Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 16

While requesting Mokomoko to scout out the surroundings, Tomochika moved with the others to the auditorium inside the stadium.

“First off is my name, I am Theodosia.” (Theodosia)

Theodosia was wearing a dirty cloak.
It seemed that she was also wearing lightweight hide armor.
She was a beautiful woman characterized by long silver hair and brown skin, which brought out an atmosphere similar to a mighty warrior’s.

“I’m Takatou Yogiri, and this is Dannoura Tomochika. We were on our way to the Kingdom, but when we arrived in the area we got caught up in the trial of the Sword Saint.” (Yogiri)

“I wonder if you were actually dragged in… I’m pretty sure you’ve just stuck around here since then……” (Tomochika)

It was the dragon girl’s proposal that made them come here, but Tomochika thought that he definitely could have refused.

“So, what do you want help with specifically? Are we talking about something related to the Sword Saint’s trial?” (Yogiri)

She was competing with the other candidates for the Sword Saint’s trial.
Even though they might be in a temporary cooperative relationship, she shouldn’t have asked them for help.

“Both of you are from a different country. Abusive people call us half-demons, you know.” (Theodosia)

“No, I don’t care really about this world. I wouldn’t be helped even if you explained it with common-sense.” (Yogiri)

“It’s supposed to be a derogatory term from this world’s viewpoint, but we are divided into groups by clans. It doesn’t matter to me if you call me a half-demon as a generic name. My features are silver hair, brown skin, and immense magical power.” (Theodosia)

“Aren’t you able to use wonderful magic with your magical power? You just launched a black sword not too long ago, right?” (Yogiri)

“Wasn’t that just swordsmanship?” (Theodosia)

“In what universe?!” (Tomochika)

It was too far from any swordsmanship that Tomochika knew, so it confused her.
She wanted to ask for Mokomoko’s opinion.

“Besides, I have no magical talent. Most of the clans think that magic is a useless treasure anyways. Even so, because it is still a treasure, there are those who want it. It seems that magic is quite easy to use for those who try and possess magical power.” (Theodosia)

“In other words, it has something to do with the Sword Saint?” (Yogiri)

For a moment, Tomochika didn’t know what Yogiri was talking about.
However, if it wasn’t the test of the Sword Saint that she wanted them to help with, then Theodosia was claiming that there are other uses for this tower.
From her previous story, Theodosia’s clan seemed to be aiming at something.
Yogiri guessed that the Sword Saint probably has something to do with half-demons.

“That’s it. My fellow compatriot is confined here. I am also looking for my little sister who is missing.” (Theodosia)

“Your friend seems to be here from the way to talk, but how do you know whether your sister is or not?” (Yogiri)

“Ah. I can know where my compatriot is. It’s below this point, probably underground. However, I still don’t know who it is.” (Theodosia)

“So by receiving my help, you mean to help you save your friends?” (Yogiri)

“That’s right. Since my disguise has disappeared, I won’t be able to act freely in this tower anymore. It’s only a matter of time before I am also captured, and I will meet the same sadness as

my compatriot. However, if Takatou-dono were to help me……” (Theodosia)

While she was saying that, she started to think it was too much of a selfish story, and her words began to weaken.

“In any case, I think that the disguise itself is okay. I think that the tower isn’t looking inside anymore……” (Yogiri)¹

The oversight function of the tower appeared to have been lost, whether or not it was destroyed by them on their way here.

“You can’t disguise yourself anymore?” (Yogiri)

“It’s impossible to now because I was running towards my colleague using the art. My magical power currently is being used to maintain the art.” (Theodosia)

“Well, it can’t be helped. However, I’m going to complain if you tell me to catch the half-demon.” (Yogiri)

“Is that the same as receiving help from you?” (Theodosia)

It seemed that Yogiri talked with her solely on the premise of accompanying her.
Theodosia was perplexed.

“Yup. Is this okay? Although we may be a little slow leaving the tower.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri asked Tomochika.
It appears that he couldn’t decide on his own.

“Well, it doesn’t look like she is a bad person. However, I was wondering if Takatou-kun is troubled at times like these.” (Tomochika)

“What’s with that. If you were told to help someone, you usually help them.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri said while he pouted a little.

“Ah! Well, I have yet to see where I am being asked for something! I mean, most people here are suddenly attacking us, so there isn’t any room to discuss!” (Tomochika)

Originally, Yogiri was the first one to help Tomochika when she came to this world.
There wasn’t any motivation and there was the image of everything feeling troublesome, so there was such a reality if she thought back about it.

“That’s what I’m saying when asking for help, but cooperation with me will mean hostility to the Sword Saint…” (Theodosia)

While being embarrassed, Theodosia said this.
It would appear that her original plan was to explore the interior of the tower while mingling with the other candidates, then find her friend and escape quickly.
However, she nearly failed at the time when her disguise was found out.
After that, there was no other choice but to attack, but it’s a way that surely opposes the Sword Saint.

“Perhaps, but I feel I’m already being hostile. The tower is too broken.” (Yogiri)

“I wouldn’t know what to do if I was told to reimburse the tower.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika had also become desperate from midway.

“Well, there wouldn’t be any merit! There isn’t anything that can be obtained even if you help me! Do you really know how much of a risk it is to turn a Sword Saint into an enemy?!” (Theodosia)

She probably didn’t expect that she could gain cooperation up to this point.
The Sword Saint was an overwhelming threat to Theodosia, but she didn’t think that there would be anyone who decided to be so easily hostile to him.

“Well, there are no merits, but she seems seriously troubled.” (Yogiri)

“That’s right. There is also another merit apart from helping her……, boobs!” (Tomochika)

Tomochika looked at Theodosia’s chest.
It is hidden by the cloak, but if you looked closely, they were quite large.

“Breasts? Oh! It’s cheap if you say that cooperation can be obtained with my body. You will love it.” (Theodosia)

“I wonder if you’d stop your earnest development! Don’t wish for another body! Eh!” (Tomochika)

“Yup. I also have preferences.” (Yogiri)

However, Tomochika wasn’t concerned about Yogiri because he seemed to have a policy about receiving women’s advances.

“In any case, I can’t be up to the task while only taking Theodosia-san’s words. I’ll think about what to do with the situation. Is that okay?” (Yogiri)

There is a possibility that there is a circumstance that is compelling the Sword Saint’s side, and that Theodosia’s colleague is a bad guy.
With just Theodosia’s story, he can’t come to the conclusion that the Sword Saint is evil.

“She’s stuck in a situation to request, as she’s going to die. There are no complaints as for what to do.” (Tomochika)

“Well, one goal is to help Theodosia-san’s colleague and leave the tower. We will aim for the basement first of all, but if there are people interfering, we will talk first.” (Yogiri)

Although Tomochika seemed to forget it occasionally, Yogiri won’t kill haphazardly.
He’s will basically only take defensive action, but it’s just that the opponent will die from that defense.

“Yup, I can only imagine a scene where the discussion will never happen after all!” (Tomochika)

Theodosia would have asked Yogiri for a countermeasure against the Sword Saint.
And, perhaps it would be possible.
She wondered what the Sword Saint would be, but Yogiri will kill him.
No matter how important he is for the world, it doesn’t have anything to do with Yogiri.

“I just hope the Sword Saint is someone who understands discussing……” (Tomochika)

Tomochika was on the verge of giving up.

The discussion ended, and the three people left the battlefield.
As they went down the stairs, they quickly reached the door on the first floor.
Prior to entering the first floor, Theodosia hid deeply in the cloak hood and concealed her hair and face.
Although it’s pitiful, it’s better than nothing.
They open the door and go inside.

It’s a familiar place.
It was the elevator hall from when they first came to the tower.
There were several dozens of people, and they were formed in a circle.
It looked like they were surrounding something from a distance for some reason.

“Oh, Rick-san and Rainier-san are also here. They were able to clear.” (Tomochika)

They were the two who accompanied them at the top of the tower.
From the atmosphere, it seemed that they joined together on the way.
Another person, the girl who was attacking with the magic on the rooftop, is also with them, so it seems all three of them cooperated.
Yogiri and others joined the circle, then looked inside.

The Sword Saint was unleashing an upward kick.

“So, what happened to the sword?!” (Tomochika)

What was being kicked off was a swordsman in black clothes.
It was the same man who was giving a complaint with Tomochika and others in the plaza in the forest.

『Yes. There was also something like a sword acquaintance that specialized in upper kicks.』(Mokomoko)

“How about trying to use the sword?! He’s the Sword Saint, right?!” (Tomochika)

『Well, it’s no use. There may be something like that.』(Mokomoko)

“Um, excuse me, what is this?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika asked Rick.

“Dannoura-san! You were safe!” (Rick)

“Yeah, absurdly safe. So, what is going on?” (Tomochika)

“Black challenged the Sword Saint to a fight.” (Rick)

The black swordsman has stopped moving.
Perhaps he was stunned, but she couldn’t tell from where she was standing.

“Is this also a trial?” (Tomochika)

“If you win it would be part of being the Sword Saint, but if you are talking about trials, looking at this result, there won’t be any who can pass.” (Rick)

“Now then, what will you guys do?” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint says this and looks around.
As if he was treating us lightly, he wasn’t feeling tired.
No one appeared to challenge him in order continue the fighting.

“Hey. What about those other guys? Is it that only things such as them are left?” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint was heard everywhere.
But, there was no reply.
While the Sword Saint was being cheeky, the doll maid girls suddenly came running in a state of panic.

“Sword Saint-sama! The tower has been silenced! The situation right now can’t be understood!” (Maid 1)

“Sword Saint-sama! According to visual confirmation, an abnormality has occurred in the barrier! Even maintaining the first barrier is difficult!” (Maid 2)

“Sword Saint-sama! A fluctuation has occurred in the outer circumference of the 2nd barrier! As a result, the estimated time of the fluctuation breaking through the barrier of the family――” (Maid 3)

Then, the tower shook with a roar.
It was a vibration that was difficult to stand in, and Yogiri crouched down unintentionally.

“Wh-, What!?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika is also panicking at the sudden shaking, but she seemed to have been able to balance well.
Suddenly the surroundings became bright, and Yogiri looked up at the ceiling.
The sun and the blue sky were visible.
The top of the tower had completely disappeared.

“Hmm. I thought that the barrier would disappear if I erased the tower, but it wasn’t that simple?” (???)

A voice that intimidated the surroundings echoed vividly.
Where was the voice coming from?
It could be understood immediately by anyone.
Ignoring the overwhelming miasma it emitted couldn’t be done.
It was coming from the sky, and it was staring at the people in the tower.
There was something that was in the shape of a person that was beautiful, ominous, black, and had 6 pairs of wings.

“I heard it would be about three days later. Oh well. This can also be a challenge. Defeat that. If it isn’t defeated, it’s the end of mankind.” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint laughs inappropriately.

“Alright. Let’s find a way to the basement now.” (Yogiri)²

Yogiri decided so.
Now, the Sword Saint wouldn’t be in a situation where he could be concerned with the half-demons.

“Wait a moment!? Should we really leave that alone! There is a lot of ‘last-boss’ sensation being produced from it!?” (Tomochika)

“I think that it’s irrelevant. If you defeat it poorly, the interest of the Sword Saint might come over here, so it would be more convenient if you had him fight.” (Yogiri)

“Eh!?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika seemed to not be convinced, ignoring Yogiri and looked around.

There’s a circular hole.
The entrance to the huge elevator is noticeable, but there are several other doors on the outer wall.
Any of them could be connected to the basement.

“I agree with that. It’s not the case when you are involved in such things.” (Theodosia)

Theodosia nods.
Yogiri and others ran to a nearby door.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – No, it’s just still trying to register the whole ‘0 points’ thing. 

² – I can’t tell who cares less. The Sword Saint or Yogiri. 

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