Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 14

What was spreading in front of Theodosia was a room with no shape so far.
It’s a circular shape about 20 meters in diameter, and the floor is covered with soil. 
Since this is the 2nd floor of the tower, it was specially prepared.
It seemed to mimic a stadium since the seats are arranged with stairs around them.

On the opposite side of the entrance where you came in is something like an exit.
It was the door to the 1st floor, which was supposed to be the last trial to judge the points, but before that there was a man and 3 girls waiting.

Theodosia¹ doubted her eyes.
The man is sitting on a big chair like a throne, and the women are depressed as if to flatter him.

Though she thought ‘what a fool’, Theodosia grasped her mind instantly.
She looked around to see if there is anyone else.
There were several people in the audience seats.
However, they were only corpses who had been thrown away inexplicably like garbage.
It seemed that only the people in front of the door were alive.

“What you have done so far is strong as it is, you got to collect points as well?” (Man)

As Theodosia approached, the man at the throne spoke to her.
Although it seemed to Theodosia that it was somewhat stupid, such as sitting on a throne in a stadium, if you say that you can prepare such things in this tower, you probably won’t be a simple person either.

The white jacket with fur that the man is wearing is dazzlingly white and doesn’t have any dirt on it.
It’s just clothing that isn’t magical as it seems, and its appearance tells of the man’s ability.

“Most of the opinion is attached. Isn’t it a quicker way to just wait here?” (Man)

The man thought that going around collecting points was troublesome.
He would hold down the exit and hunt the candidates that came.
From the aspect of this room, it seemed that the act was recommended.

“Exactly. I have finished collecting my part. These minutes are still here. Yup, but a woman. I’ve decided to not kill the women……” (Man)

The man has been staring as if judging my value.
Theodosia has black hair and eyes with mediocre facial features.
Her skin color is white, and although she is taller, there is little undulation of the body.
What she is wearing is a thin and dirty cloak, and she won’t look very beautiful.
It was also conscious to Theodosia that she did not appear to be favored by men.

“Well, because I want to kill it should be okay……” (Man)

It seems that the man intended to bend his own principle.
Alternatively, it was probably judged that she wasn’t in the category of women.

“You have her fight with this guy. She’s white.” (Man)

When the man urges, one of the girls who was drooping went out ahead timidly.
A beast woman.
Her eyes are red, and between her long white hair, long ears are stretched and sag confidently.
She guessed it was a rabbit beast.
Wearing them at a long length, as they are white fighting clothes, it’s an image of white color.

“Oh, errr. It would be useless if Masaki-sama fought and gave points.” (Theodosia)

“Isn’t it useless?” (White)

“Well, yes. Masaki-sama is cornered to the verge of death, I mean only to stop it.” (Theodosia)

White is trembling, but it was cunning to say.

“Hmm, how about that? Hey, what is that junkie?” (Man->Masaki)

A man talks to himself anywhere.

『That’s right. This is a trial to measure combat strength. It might be out of your ability to

keep on running well, but I can’t give you points for just stopping like that?』

It was the voice that was heard at the entrance of the 2nd floor.
Theodosia didn’t think about it, but it seems to answer questions if you ask them.

“That’s right. So, rest assured. It’s 1 to 1.” (Masaki)

The man speaks to Theodosia.

“There will be no change to overwhelming numbers.” (Masaki)

Only the next one would come out when she defeated one person.
You can’t find a way to go as long as you don’t knock down everyone after all.

“If you win to this guy, you can go through it?” (Masaki)

She didn’t know if he was serious.
However, if they are going to have a 1 on 1, she can use it.
If there is a gap, there are also hands that will kill the 3 other people first.
Theodosia pulls out a single-edged sword from within her cloak.

“Without warning. Why don’t you declare it?” (Masaki)

Theodosia didn’t feel like answering.
She didn’t intend to get along with the killing person, and she didn’t have a hobby to name herself before killing.

“Well, you know. At the very least, when people ask about yourself, talk about it. I don’t do it. Well, once you give in, my name is Kadzuno Masaki. I don’t really care about Sword Saint.” (Man)

Theodosia ignored Masaki and focused on White.
Because she is a rabbit beast man, she trembles with a buruburu.
It’s a big deal if it is an act of inviting carelessness, but her standing is as good as an amateur.

“Yes yes. You will be troubled if you don’t have weapons.” (Masaki)

While saying that, Masaki threw a long sword to White.

“Kyaaa~! Again! Please stop it all of a sudden!” (White)

White dodged exaggeratedly, and the long sword penetrates the ground.
White got the sword while in a state of struggling.
Without having to revive as soon as holding the sword, she held the sword in shaky hand movements.

“Lord! Do I need to use this! I think that it’s better to not use it!” (White)

“It’s the trial of the Sword Saint. Please show me the place of a swordswoman.” (Masaki)

Theodosia was getting better anyhow, even if White had such a stance.
Masaki stood up and leaned his back onto the wall while linking his arms.
The women are still drooping as usual.
He seems like a spectator completely, but the chair he had been sitting in until then had disappeared.
And Masaki surely didn’t have a long sword earlier.

“You……is this person supporting the sages?” (Theodosia)

Witnessing the erratic force, Theodosia first doubted it.
A lot of strong people are crowded in this world, and sages are comparatively casually dispersing their power among them.

“I have nothing to do with the sages or the Sword Saint. It’s gone and it’s just too strong. Because it seems to be interesting, it’s time to participate.” (Masaki)

You don’t need to fight opposition if you have the power of Sword Saint.
If you let someone go free, Theodosia thought that it might be useful for achieving the purpose, but it didn’t seem to work.

Then, first beat the white rabbit.
Theodosia decided on that resolution.
It’s a 1 on 1 so far as it goes where you can’t hide an escape in the stadium.
There aren’t many tactics available.
If so, then win first.
Theodosia swung her sword with an interval she expected to reach her.


The sword’s downhill blow slashed the stadium.
The shock wave caused by the sword’s pressure leans straight through while scraping the ground.
White couldn’t react, and the slash attack was received by her body.

“What on earth! What is it! It’s suddenly terrible!” (White)

But White was intact.
Although she got attacked directly from the front, and was blown away, she got up smoothly while rubbing her forehead.
Although she was going easy on her, she wasn’t unprepared.
Theodosia intended to definitely decide this with a single blow.

――Although she couldn’t do her best in that state, if this doesn’t work now…….

Forcibly pushing doesn’t work.
Scheming would become necessary.

“White. Did you understand? That attack isn’t a big deal. No need to be afraid at all.” (Theodosia)

“Oh, this, perhaps, even I can do it?” (White)

“It’s decided that we can do it. Poripori poripori, I thought I had eaten dull seeds.” (Theodosia)

White is getting close by an uncertain manner of walking.
As she was trying to keep her sword on the upper part, Theodosia calmly brandished and swung there.
But, she is intact.
Clothes were torn to the side, but in spite of that fact, there were no scars on her body.

Without doing anything like Theodosia’s attack, White swings down the sword.
The blade’s edge isn’t rising, it’s an amateur attack.
She wasn’t using magical powers at the same time, so she didn’t feel any threat.
However, Theodosia jumped off exaggeratedly.
White’s sword slashed the floor without any resistance, burying the blade deeply.

“Hey! Please don’t avoid it!” (White)

It is strength that isn’t ordinary.
The attacks here don’t pass as well, and if you even eat a blow you end there.
In this way, Theodosia’s desperate fight has begun.

There are signs of people inside.
Since Mokomoko said so, Yogiri opened the door a little and looked inside.
There were men and women, 5 people in total, and 2 of them were fighting a strange fight.

One is a black-haired woman reminiscent of a mighty warrior wearing a dirty cloak.
She is repeatedly accurately attacking while moving swiftly in the room.
The other person was a girl who grew long ears like a rabbit between long and white hair, and she was swinging around a sword in a staggering form while in a state of nakedness.

“I started trying this tower when the swordsmen are fighting each other!” (Tomochika)

Because of the trials of the Sword Saint, the 2 people were attacked by only colored objects, so it was somewhat of a fresh sight.
However, there was something Yogiri was more concerned about than fighting.

“Is it a rabbit person? You know, round tail?” (Yogiri)

The rabbit girl’s clothes were tattered.
Her hips were mostly outlined, and a tail that looked like a white round rabbit’s tail was visible.

“I don’t care about it right now!? Hey, don’t you stare too much!” (Tomochika)

The rabbit girl was unsteadily wielding the long sword.
Whether or not the sword is heavy, her body turns every time she shakes it.
Of course there was no such attack, and the woman in the cloak was slashing from the blind spots where the sword couldn’t reach to the maximum extent.

Regarding the battle, even the amateur Yogiri could understand the difference in ability of these 2 people.
However, the strange thing about this battle was that there was no indication that it would end, as if there were such capability differences.
The rabbit girl doesn’t get scratched from eating any kind of attack, and she doesn’t care.
It was the appearance of the woman in the cloak who would be a masterpiece that was desperately trying.

“Even if I say barely, it’s a rabbit person, I don’t think that it’s enough to care.” (Yogiri)

“No no no, she is almost human except for the ears and tail?” (Tomochika)

“So? I don’t want to be discriminating, but I think that it isn’t a human being at the time that animal’s ears and a tail are growing, and I can’t get lusty.” (Yogiri)

“But, she has boobs! They’re big!” (Tomochika)

“It wouldn’t be nice if she had it. It’s fine if it’s breasts alone, but it’s out of the question if they are attached to rabbit people.” (Yogiri)

“What’s that, that commitment!? Okay, beautiful girl!” (Tomochika)

“Just thinking about how much pretty girls have unnecessary things is lame.” (Yogiri)

“Ah, that’s right, we had quite a thin reaction when we saw the children with cat ears.” (Tomochika)

『Yes. Aside from the commitment of the kid, whatever do you plan to do to get out of here?』(Mokomoko)

Was it frustrating as well, as Mokomoko urged the conversation.

“No, it doesn’t matter. We just have to proceed further.” (Yogiri)

“It certainly doesn’t matter, but I can’t do it through the room in this state? Can’t you just kill them?” (Tomochika)

A rabbit girl is unsteadily swinging the long sword, and the woman in the cloak is slashing with a small sword while running all over the room.
It seems to be able to be passed through the outer circumference alone, but their attacks sometimes accompany something like shockwaves.
There wasn’t a safe place anywhere, so she could hardly reach the door on the other side.

“Why should I kill them when they get in the way of traffic? I think we should wait a minute.” (Yogiri)

Although it was indeed an obstacle, Yogiri didn’t plan to kill those who didn’t carry killing intent towards him.

『But, it isn’t going to end. The woman in the cloak is a big deal and aims for all the vital points precisely, but there is no indication that it is effective as it is. It seems that even her eyeballs accept attacks. Oh, that attack on her secret place isn’t effective either.』(Mokomoko)

As the girl in the cloak slips through the gap in the crotch of the rabbit girl, she pushes the sword up from the bottom, and slides through.
She is probably exploring places where the attacks can go.
However, even attacks on such fragile places seemed like they weren’t working.

“Are you going to get serious? Why can’t we leave it like this? It’s not a time to devote yourself to disguising your strength, right?” (Masaki)

Once the woman in the cloak took some distance, the man in the back talked to her.

“There is no point in sparing excuses if you are balancing.” (Masaki)

The atmosphere of the woman changed as soon as he said so.
Originally she was showing a fighting spirit, but to Yogiri it looked like she gained more power.
And not only the atmosphere, but her appearance begins to change as well.
Her black hair turns silver.
Her white skin turns brown.

“Well. I thought you were hiding something, but you’re a half devil……” (Masaki)

The woman who had finished her transformation swung her sword in a casual manner.
At the same time, the right arm of the rabbit girl fell.

“Kyaaaaa! Masaki-sama! It hurts! This is painful!” (White)

The rabbit girl was shouting in a somewhat easygoing way for a serious injury.

“If you see this form, it’s a game against time. Let’s go before you get in!” (Theodosia)

The woman spears her sword and puts even more power into it, as if having a manner of finishing it in one blow.
The woman’s sword is clad in darkness.
The black and dazzling blade swells more than twice its size, and the woman releases it’s power all at once.
The sword’s pressure becomes a shadow, running while breaking the floor.

To its overwhelming power, the rabbit girl was made into 2 halves.
It seemed like that to Yogiri, but that vision wasn’t realized.
The rabbit girl was able to suddenly disappear, leaving a long sword.

“What!?” (Theodosia)

Whether or not the woman was able to react, was it training or was it a coincidence?
The rabbit girl’s fist hit herself to the side, and she defended against the woman’s sword.
While being blown away a few steps, she barely stopped the impact.
However, from this moment, the position of the woman and the rabbit girl was reversed.
Because she had broken her arms and threw away the sword, the rabbit girl started moving at an unstoppable speed.

“Somehow, it isn’t likely to end yet.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika says that while troubled.

“Surely. But, I think we need to manage by discussion in such cases.” (Yogiri)

He can’t kill, but it wouldn’t kill him to wait silently.
Then Yogiri simply thought they had to talk.

“I don’t have any memory that the discussion has passed so far!?” (Tomochika)

While Tomochika says so while shocked, Yogiri opened the door.

“Sorry, but may you let me run through for a while?” (Yogiri)

And Yogiri, who had entered the room, raised his voice for everyone to hear.

“Takatou-kun, calling out in this atmosphere!? Now, it’s not like that! Because mortal combat is unfolding!” (Tomochika)

Tomochika grasps Yogiri’s shoulder from behind him, jerking and shaking it.
The movement of those who were in the room stopped, and they all gazed at Yogiri and others at once.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – Raws are ‘テオディジア’, so I’m just going to go with Theodosia. If it’s wrong, please let me know and I’ll change it. 

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