down from there.
Since there were no safety zones after the 90-80th floors, there was a possibility that someone would be attacked by nature, but the two were easygoing.

“……Separately, I don’t mean to have the shoulder of the Sword Saint, and I’m caught up in a test I didn’t want to take. Just a little, I wonder if it’s my imagination that I feel sorry for a bit?” (Yogiri)

Originally, looking at the treasure chest, it probably didn’t have to go down the heirarchy so far.
On the way, there were locked rooms, passages with traps, and there was a door with a mechanism like a mountain.
In order to come so far, you need items, so it should have been necessary to search around the tower seeking hints to solve the mystery.
However, Yogiri progressed while killing them all.
Fortunately, the correct route itself was simple.
Thanks to that, they were able to come so far just by pushing almost straight.

“Do you want to explore?” (Yogiri)

“No, I don’t want to do it separately, but I guess this wouldn’t be the case if it were a game……oh, alright! Let’s go in this condition!” (Tomochika)

“It’s quite tiring—isn’t it?” (???)

The voice came from the exit side of a blind alley, and Tomochika turned around when she heard it.
A man walks slowly in the narrow passage.
He seemed like a beast-person, he was a man wearing the skin of a beast.
It is probably a battle style imitating a beast according to his appearance.
A long claw nail is attached to his hand, and it’s directed towards Yogiri and others.

“You don’t have a master key, you won’t pass. If so, those women—” (???->Man)

“Die.” (Yogiri)

The man collapsed while leaning forward, then stopped moving.

“This is absolutely not an atmosphere like a Sword Saint!” (Tomochika)

“It’s a surprising human being who was selling a fight.” (Yogiri)

Although Yogiri was more unforgiving than usual, it’s likely that Tomochika’s opinion of moderation is also taken into consideration.
It seems he responded after looking at the situation.

“The sacredness of the Sword Saint, I wonder what is all right. I don’t feel anything holy in these people.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika looked into the distance.
The things that have been attacking so far were all like funny dressers.
She doesn’t know the role of a Sword Saint, but it’s an unlikely even that these guys can become a Sword Saint.

“In the old days, I heard that some funny fellows were treated as saints. And, we don’t have a map. And, this guy has a map. It’s been dirty with blood for a long time, I guess they took it away from people.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri was sitting beside the fallen man and was fishing in his bosom.
There must have been nothing besides a bunch of paper.
Yogiri, who had robbed it, got up and went back the way he came.
Tomochika followed him.
He passed through a narrow passageway and went out into the crossroads.
After all, he guessed that the narrow and obtrusive route wasn’t the correct one.
Basically, it seemed like it would be better to follow a wide passageway to the road.
On the side where the road in front of him came first, there is a wide road on the left side.
So, although Tomochika and him did head there, but then something fell to the ground.
It was a man wearing a dark blue costume.

“This is a ninja! Why is this guy also aiming to be Sword Saint!?” (Tomochika)

『Well, such a ninja may be fashion.』(Mokomoko)

“I couldn’t see him, but it seems he was sticking to the ceiling.” (Yogiri)

Pointed little bars are scattered around the man.
It was a familiar weapon to Tomochika, it was a shuriken.

“Or rather, why are you attacking! Just go down the tower? Where do you need to fight?” (Tomochika)

If this ninja was just hiding, Yogiri wouldn’t recognize his existence.
He was killed because of his killing intent.

“It might be the premise that the competition is a key-like item. I feel that when looking at the map, the extent to which I can move downwards seems to be getting narrower. Treasure chests are reduced, and the probability that the candidates meet each other also increases. I guess that it was a design.” (Yogiri)

“This is it. Is it better for those who go down earlier? He didn’t say that?” (Tomochika)

“Sure, ‘I’ll be waiting at the first floor, come down’, he only said that.” (Yogiri)

However, since they didn’t know the evaluation method, the tentative goal would be to get down early.
They walked down a large passageway.
After a while, there was a big door.
It seems locked, but Yogiri opens the door unceremoniously.
Inside it was a bigger room, and there was another door on the opposite side.
From their experience so far, there should have been a staircase leading to the next floor there.

“This is half-cleared. Aren’t we going quite hard?” (Tomochika)

“Isn’t it going too far? I think that it isn’t good to be a shady person.” (???)

“What?” (Tomochika)

She was about to head to the next door, but Tomochika was baffled by the voice heard abruptly.

“Did you get out of the way!?” (???)

The man stood in the center of the room.
He is elegant, wearing a golden circlet and wearing gold robes.
There are many necklaces with jewels on his neck, and all his fingers are fitted with flashy rings.
It was the figure of a man that made you think that it seems money was applied from a glance.

“I am the creator of this tower! It is possible to appear anywhere.” (Flashy Man)

“You’re better than a sneaky person!” (Tomochika)

Tomochika made a rebound against such a reply.

“Well, I am participating as a Sword Saint candidate, and it’s right if I told you that it’s slack. However, you can not miss your business as expected. Completely……Do you know the feelings of the creations who pass through the mysterious riddles that twist their heads?” (Flashy Man)

The man lamented with a terrible gesture.
Although it seems to be an excessive reaction, it’s an attitude that comes surprisingly unexpectedly if it matches with his appearance.

“We don’t plan to become the Sword Saint. I just want to leave the tower for the time being, but it’s no good?” (Yogiri)

“When I get up after a thousand years, this sort of gift is this existence-sama. There is no way I can forgive you, right? I don’t know how to make it, but here I am—”

“Die.” (Yogiri)

The man crumpled down on the spot very easily.

“No, no no, wait a moment!? He was like an important figure!?” (Tomochika)

“I didn’t know. I just did it before I was taken.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri is heading for the door to get out of here quickly, as if he doesn’t care about the identity of the man.
Although she didn’t make herself clear, she can’t keep complaining about dawdling too much before she said she was ready.
Tomochika immediately switched her feelings and ran to catch up with Yogiri.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – どうせ死ぬなら おっぱい もんでもいいでござるか! Can someone help me word this better? 

² – I can’t wait till these people both die. Hanagawa’s method of speaking makes me want to lie down and cry. 

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