Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 13

The tower was in mayhem.
To be precise, the artificial spirits who are responsible for the conservation of the barrier were bewildered by the impossible situation.
At first it was the division of soul pass.
The tower collects energy called soul and spirit, and it uses it to maintain the barrier.
Those energies are running around in the tower, and they form complex paths.

That part broke.
The node suddenly stopped functioning, connecting multiple paths.
It was impossible.
It is particularly rugged and there is little possibility of it being broken, and although self-repair should start immediately even if it breaks, but the node didn’t continue to do anything.

Of course, the genie wouldn’t resurrect at this degree.
The barrier is the last line of defense to protect humanity.
Safety measures have been applied many times, and although the event this time was incomprehensible, a detour route was quickly set to manage to avoid further problems.

However, it didn’t mean nothing was wrong.
There was a fluctuation in first barrier in the area guarding the tower.
Although it was just for a moment, it couldn’t be said that nobody caught that moment.

In the world, there are some people who wander around the world trying to revive the genie, such as the evil believer who worships the genie, and the ancestors of the evil genie.
There are a few possibilities that they may have noticed.

However, problems outside the barrier are outside the jurisdiction of the tower.
The tower only thinks about maintaining the barrier, and if the barrier is fine then nothing else matters.
The tower immediately returned to normal operation, but after a while, it noticed that a dysfunction occurred again.

It was a door opening and closing mechanism.
Although it is a mechanism which isn’t directly related to the barrier, and only uses excess energy, it was supposed to be not easy to break.
Doors, traps, gimmicks, they all stop one after another.
The tower searched for the cause, and it was found soon.
Two people, a man and a woman.
As the man and woman approach, a part of the tower stops functioning.
It was easy to infer that the two were involved in stopping the functions.

The tower tried to kill the 2 of them.
Then, a part of the artificial spirit stopped working.
And, it got confused.
The tower wondered what it was going to do, as it didn’t understand.
The tower started self-diagnosis again, knowing the abnormality in the tower.
It noticed the two people, the male and the female, were the cause, tried to deal with them, and it got confused again.
The tower was beginning to slowly stop functioning.

“Well, it may only be an excessive self-consciousness, but perhaps it is, as why do these guys aim for me?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika said while looking down at the man wearing the skull’s face.
The man who had collapsed in front of Tomochika and others was a man who had been expressing himself with a vulgar attitude while approaching, but now he had nothing to say.

“I think that’s true. The constant bother of some people’s words to leave the woman or saying something alike to it.” (Yogiri)

This is the 3rd floor of the tower.
Probably in the middle of the passage to the 2nd floor, and several people who came down before are after the 2 of us.
This degree had already become natural scenery.

“Isn’t it……! Why are these people aiming for Sword Saint!?” (Tomochika)

『Because it is Sword Saint, it may not be necessary to be a virtuous man. There was a person who was also called the Japanese Sword Saint, but

he was roughly a snob.』(Mokomoko)

Each time you go down a floor, the range where you can act narrows down, making it easier for candidates to come across each other.
And, Tomochika and others were attacked frequently.
For those who aim for Sword Saint, one another’s skill is unknown.
They won’t know what they will fight if they fight.
They should be a little more cautious, but candidates who found Tomochika and others are willing to challenge and fight for some reason.

And Yogiri killed all the people who attacked them.
If talking is possible, he won’t kill if he can avoid the fight.
However, in the end it is the appearance of heaps of corpses.
Every time the guys would come with a vulgar attitude from the very beginning, so talks weren’t listened to much.

“These guys, they probably shouldn’t believe in their status so much.” (Yogiri)

“Well, even without a status, we don’t look so strong, do we?” (Tomochika)

“But, if they used their head to think, it’s normal to think that there is something for those who have survived up to this point. So, these guys are stupid after all.” (Yogiri)

『I have no body and no cover. However, it’s true that they will die from a person without imagination.』(Mokomoko)

“Well, I’ve also heard such a thing. But I don’t feel like wishing to attack that kind of charm?” (Tomochika)

As she was wondering for a long time, Tomochika asked.
It was because she felt like she was being targeted since she came to this world.

“Oh, that as an objective fact? Here, there are things in the future as well. I am thinking that I’m not too big a deal for myself, but if there is a shift in recognition, I wonder if there are any problems. Well, we are allowed to kill each other in such a place, perhaps I’m someone who is getting a little crazy and am just saying strange things.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika had heard of the story that animals placed in extreme conditions awakens to the species preservation instinct.
She thought it was unattractive, and she was wondering whether such circumstances are unavoidable.

“Yeah, it’s attractive and cute. The style is good, and I also understand the feelings of the men who want to attack.” (Yogiri)

“What!” (Tomochika)

Tomochika was frozen after being told directly without a single doubt.
Yogiri looked strangely at Tomochika’s reaction.

“I won’t attack without worrying. Asaka-san has told me that it is useless.” (Yogiri)

“What if there is consent?” (Tomochika)

“In that case you don’t have anything to be hesitant about?” (Yogiri)

“Oh, oh……ah, but then! The other day, when I was attacked by the sage in the town I felt like I was pushed down on my chest!” (Tomochika)

“It’s an irresistible force, and if it happens by chance, the situation is a style to enjoy.” (Yogiri)

“It’s considerably positive for what you are doing!?” (Tomochika)

『Hmm. It was the first time I have seen a postive person be a lucky pervert¹ so far.』(Mokomoko)

Mokomoko sets her arms in the air, it seems she’s strangely impressed.

『And, in such circumstances with heaps of corpses, I also admire my descendants trying to start developing a romantic comedy. You’ve become considerably bold.』(Mokomoko)

“And, let’s go ahead for the time being²!” (Tomochika)

Tomochika, who was troubled, began walking along the corridor, avoiding the corpses.
Yogiri also caught up soon and lined up next to her.
It seemed that this passage was the correct answer after all, as after a while a big door came to be seen.
There is a staircase that is the same as before if they opened the door, and the 2 go down without hesitation.
When they opened the door to the 2nd floor, the interior was small.
The room is small enough for 2 people, and there is a door that seems to be just across the other side.

『Congratulations on reaching the 2nd floor. You are the 55th and 56th arrivals.』(???)

When they entered the room, they heard a woman’s voice from nowhere.

『After that, candidates will be managed with the number that we called, so please don’t forget it.』(???->Woman)

It seems that Yogiri who entered the room first is 55 and Tomochika is 56.

“I intended to go on a rush, but I guess it has gone ahead of me.” (Yogiri)

“Well, we were sleeping leisurely.” (Tomochika)

『From here onwards, we will have a point system.To open the door to the 1st floor, you need 100 points.』(Woman)

“Ehh? Now we are going to have a point system?” (Tomochika)

“It is rude. I wonder if the candidates didn’t decrease as expected, and they are planning to adjust the scraps here.” (Yogiri)

『It’s noisy!』(Woman)

It seemed that someone was dealing with them in real time rather than a kind of recording.

『Oh well. From here onwards, you can take those points by killing those who have points. So, that’s it, what was the challenge so far! Because it will be so, it’s supposed to give initial points by evaluating your actions so far. 55th, 0 points. 56th, 0 points. ….What?』(Woman)

They don’t know what she is evaluating, but since they have breached all the trials forcefully, it isn’t surprising even if they are told that they can’t be evaluated.

『Well……I feel something’s wrong, but 0 points is 0 points!』(Woman)

“Well, whatever you want.” (Yogiri)

Anything Yogiri does doesn’t change.
He’s just going down the tower while killing all the obstacles.
The exit door opens.
The passageway was divided into 3 sections; left, right, and front.
They didn’t have a lower level map, and the width of any aisles doesn’t change.
There is no clue as to where to go, but Yogiri began to advance straight ahead.
Tomochika knew it.
Because it was troublesome to pick a road, Yogiri just walked forward.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – Raws are ‘ラッキースケベ’, which is ‘rakki sukebe’, which basically means seeing/doing something perverted by luck. 

² – You can run from the ship Tomochika…..but you can’t hide! ;3 

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