Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 15

Everyone was watching Yogiri and others all at once.
There were five people in the room.
The people who were fighting a battle previously were the rabbit girl whose body was fully white and the woman with dark brown skin and silver hair, and watching it on the wall was the man in a white jacket, a woman in firm clothing like a military uniform, and a young girl wearing a dressy style dress.
All of them seemed to have thought that someone would come, and the two who were fighting stopped moving and gazed at Yogiri and others.

“How did you come in?” (Masaki)

“Just now, didn’t you see this door opening and us coming into sight?” (Yogiri)

As he confirmed that the man couldn’t believe it, Yogiri explained his previous actions from before, as though he thought it was stupid.

“Ah. It’s something like that. I’m also stupid. We didn’t take the strength of the tower into consideration. In other words, do you mean that you broke through the wall by some other means without going through the door that I made?” (Masaki)

However, the man had been arbitrarily convinced immediately.
Yogiri was aware of it, as he was told.
The door in the passageway to this room had a different style than the doors that he had passed so far.
Of course, he would kill it regardless of what door he is going through.
A door restricts access.
It would be natural that you can get through if it dies.

“Well, anything is okay. I just want to go through, as I said earlier. It seems that the fight is being suspended right now so it’s just fine.” (Yogiri)

Saying so, Yogiri walked into the middle of the room quite rudely.
Tomochika started following him right afterwards.

“Hey hey hey. Hey, stop it.” (Masaki)

As the man said that while dumbfounded, Yogiri obediently stopped.¹

“What is it? You are fighting this person, aren’t you? I think it’s okay if I can pass. I won’t disturb you. I think that it’s distracting to those who are doing it here.” (Yogiri)

“No. Would you like to keep them company as well? We are accumulating points here. My disciples haven’t accumulated points. It would be nice if there was 3 people at a time.” (Masaki)

Yogiri was convinced of that being the case.
If everyone passes through here eventually, he wondered if it is an ambush here.

“Oh, it’s no use fighting. Because we don’t have any points. 0 points.” (Yogiri)

“It’s useless to not fight!” (Masaki)

Somehow, the man was concerned.

“Are you serious? Hey! What are the points of these guys!” (Masaki)

The man called out to nowhere in particular.

『Well. People’s points can’t be told.』

“It’s fine to tell them, since we don’t care.” (Yogiri)

『Oh, I will inform you because I have permission from the person himself, so it’s fine, 55th, 0 po-po-po-po-po』²

“Po?” (Masaki)

The announcement of the tower started screaming with an out-of-place voice.


And then, the voice was paused abruptly.

“Looks like it? Although it became something wrong, it said 0, didn’t it?” (Yogiri)

“I don’t know after all! What’s up with you?!” (Masaki)

Even though the man calls, the voice of the tower didn’t answer him again.

“We aren’t interested in Sword Saint or anything else, and it feels like I got caught up in it when I followed it somehow. So, I didn’t plan on collecting points

from the beginning. Won’t you let me through?” (Yogiri)

Yogiri, next to the man, spoke to the girl with silver hair.

“Hey, it’s as easy as going through here. It’s a trial or something, but I don’t know how much you can destroy the sealed door with your full effort. Or, you can pierce through the floor. However, this is a game that collects points, and I am enjoying it according to that rule. I won’t allow you to act illogically.” (Masaki)

“You are?” (Yogiri)

Yogiri once again asked the girl with silver hair.

“I don’t care what you guys do. There are also no reasons to fight because we are already collecting points.” (Theodosia)

He thought she was hurt because he was in the way, but the woman seemed not to be.
It seems that she was inferior, so if she can re-partition she might be pleased.

“Then what shall I do?” (Yogiri)

Yogiri thought it was a hassle.
Because the battle is suspended they can pass through, and they don’t have to fight because they don’t have any points.
Nevertheless, the man isn’t going to let them pass.
It seemed that it wasn’t a situation that could be handled in a peaceful manner.

“Even so, it’s exactly right by thinking. It’s only 3 to 3.” (Masaki)

“We don’t have any points?” (Yogiri)

“I don’t care about that anymore. The condition of the tower seems to be bad, and it’s about time in the game. The other party will proceed ahead if this game ends.” (Masaki)

As the man said so, he urged the 2 woman on his sides.

“The rabbit is Shiro. The bigger one is Gelaruda³. The coolest one is Emada. Everyone is my disciple. I also came here for work. If you can win against these guys, my disciples will willingly let you through here.” (Masaki)

Next to the white rabbit, Gelaruda and Emada came and lined up.
Before it was noticed, because the girl with silver hair came next to Yogiri and others, it was shaped like they were facing each other with 3 to 3 as expected by the man.

“I’m starting to greatly doubt about Takatou-kun’s bargaining power! What is this situation!?” (Tomochika)

“Well, he’s just like that way. That guy is the type that is confident and doesn’t listen to other people’s stories.” (Yogiri)

“I knew that roughly from the moment I saw that person! Ah, that, I’m sorry, it has become something strange.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika complained to Yogiri, and then the silver-haired woman talked to them as it was.

“No. If anything, the disaster is you guys. If 2 people who came later are equal to or more than the rabbit, it can be said that there are a few winnings. I don’t know whether that guy will pass straight through by winning it.” (Theodosia)

“Yeah yeah. Shiro is the weakest. Although she is sturdy, she’s an amateur fighter. However, Emada is good at swordsmanship, and Gelaruda specializes in magic.” (Masaki)

To answer the question of the silver haired woman, the main said so.

“In fact, I don’t really care that I won’t let you through. Shiro is bad, but they are the disciples I trained directly. If these guys begin to get serious, this will end in a moment.” (Masaki)

“Why is she called bad? Shiro is also strong.” (Theodosia)

“You, first of all, attach your arm. Also, since I understood that using a sword desperately is weak, you don’t have to use it this time.” (Masaki)

“Master. What did that remark just now mean? I heard that you were saying to not get serious?” (Gelaruda)

The military woman, Gelaruda, asked.

“I won’t say that I am out of tricks, but if you go full power, not even cinders will be left. Read the atmosphere and fight as it is. Oh, the person in the cloak might become beautiful if you remove her disguise, so you don’t have to kill her. That girl over there might be Japanese. I haven’t seen a beautiful Japanese girl for a long time, so we are also keeping her.” (Masaki)

“The master’s bad habits are out……so, we only kill the boy? I might prefer him for personal use.” (Emada)

The petite girl, Emada, was dissatisfied.

“It’s always the handsome one that dies.” (Emada)

“I understand. However, I don’t want to you think that women feel at ease peacefully.” (Masaki)

“Is it jealousy? Well, I guess it will be alright if you live, so I’ll leave it there.” (Emada)

The talk ended with that, and the man relaxedly rested his back on the wall and folded his arms.

“Takatou-kun, what are you going to do?” (Tomochika)

In the sudden situation, Tomochika was confused.

“What to do, we’re together here.” (Yogiri)

If there was an order not to kill, the result might have been different.
However, there is only one thing that Yogiri does to those who have killing intent directed towards him.

“Die.” (Yogiri)

The three women collapsed on their knees.
They fell forward as it was and stopped moving.

“Well then, it’s okay to go through now. That was the promise.” (Yogiri)

The silver-haired woman didn’t seem to know what had happened yet, but she had gotten into battle preparation.
She thought that it was a strategy of some sort as she gazed at the fallen women.

The man’s eyes and mouth were wide open.
As the scene was unexpected, he wondered if it was impossible.
It seemed his thoughts were completely blank.
Yogiri started walking away.
Although Tomochika is amazed, she immediately followed while she thought that this was just his usual thing.

Arriving at the exit, Yogiri kicked the door.
The door opened easily.
With the flashy sound of Yogiri hitting the door, the man woke up.
The man who was leaning against the wall started to move.

Pitch black killing intent filled the surroundings.
For the first time in a while, Yogiri saw the highest purity of thirst for blood.

“Liar.” (Masaki)

Yogiri looked back towards the man and released his power.

Gelaruda was a woman who came to kill Masaki.
Masaki had killed the demon king, but because he remained at the demon king’s castle, he was thought to be the demon king.

Masaki was free at that time.
He was waiting for a foolish hero to beat him to beat the demon king.
It was Gelaruda who had come there.
After he dealt with her appropriately and told her that he wasn’t the demon king, she told Masaki that she admired his strength and asked him to make her his disciple.

Masaki thought that raising disciples wasn’t bad.
It’s self-evident and boring if you win no matter what you fight.
However, he felt it would be interesting to train disciples to fight with moderate strength.

Because he felt bored as he tried, he decided to increase his disciples.
He surveyed all over the world looking for a person who was naturally a genius.
Then, he found Emada.
She was still young, but she was already a masterpiece beyond Gelaruda.

However, it was boring because she had too much talent.
So he decided to train someone who seemed to be weaker this time.
And the woman who seemed to be the weakest, chosen from the the weakest race of the rabbits, was Shiro.

Masaki’s time to kill was beginning to become fulfilling.
There was personality in each of them, and they were each worth teaching. Watching the growth of the disciples was moderately stimulating as amusement.

But, the three of them had collapsed.
Masaki couldn’t immediately understand what it meant.
He had thought, “What a joke”.
Now matter how serious they are, he would be experiencing too much.
So he tried to laugh while smiling, but he noticed that they weren’t moving at the same time.

Activating the power of his artificial eye, he confirmed the state of the 3 people.
They were dead.
It was too complicated, he couldn’t understand what happened.
Hearing the sound of the door being kicked, Masaki regained his focus.
Those guys did it.
He guessed that.
To kill the disciples that he had brought up under his personal care, his eyes grew red with violent emotions towards the other party.
Then, time stopped.

Masaki’s current state was called Command Mode.
Although it isn’t an ability to freely move when time is stopped, you go into a high speed thinking state and you can think about your next move with some flexibility.

『Monado! Explain the situation!』(Masaki)

『Oh! It’s been a while since you called me!』(Monado)

Monado was created by Masaki as a second creative ability, it is an information analysis tool.
Although it can’t be omniscient, it can access considerable amounts of information in this world and derive the optimal solution.
However, although he had made it, he didn’t struggle hard because he fought properly, so it was an item that he almost never used.

『Greetings are plain! I’m asking what is going on!』(Masaki)

『Hmm……my condolences. Your disciples have died. It was that man there, Takatou Yogiri. He is the same Japanese as you, he was summoned to be a sage.』(Monado)

『Isn’t he reincarnated by the goddess?』(Masaki)

『Oh, so you were taken by the goddess, but the management skill of the goddess lineage doesn’t pass.』(Monado)

『Who is this guy?! What did he do?!』(Masaki)

『I don’t know what kind of person he is. According to the explanation from himself, he appears to have an ability of instant death.』(Monado)

『Don’t be silly! Do you think that I would make such an oversight?! The instant death countermeasures were flawless!』(Masaki)

『You know such a thing?』(Monado)

『Damn it! Oh well! This is irritating, but I’ll be fine if we collect more disciples. In any case, this guy must die!』(Masaki)

He doesn’t know what this instant death ability is, but if he invokes his next trick in the next stage of Command Mode, it will take effect immediately.
It was the same as Masaki that could be killed instantly.

『Hey hey hey. Weren’t they talking about passing through if they could win against the disciples? The ability is quite inferior!』(Masaki)

『Wait a minute! What happened to you a little while ago? Something is wrong.』(Monado)

He certainly had a bad mouth from some time ago.
However, he shouldn’t have done anything like this.

『Ah, you’ve misunderstood something, you. My personality isn’t what you made. Because you wanted the omniscience, it just so happened to be incorporated by me who was close to it. When you thought you were disappointed with this, that’s when your mouth slipped.』(Monado)

『What? What are you saying……』(Masaki)

『You were mistaken to sell a fight to the other party. I wonder if you were foolish to live happily and have a carefree life with a different world cheat!』(Monado)

『So what are you talking about! Such a thing, it will end if it burns out at the next moment! Whatever it may be, you can let all of the towers disappear!』(Masaki)

『Gyahahahaha! That’s why, you don’t have a next moment! Forever! It’s over already! Takatou Yogiri is about to activate his ability! There’s nothing wrong with what I did! Kuwawawawawaha! If you don’t believe it, it’s still okay. You can’t have to do it like you want to do.』(Monado)

『Well, the measures! You are probably there for that! Predicting the future, I wonder if there is a way to screw that future!』(Masaki)

『Because there aren’t any actions to take, there is no future now is there? Ah! There is only one!』(Monado)

『Say it!』(Masaki)

『You should stay in this state forever! It is indeed impossible to prolong it forever, but you may be able to get around 3 years in your subjective time!』(Monado)

Despair creeps up.
Although it was slowly, Masaki was beginning to understand the current situation.

『You’re lying……wait a moment! Why am I supposed to die!』(Masaki)

『Well, it’s because people will die someday.』(Monado)

『I, only I should be different! I even killed God! Their authority was usurped! Yes, I am a God! I should be immortal! I can’t die in such a place!』(Masaki)

『Hey hey hey, I guess you killed the God who was supposed to be immortal. Are you shelving what you did? Let me say it clearly. Takatou Yogiri is beyond humanity. I don’t care what you do with yourself. If Takatou Yogiri uses force, whoever that person is will definitely die! Well, sounds good, doesn’t it? I don’t need to believe in it completely. Select the command quickly and release Command Mode. I wonder if he won’t kill me and will leave suddenly!』(Monado)

It was ridiculous enough for him to be cut off and be discarded.
Masaki believed that he was the perfect being.
The existence that he created has informed him of his death.
If you ignore the declaration of death, it means that you aren’t perfect, it’s a situation that shakes even his own existence.

Masaki was sorry.
He had as much time as he could.
However, until he could think straight, it didn’t take a long time.

Dosari, the man fell and made a sound.
She guessed Yogiri had used his power.
Tomochika wouldn’t ask about that at all.
If Yogiri killed him, then this man had killing intent.

“Eh? Was this guy like this before? It looks like his face is different.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika, who saw the fallen man, touched his neck.
Though she felt like he had a more cool face, it looked like he aged a lot.

“About that. I don’t remember what kind of face it was.” (Yogiri)

He wasn’t even interested in that much.
Without even glancing, Yogiri tried to go ahead.

“Wa-, wait a minute please!” (Theodosia)

Then, the silver-haired girl ran up in haste.

“Did you do this?” (Theodosia)

“Well……” (Yogiri)

“I am sorry for the misconduct, but would you please help me!” (Theodosia)

The girl with the silver hair deeply lowered her head.

“Eh, what should I do?” (Yogiri)

Yogiri, who was about to go ahead, was puzzled.
She seemed weak to be in such a low position.
He looked at Tomochika with a troubled face.

“Don’t shake me……well, even if I listen to your circumstances……” (Yogiri)

Although he wanted to get out of this tower quickly, it was Tomochika who thought ignoring her was a bad awakening.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – Um, this is where you go ‘This is troublesome’ and kill them all….Right? Like… let’s go? ;-; 

² – I’m legit crying. This is gold. 

² – The raws for the names are ‘ゲラルダ’ and ‘エマだ’, which I named Gelaruda and Emada. If they are wrong, let me know, as I’m not good with Japanese names. 

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